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The Tower Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks for Building the Perfect Tower

There’s not really much in the game description of The Tower, a new mobile game from Ketchapp. In the concise blurb, it says that your objective is to “build the tallest tower in the world” through simple one-tap gameplay. However, the game doesn’t mention that you can get yourself some power-ups, though we shall be touching on that topic and many others as we bring to you this collection of tips and tricks for The Tower.

1. Take Your Time When Placing Your Blocks

The Tower isn’t one of those casual titles that tests your reflexes and motor skills alone. Instead, it rewards those who play the game patiently, which means you’ll have to take your time in order to ensure your blocks are dropped accurately. Blocks that are partly hanging off your tower will break off, only to return at the same size as the last block.

2. Be Sure to Aim for Perfect Blocks

Making a perfect block drop, as we said above, can be achieved through a patient technique. And once you’ve made a perfect drop, that gives you more chances to earn coins, and subsequently more to spend for your power-ups. It’ll be easier to achieve a perfect drop in the early goings, as the speed and distance of the drop will be easier to manage on your part. Perfect drops are worth 20 coins, which is ten times more than the two coins you’ll earn for a drop that is merely “good.”

3. Let Blocks From Opposing Directions Drop To The Ground

It can be irritating to see one block coming from the left, for instance, only for you to see another block from the opposite direction, almost at the same time. Since that would only result in confusion, it’s best to let them drop to the ground. Furthermore, the block from the opposite direction will come back eventually, and drop from the side where you wanted it to go originally.

4. Turn Wi-Fi Off When You’re Playing

Just like many other free-to-play titles, The Tower makes money with those numerous pop-up ads you’ll see when you’re playing while connected to the Internet. Yes, we understand that developers need to make money just like you and me, but if you want to play without any distraction, you’ll want to play with your Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection turned off.

5. Headstart Power-Up Gives You Advantage Early in the Game

When choosing power-ups, your options will include Headstart, Coin Doubler, and Insurance. It’s the Headstart power-up you want, as this allows you to do just that – get a head start on the game. Coin Doubler, quite obviously, doubles the coins you can earn, while Insurance will give you one extra life. We agree with most others when we say these latter two are useless for the most part.