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Cursed Treasure 2 Strategies: 8 Awesome Tips You Never Knew Before

Cursed Treasure 2 is a quirky role-playing game for iOS, which is rather unique in its basic concept. As you may be able to infer from the game’s description, you will actually be playing the bad guy here as your goal is to “gather dark forces and build towers to defend your treasure from those thieving goody-goody heroes.” Well, that does sound like a bit of a paradox, but unusual premises aside, you’ll get to do a lot of things you get to do in mobile RPGs, such as casting spells and upgrading skills and structures. With that quick description out of the way, let’s move on to some Cursed Treasure 2 strategies as you yourself do what you could to be the best bad guy you could in this game.

1. Go For Gold Mines Early

The moment you have the chance to capture a gold mine, go for it. The faster you capture one of these structures, the more chances for you to earn money on any given level.

2. Mix And Match Skills To Your Heart’s Content, But Strategically

There is no real right or wrong way to assign skills to your characters here. Depending on the level you’ll be completing, certain skills may be useful, while other levels may render those same skills useless. We mention this because Cursed Treasure 2 allows you to redistribute skill points any time in the game, which is something you won’t always see in an RPG.

3. Know Your Enemies

In other words, know what the good guys’ strengths and weaknesses are. For example, a Paladin will be mostly impervious to magic, which makes it necessary to do as the game tells you to – destroy as quickly as possible. Templars, just like Paladins, have a Fearless quality in their description, which means you wouldn’t want to waste a Terror spell on these heroes.

4. Don’t Rush In Using Your Magical Scrolls

You won’t always get to acquire a magic scroll, so hang on to them as long as you could, and only use them when you’re up against a particularly tough hero.

5. Use Your Extra Mana Right Away

Since you aren’t technically allowed to have extra mana, be sure to use it while you still have it, may it be for casting spells or any other reason.

6. The Terror Spell Can Be Effective In Defending Your Buildings

Earlier, we told you that you won’t get anywhere by using the Terror spell on Paladins and Templars, due to their Fearless attribute. So when do you use this spell? Well, you can always use them on your towers, as that would remove any negative effects from them.

7. Build Towers On High Ground Tiles

High Ground tiles will allow you to increase the range of any tower you build on it by 50 percent – this makes it imperative to create a tower, meaning any kind of tower, on a High Ground tile.

8. Deal With Flying Enemies And Ninjas Effectively

These characters will literally try to take you by surprise, so if you want to protect yourself from flying enemies, keep your eye on the attack bar and set up your defense well in advance. As for Ninjas, you’ll want to block them by creating towers near map entrances.