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Tidal Rider Tips & Tricks: 4 Hints You Need to Know

Tidal Rider is a fun arcade mobile game from PlayMotive, where all you have to do is to ride the waves on your surfboard for as long as possible, avoiding the obstacles and simply trying to hang on longer than you did the last time. You can also compete against friends and other players on the Game Center leaderboards and unlock new surfers, but aside from that, this is a pretty straightforward title that’s low on bells and whistles, but high on addictiveness. As the oft-repeated slogan goes, this game is one of those titles that’s “easy to learn, but hard to master.”

In order to unlock new surfers, you will have to last as long as possible and earn more coins, which is the in-game currency earned while you play the game. We’ve got what you need if you’re looking to add to your collection of characters in this list of Tidal Rider tips and hints, so read on and we’ll help you in unlocking those characters.

1. Easy On The Tap-And-Hold

It might sound like a good idea to tap-and-old and watch your surfer ride those waves, but this isn’t the best way to control your character. What you would want to do instead is to build up some momentum, then lay back a bit as you move back up; this may take some practice, but this strategy works best when trying to control your surfers. Better yet, it allows you to avoid hitting those obstacles, which will, in most cases, be huge flocks of birds. Practice this technique and you can still earn a ton of points and collect lots of coins in the game.

2. How To Avoid The Birds

Speaking of the birds, which serve as the most challenging obstacle you have to overcome, there’s a good way to avoid these pesky creatures and keep on riding the surf. First thing to do would be to look ahead of all times; if you notice that the birds are just a couple seconds away from hitting you, release your finger from the screen, and fall upwards ever-so-quickly before you tap-and-hold once again. Again, this relates to the first tip, which discourages holding on to your screen for too long.

3. Let The Coins Come Naturally

You may be playing the game with the intent of collecting every coin you see so you can unlock more surfers, but the coins are the only form of currency, and you can’t use them to buy power-ups or anything else that can be considered special. As such, don’t try going after every coin that you see, and only go for them when the risk is worth taking. If you divert from the flow of things simply to get one silly coin, you might end up wiping out more often than you don’t.

4. Each Surfer Plays The Same Way As The Other

Last, but not the least, bear in mind that if you’re collecting coins for the purpose of adding to your surfer collection, those new characters won’t play any differently than your stock character. They only change things cosmetically, so don’t expect any special skills or abilities once you’ve unlocked someone new in the game. After all, this is a casual title that doesn’t seek to reinvent the wheel!