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Thrill Rush Cheats: 7 Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know

Thrill Rush is a new title from Spil Games, which is the sequel to the popular Uphill Rush, that brings the adrenaline-pumping excitement of riding the ultimate roller coaster ride to a mobile device near you. The game is filled with thrilling tracks that include every crazy element you can imagine. Long jumps, full-on twists and turns, flamboyant routes rich with excitement-inducing rides, and more.

The game features a pretty colorful art style that definitely matches Thrill Rush. Everything is shiny and smiling, everything just begs you to take just another ride, and we have to say that the game does look pretty attractive. Thrill Rush is filled with original tracks spread across two completely different game worlds and while the start of the game can be described as happy go lucky easy, as you progress and unlock new tracks the game will become pretty hard. Sure, you will be able to finish a track without much effort but getting a three-star rating will become gradually more difficult.

Fortunately, all you have to do in order to keep nailing those three-star ratings is to focus and earn perfect ratings early in the game. We will explain why this is important later. We played Thrill Rush and experienced each track and we have to say that, with a bit of effort, lots of patience, and precision it is possible to ace every single track. Stay with us and find out how to ace every track found in Thrill Rush.

1. Speed Is Important But Try Not To Tilt Out

Each track is a joy to ride, but while the first couple tracks can be aced just by holding the gas button and nothing more, Thrill Rush becomes trickier later. So, instead of just hitting the pedal to the metal you should dose acceleration in order to not become too fast, ending up with you hitting rails with your head.

Instead, watch to not tilt out. Buttons that control your stability are found on the left side of the screen and we advise you to use them all the time. Just be careful because stability controls are extremely sensitive, even when riding a high stability cart. Always try to land leveled because in Thrill Rush even the slightest tilt to one side can get your card to flip over and make you restart the track from a checkpoint.

2. Focus On Getting Three-Star Ratings First, Collect Money And Diamonds Later

Thrill Rush is filled with amazing tracks that feature multiple routes, hidden areas and lots of coins and diamonds to gather. But, most of these are hidden pretty well so we advise you to first rush through a track, getting that three-star rating. Once you’ve aced a track you can replay it over and over again until you gather all diamonds hidden across the rails.

3. Three-Star Rating Is Very Important To Earn In First Few Levels

In Thrill Rush, a three-star rating gives you access to special chests that contain new carts, new characters, gold coins, and diamonds. And since there are lots of different carts and characters you should aim for a three-star rating because chests can contain some pretty fast carts and skilled characters. You see, better carts and better-skilled characters can cost tens of thousands of coins so you won’t earn enough coins to get them early. But we can say that chests can contain some very powerful carts and characters.

And since these chests are available only when you ace a level (earn three-star rating) it is extremely important to finish the first couple of levels with perfect times because this will give you some nice rides and characters, making later levels much easier to ace. And since you can open chests each time you earn a three-star rating, this means that you can get the most powerful rides and characters relatively early in the game, allowing you to finish every level found in Thrill Rush with perfect grades.

4. Level Editor Is Great For Practice

Thrill Rush features a powerful level editor allowing you to construct any track you imagine. This is great because you can get really creative and make some extremely hard levels that will test your skills to their limits. This way you can practice on some pretty hard levels, making the game much easier. Because once you come across a particularly hard level in the single player campaign you will be able to ace it because you already played a harder level that you’ve made in the game’s level editor.

5. Watching Videos To Double Your Prizes Is Definitely Worth It

After each level, the game will offer you to watch a video ad in order to double the coins you earned in that level. And while in most games this just isn’t worth it because the amount of coins that can be earned in-levels is pretty low, Thrill Rush is a completely different story. In this game you can earn enough coins to get a new cart or a playing character after just a couple of levels so watching ads to double the coin prize is definitely worth it.

6. Save Up Coins For Upgrades

Since the game is pretty generous with crates, which can be obtained by getting a three-star rating on a level, we advise you to avoid spending coins on new carts and characters. It is better to wait to get a powerful cart or a character (let’s say with all stats that are somewhere between 13-15 or more) and then use those coins you saved on upgrading their stats.

As we said, it is pretty easy to get powerful rides and characters that will make almost any level pretty easy to ace, so save up coins until you find a level that’s impossible to beat and only then upgrade the stats.

Also, we advise you to revisit old levels where you couldn’t get a three-star rating once you get faster carts and more skilled characters. This will get you more coins as well as giving you more chests to open, some containing even better rides and characters to play with.

7. Don’t Use In-Game Boosts

The game offers various boosts to use before you start a ride. We advise you to not use them because they just aren’t powerful enough to worth their price in diamonds. Use these only when you find it impossible to finish a level because those boosts are pretty expensive and can only be acquired with coins.

Okay, folks, that’s all for now! We hope that our Thrill Rush guide provided you enough valuable tips and tricks and allowed you to ace every single level found in the game. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!