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Tap Tap Trillionaire Ultimate Guide: 19 Killer Tips, Tricks & Cheats You Need to Know

Tap Tap Trillionaire has been quite a hit among iOS gamers since its release earlier this year, and it got itself a nice little update earlier in the week. So what’s in it for you if you’ve been playing the game since its release? For starters, there’s a new theme, namely Ancient Egypt, as well as six new ancient Egyptian traders, “from Anubis to Horus.” Earning speed has also been upgraded, and the game’s maker Pixio claims that “we have reached a critical earning speed of 85 million coins per hour.” Sounds interesting indeed, and if you haven’t played the game yet, now might be the time for you to check it out and see what all the fuss is about.

This is a clicker game that allows you to earn as much in-game money as possible, and that puts it in the same class of games as AdVenture Capitalist and others. And since we want players new and old to have a one-stop resource for all the tips they need for this game, we’ve put together a Tap Tap Trillionaire ultimate guide that recaps most of the tips we gave you in the past, but with more than a few new ones added to the mix.

1. Tap With As Many Fingers As Possible

This is probably good as given in tapping games, but since the iPhone and iPad and the game itself can read as many fingers as possible, depending on the size of your device, we suggest using as many fingers as you could when tapping. You might want to try all ten, but five or six would be fine, all with that alternating tapping motion that would allow you to earn as many coins as possible while you’re actively playing the game.

2. Turn The Sleep Function Off

Normally, your phone or tablet would go to sleep after a few seconds idle. When playing this game, you want that setting to be turned off, and your phone plugged in to a charger so that it doesn’t run out of battery needlessly. With the game running and your screen on, your traders will keep on earning both money and books for you (more on books later), and you can leave your device on for as long as you see fit. Return to the game several minutes later and you’ll find yourself much richer than you were earlier, both in money and in books.

3. Keep On Hiring Traders And Leveling Them Up

Of course, you can’t expect to make a killing in Tap Tap Trillionaire if you don’t have enough traders on hand. Hire as many of them as possible, and once they’re ready, level them up. All of the game’s traders can earn you money through their coins per minute stat, and you will also earn a commission when they successfully close a deal. More traders is better, but you want to level all of them up at one point or another.

4. Upgrade Your CEO With The Books Your Traders Earn

how to earn a lot of cash in tap tap trillionaire

The game will also allow you to earn books, either through your tapping, through your traders, or both. So what are books for, just to jog your memory? You’ll use these books to buy upgrades to your CEO, thus adding more value to each time you tap on your screen. And when talking about traders, you’re limited to a maximum of eight at a time; you can dismiss one of them at any time and send them on a no-pay leave if you want to replace them with someone else.

5. Traders Can Get Hot

Tap Tap Trillionaire comes with its own equivalent of fever mode, or a mode where you can earn a ridiculous amount of money compared to your usual earnings. That happens when your traders get “hot.” When this takes place, they will be earning you about five times your normal income from them. And as a bonus tip, traders don’t get hot completely at random. You can check their information, as their personalities can predict how often they can get hot and earn you all that cash while at it.

6. How To Earn Free Gems

Gems are Tap Tap Trillionaire’s premium currency, and here’s how you can earn more of them for free. Tap on the achievements icon (the trophy icon) and you may find some achievements that will gift you with gems if you’re able to complete them. Unlocked achievements will be denoted by a red number showing up next to the trophy; tap on that number and you can collect your gems. You can also watch videos to earn gems and other bonuses, and that could be another good way to stock up on your premium currency. Just be sure you play the game with the Internet turned on, as the game won’t be able to serve up any videos (natch) if you’re offline.

how to earn free gems in tap tap trillionaire

Additionally, you have the option of going to the furniture section of the game, and going to the Fortune Spot menu option. Once you’re there, you can buy the Futuristic Robot, which costs quite a lot, but can earn you ten gems per three hours, over the amount of time you’re playing the game. There’s yet another way for you to earn gems, though we’ll be discussing that later in a separate tip.

7. Use The Coin Flower To Earn More Coins

To get yourself a bonus 100 free coins per minute, you will also want to go to the Fortune Spot we told you about earlier. Buy the Coin Flower at the Fortune Spot, and you will then be able to earn the aforementioned coin bonus per minute; it might not sound like much, considering all the myriad ways to earn in this game, but any kind of bonus is worth going for in this game.

8. Offline Income Is Quite Limited

how to earn more money offline in tap tap trillionaire

Unfortunately, Tap Tap Trillionaire doesn’t allow you too many opportunities to earn money passively, or while away from the game. Yes, you can still earn some income offline, though that’s currently limited to only five minutes or so worth of income. Then again, you have to remember that this is not an idle clicker, so you have to be working on earning while you’ve got the game turned on.

9. Buy Low, Sell High

how to get more profits in tap tap trillionaire

It’s a very common concept in business, and one you should be putting to practice in this game. You want to buy low and sell high at all times, because that will always translate into some profit for you in the stock market. But before you push forward with a transaction, take a look at the stock charts. If you’re buying a stock that’s trading on the downside, only buy it once you see the most recent dot. Once that stock is trading on the upside, that’s when you can go ahead and sell it at a profit.

