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Tome of the Sun Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Make Your Heroes and Pets Better

NetEase Games has just released Tome of the Sun, which is a new anime-themed RPG for Android and iOS devices. With the titular Tome of the Sun that “once kept the Shadow World in check” now fragmented and lost, it’s your job to lead a team of immortal heroes and their pets to reclaim this Tome and bring peace back to the Sun Kingdom. Of course, you’ll be encountering more than your fair share of enemies along the way, such as sorcerers and demons, and there will be more than 150 dungeons for you to complete in this game. There are over a thousand pieces of gear, including costumes and accessories, and NetEase says in the description that the game should be regularly updated with new heroes, pets, dungeons, events, and even features.

That’s a whole lot of content and there will be more to come, if NetEase is good on its word. But you don’t have to have a tough go at things just because the game is quite richly featured, with lots of dungeons, heroes, and the like. Our Tome of the Sun strategy guide should be of help regardless of where you are in the game, and what you’d like to achieve.

1. Take Advantage Of The Free Summons

As the game description mentioned a couple of times, you won’t just have heroes to help you out in your quests, but pets as well – that’s RPG jargon for mythical animals that could assist you in battle through buffs, additional attacks, and the like. So how can you get more of them? The Free Summons is the best way to get more free (and powerful) pets, and aside from that, you can also get pet treats, items for upgrading, and new gear and recipes.

2. Farm It Out If You’re Stuck

Eventually, you may see that your progress has screeched to a halt, as you’re dealing with a level you just can’t finish no matter how often you try. What’s the solution around this? Farming, that’s what – you can go back to the dungeons you’ve already completed with an “S” rating or better, and raid them once again so you can get some quick and easy experience points. You can also get new items, and a good number of ways for you to upgrade your heroes, pets, and equipment.

3. Complete The Dailies

Unfortunately, it’s quite common to get “stuck” in this game. Finding yourself with no more money or no more available upgrade paths for your hero? That shouldn’t be a problem, as you can complete daily activity rewards. Completing these tasks can earn you additional points, experience, and ingots, and you can use all of that in upgrading your heroes and your pets, as well as your equipment.

Aside from daily activity rewards, there’s another type of dailies that you can complete so you can progress faster in the game. While leveling up, you’ll unlock new adventures that can be accessed by hitting the Nav button on the main menu. These are unique dungeons which reset every day, and by completing them, you can earn more XP for your hero and pet(s), and get yourself more upgrade items. Just keep on leveling up and you’ll have no shortage of new adventures to unlock and complete.

4. Open Pet Gear Packs

Yes indeed, this is a game that’s not just about epic heroes, but equally about epic pets as well. And you can also open any one of several Pet Gear Packs that come with gear and other items. You can go to the Shop’s Packs section to buy these gear packs on the cheap, but even if they don’t cost you much, they can be very valuable. The one catch here is the daily limit for the number of gear packs.

Aside from the above method, you can get even higher-value items by buying the (L) Pet Gear Pack – unlike the common packs, which can be bought with common currency, you’ll have to pay the premium currency (Ingots) in order to buy these packs.

5. About Empire Points – How Can These Points Help You?

Tome of the Sun also comes with a PvP mode – the King of the Hill mode – and you will definitely want to take part in this mode, not just for the fun, but also for the Empire Points. What are Empire Points anyway? Well, you’ll use them while inside the Zodiac, so you can get additional boosts for your hero and all pets you may currently have. As a bonus tip, you’ll want to have a pet that is seldom used, if at all, in battle, standing by as the Soul Guard. And for yet another bonus tip when it comes to Empire Points and the Zodiac, you’ll get the best results if you use a Level 30+ Epic Pet.

6. Use The Soul Binder For More Powerful Pets

When it comes to collecting rarer and more powerful pets, you can use your Soul Talisman while inside the Soul Binder. You can do this every day, and once you do, you’ll be able to collect enough souls to get a certain pet and to summon it. You can’t go far if you don’t have any rare pets accompanying you, so use that Soul Binder whenever possible!

7. How To Improve Your Equipment Further

Talking about your hero’s equipment, you can use gems to add some valuable buffs. You can find gems by completing dungeons, completing tasks for daily rewards, or buying them in the Shop with some of your in-game currency. You can also use Bless Stones to improve the stats of your equipment; these stones can be bought at the Arena Shop with the Arena Points you earn in that mode. Additionally, you can go to the Fuse section to create rarer-tier Bless Stones.

8. Fuse Lower Tier Items To Create Rarer Ones

Speaking of the fusion area/feature, you can go there to turn five lower-tier or common items into one rare item. There are eight item types in the Fusion area, which allows you lots of flexibility for the types of item you can fuse in order to create a higher-tier, rarer item.

This would be our detailed guide for Tome of the Sun. In case we discover additional hints in the near future, we will share them here, so stay tuned for updates!