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Tiny Wings Cheats: 6 Essential Tips & Strategies You Should Know

Andreas Illiger’s iOS title Tiny Wings has been around for quite a while – in fact, it won iPhone Game of the Year honors in Europe way back in 2011, among other honors. As a bird who’s always dreamed of flying if not for his tiny wings, you get to live that dream with one-tap gameplay. But this isn’t as casual as Flappy Bird, contrary to what you may think – you have to deal with an ever-changing world, you can upgrade your nest through tasks, and you can play in two different modes, namely Day Trip and Flight School. So if you want to fly high in this game, do check out our share of Tiny Wings cheats, tips and strategies.

1. The Slide Is The Most Important Skill To Perfect

For your little bird to fly to the best of his capabilities, you have to master a number of things, but none are more important than perfecting your sliding technique. As such, pay attention to the Touch Teacher tutorials, and practice regularly, preferably grinding it out on the first few islands. Once you’re done with the third, that’s when things start getting hairy, so by that time it is imperative that you’ve got a pretty good idea of how to slide.

2. Nesting Up

The term “nesting up” simply means upgrading your nest through the completion of tasks. Once you’ve nested up, you’ll get a new nest and new objectives, and the more you nest up, the higher your multiplier climbs to. You want to nest up frequently if you’re aiming for the leaderboards.

3. Reach For The Sky

We mean this literally, because touching the sky increases your multiplier by 20 each time you do it. This will come in handy when you’ve got an objective of reaching an extremely high score; touching the sky is one of the easier ways to earn a lot of points, and quick, though once again, your sliding skills will serve you best when trying to hit the sky.

4. Fly Low If Time And Speed Are Important

Now, if time is of the essence and speed is among your requirements, you’ll have to fly low instead of trying to touch the sky like we told you on the last tip. Time tests leave you little time for fancy moves like sky touches, and since every second counts, it’s best if you stay as low as possible without touching the hills, and refrain from flying too high.

5. The Hills Never Stay The Same

One of the most challenging aspects of Tiny Wings is the fact that the hills regenerate at random. This means the islands your bird encounters will always be different from the islands in a previous game. However, if you do wait several hours (there doesn’t seem to be an exact figure for this) in between play sessions, you can successfully return to the game after setting it down, should you get stuck in a level.

6. Stay In Fever Mode For Higher Scores

Lastly, we suggest staying in Fever Mode for as long as possible if you’re looking to make it to Game Center. Don’t do this, however, if you’re under time pressure as we told you about on the fourth tip.