10. Don’t Fret If Your Stocks Are Dropping

Like in the real-life stock markets in Wall Street and elsewhere, bullish stocks may eventually become bearish, or may begin to drop. That often happens if you bought a stock while it was still in the lower half. If that stock keeps depreciating, you can buy more shares. Again, the best time to sell those stocks is when they’re rallying once again, or gaining in the stock market.

11. How To Deal With Investors

Occasionally, you’ll notice that investors will enter your office and ask to speak to your CEO. Once an investor walks in, you’ll see a bar on the upper portion of the screen. Your goal would then be to fill that bar with the money you earn, and you’ll be earning money by – you guessed it right – tapping. And if the bar fills up within the allotted time, you’ll earn yourself a tidy bonus, oftentimes in the form of books. Make sure you tap as quickly as possible, because if the bar doesn’t fill up once the time expires, you wouldn’t get any bonus.

12. Collect Bonuses By Tapping On The Gift Icon

You may also see a gift icon appear from time to time; click on that icon and you can collect your bonus. Bonuses acquired through the gift icon may take the form of free gems – this could be 25 gems per gift, which makes this a great way to earn more of the premium currency. But even if you don’t get gems, you’ll still get some nice rewards, such as anywhere from hundreds to thousands of coins per second for a limited amount of time, usually about 15 seconds.

13. How To Get Access To Even More Stock

how to get access to more stocks in tap tap trillionaire

Going back to stock market trading, you may reach a point where you want to own more stock. In order to do this, you’ll have to upgrade your stock trading license. Aside from being able to hold more, you’ll also be able to buy stock with just one tap. And while selling stocks may become even more time-consuming, that seeming boredom will all be worth it once you earn yet another profit.

14. Buy Artifact And Bond Trading Licenses

Aside from your stock trading license, you’ll also need to have licenses for artifact and bond trading if you really want to make a killing. Bonds and artifacts trade differently from stocks, but with enough similarity to make them rather easy for you to pull off. You’ll also be following the same basic rules as you did in the stock market – buy low, sell high, and maintain your composure even if your stocks are falling, because there’s a good chance they’ll be back up again in due time.

15. You Don’t Really Need New Furniture

how to collect more vips in tap tap trillionaire

The furniture section does have some useful items, namely the Coin Flower and the Futuristic Robot. But everything else that’s available in there won’t really help you in terms of money-making. The new furniture is simply there for customization purposes, but regardless of what furniture item you buy, it won’t help you earn extra coins, books, gems, or whatnot. That boring old furniture will suit you just fine, if customization isn’t your thing.

In relation to that, you may encounter a traveling salesman who will sell you what appears to be discount furniture. He might as well be selling you snake oil, because that furniture, besides serving no other use than customization, will often be more expensive than usual. Still, he may be worth talking to due to the special furniture he sells – that is if you don’t mind spending some money for customization purposes.

16. How To Get Rid Of The Cardboard Boxes

Then again, we really can’t blame you if you’re not a fan of the cardboard boxes. They are, to say the very least, unsightly. Head to the game’s furniture menu, go to the Football Table menu, and uncheck the supply boxes. Once you’ve unchecked them, they’ll be gone, thus removing some clutter from your office.

17. How To Spend Your Gems Wisely

We already showed you several ways to earn free gems, but how should you spend them? One good way to make the most of your gems is to buy premium traders, though you’ll want to set your expectations and get ready for some similarly premium upgrade prices. But would you really want to part with your gems all the time if the option to buy a premium trader is available? The answer is no, as you will have to send someone on an unpaid leave if you’ve got the maximum eight traders active.

how to become the richest in tap tap trillionaire

Tap Tap Trillionaire wouldn’t be a “get rich quick” tapping game if it didn’t have a “make it rain” feature, and you’ll be glad to know that it does. For those who are unfamiliar with “making it rain,” here’s what it means in the context of this game – by spending 100 gems, you’ll be able to have a significant amount of money appear on your screen, ready to collect. Additionally, you can spend gems for skill resets or the Power of Holding, which allows you to auto-tap at a pace of 30 taps per second for the next two minutes.

Lastly, you can use gems to recoup any money lost through investments, but this is something you should do in moderation. Take note that it’s very easy to run out of gems just because you kept spending them in order to recover money from your bad investments.

18. Always Tap On Investment Opportunities

You don’t want to say no to those investment opportunities, but even if you don’t see one available, you should tap on those opportunities to see what’s in it for you. You may, for instance, get the option to profit in gems as opposed to coins, and apart from all the ways we told you about earning free gems, this could be another way for you to do so. Oftentimes, the return on a one- or two-gem investment is at least seven gems, so it’s completely worth it.

19. Analyze Investments Carefully

Investment opportunities appear on the left side of your screen, and once you tap on them, you’ll be able to view information on the trader and their rate of success in these deals. Rare or premium traders typically have higher rates of success, and can also earn you bigger profits when compared to common traders.


Tuesday 16th of October 2018

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Tuesday 14th of March 2017

Thanks Joequincy, that helped a lot!!!


Saturday 21st of January 2017

Rename your Boss to "King Arthur"

Robert Friedl

Tuesday 27th of September 2016

How do I get the 5 star trader Merdinus, it says he is locked and "will only serve the one king", what does that mean? What do I have to do to unlock him? please help me