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Tiny Pig Cheats, Tips & Guide: 7 Tricks to Help You Earn Faster and Build Up Your Farm Properly

Tiny Pig is a new game for iOS and Android gamers that was designed for the super-casual gamer, according to the developer, Mindstorm Studios. We probably wouldn’t say as casual as the games churned out by Ketchapp, but we get where they’re coming from — this is one of those “get rich” clicker games that challenge you to tap as quickly and as frequently as you can, while asking you to do a myriad of other things to amass that fortune. So what’s the deal with this game? Well, aside from the numerous references to the word “casual,” this is a game where you can build your farm, raise animals, make money, and upgrade your town, while tapping, tapping, and tapping even more. But as you’ll find out, you won’t have to tap so fervently and so frequently all the time.

So how can you build that fortune quickly, and rebuild that fortune the next time around? How can you manage your farm the right way, and make the most out of your tapping? We hope to have all those questions and more answered, as we now bring you our Tiny Pig strategy guide. Read on if there’s anything about this game that isn’t quite clear to you, or if you’re looking for that extra kick that could help you move forward faster!

1. Keep On Watching Ad Videos

The game has a lot of opportunities for you to watch ad videos and earn some much-needed freebies that could help you through the course of the game. In fact, you can earn a lot of Golden Bacon (the game’s premium currency) by watching those ads, on top of the common currency you can earn! Just keep on watching ads whenever the game asks you if you want to watch, though you may want to set your expectations, as you’ll usually end up with regular currency. Still, the odds of getting Golden Bacon are better than you may think, so keep watching those videos, because you can really benefit from that Golden Bacon in Tiny Pig.

2. Tapping Isn’t Always Needed

At this point, we will be telling you that Tiny Pig is an idle clicker — it’s not one of those old-school clicker games that are more on the clicking and less on the idle. So while it will still be a good idea to tap frantically during the early goings, you really don’t have to tire your fingers out too much in the grand scheme of things. Head to the Premium Upgrades section, and buy the Hold for Pigs upgrade. That’s actually a free upgrade, and by buying it, you’ll be able to get two pigs per second. It’s not much, but you’re always free to invest a little more if you want or need a faster rate.

3. Chase After The Birds

From time to time, you will see storks flying around on the screen, each of them carrying a bag. But instead of babies (just like some of our parents must have told us way back in the day), these birds carry bags of money, and you can collect that money by tapping on the storks. The value of the money also increases as you go along, so while it won’t be much at first, it will add up over time, and it will help you add to your resources. You might even get lucky and collect some premium currency, so never say never!

Aside from storks, there are other birds that could help your cause once you tap on them. You’ve also got eagles, and while it’s much harder to catch them due to their blazing speed, you’ll get much more money than you would by tapping on a stork. You’ll know an eagle is on its way if you hear them crying out — make sure your sound is turned on while playing the game, so that way you don’t miss out when the eagles make their way to your farm!

4. How And How Not To Spend Your Golden Bacon

Unless you’re a vegetarian, you know that bacon is good. And in the context of Tiny Pig, Golden Bacon is VERY good, and watching ad videos could allow you to earn a lot of it, as we had mentioned above. But you should still be prudent when spending this premium currency, and not spend it on things that will only serve as a waste of precious bacon. Definitely, you should avoid spending Golden Bacon on boosts. You can earn profits by watching ads, and as we all know, that’s just about 30 seconds of your time, maybe 40 to 45 tops, if you count loading time and exiting the ad once it’s done. Paying Golden Bacon for boosts is just a waste, simply put.

What you should do instead is to spend your Golden Bacon on premium upgrades. These are the kind of upgrades you want, because you won’t lose them when you prestige, or reset your game and start again from the beginning. Naturally, those upgrades will remain when you build a new farm in the game.

5. What Premium Upgrades Should You Buy?

When it comes to buying premium upgrades, there’s a hierarchy of sorts that you can follow. Your mileage may vary, as different orders of upgrades may work better for you, but in most cases, you can start with Hold to Clone, buying the free upgrade, then buying another once you’ve got the free one unlocked. As we mentioned, this allows you to do less tapping and a lot more idling. Next, you can go with Bird Caller, which works by increasing the coin value per Golden Bacon spent, provided you keep on collecting from the Storks. Next, go with Super-Yum Spirit Bacon, which can help in the long run by giving you more Spirit Bacon and larger bonuses that come with it.

6. How Does The Research Mechanic Work?

Tiny Pig has a research feature, much like many RPGs do. So how does it work, and how can you make the most out of the research in the game? Well, for starters, spending money on research will allow you to earn profits faster. Research is, in fact, vital in the early parts of each play-through, and when it comes to the items to upgrade, you should focus on sausage value, earnings, and other upgrades that have a direct effect on the amount of profit you earn.

You can also increase your farm value in Tiny Pig by increasing the number of pigs that you have at the Shedding Center. Make sure you’re trying to max out farm value as fast as you could, as upgrading sausages allows you to earn more money and earn it faster.

7. When Should You Prestige?

At some point, you’ll have to make the big decision of whether to prestige or not. As we always do, we should explain what prestiging is — while “prestige” is not normally a verb, it is in the world of clicker games, and this refers to the process of restarting your game but keeping some items or upgrades that allow you to make faster progress once you’ve started from the top.

We would generally advise you to prestige once you’ve reached a point where your progress seems to have stalled, regardless of what you do to speed things up and earn more money. But you should also make sure you’ve made a lot of forward progress before prestiging, otherwise you won’t reap the benefits of resetting your game like you normally should.

And this ends our strategy guide for Mindstorm Studios’ new mobile game, Tiny Pig. If you have anything to add, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment section below!