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TonTonPirate Tips, Cheats & Guide to Crush Your Enemies

Do you feel like sailing the seven seas with your own crew of unruly pirates? Land lubbers finally have the chance to know what it feels like to be a pirate captain in TonTonPirate! This mobile game for Android and iOS allows you to sail your own ship and recruit your own group of pirates. Conquer islands and opponent ships by launching your team into the air and having them attack the enemies. A pirate’s life is never smooth-sailing, though, so you should first check out our TonTonPirate tips and tricks before you set sail!

1. Love Your Ship

Everyone knows you can’t be a pirate without a ship so you better give your ship some love. You are given a basic ship at the beginning of the game but you can easily get some initial upgrades after a couple of runs. Additional upgrades, however, get more costly as you go along. You will have to work hard to be able to purchase and replace parts of your ship. You should also customize your ship’s façade as it will represent your pirate gang. Strike fear into the hearts of your opponents with just the look of your ship!

2. Expand Your Crew

Loyalty is a good thing but not absolutely necessary for pirates. You don’t have to use the same pirates you started with. In fact, it is recommended that you replace them. Keep recruiting pirates in order to get better crew members. There are several ways of recruiting and some of them give you a better chance of recruiting stronger pirates. Your team is only as strong as its weakest member so feel free to make the useless ones walk the plank.

3. On To Battle

Of course, the most interesting part of a pirate’s life is engaging with the enemies. This game has a unique twist to the battle system that separates it from other RPG games. You will need to catapult your pirates onto the island or ship that you want to attack. If there are surviving enemies upon landing, your pirates will then engage those enemies. This is why it is important to keep recruiting as mentioned before. You will need a lot of strong pirates to ensure success in attacking. You will lose the battle if your pirates get defeated or if you run out of pirates to deploy.

Another thing to keep in mind when entering a battle in this game is the weapon composition of your pirates. Certain weapons are stronger against specific weapon types. Spears are strong against swords, swords are strong against blunt weapons, and blunt weapons are strong against spears. Be prepared to face off against enemies with different weapon types. Always make sure you have enough of each type to defeat your enemies.

4. Playing Against Other Players

The PVP element of this game adds a level of challenge to the gameplay. Real players behave differently from computer-controlled enemies so you will have to prepare differently as well. Make sure your pirates are scattered throughout the ship so that they do not make easy targets for enemies. This will also help ensure successful defense of your treasure.

Conquer the seas with your pirate crew in TonTonPirate! Follow the tips and tricks above to become a legendary pirate! Also, if you know additional tips for the game, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment section below!