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Uphill Rush Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Survive Longer

Everyone knows that water slides are the whole point for going to water parks. Uphill Rush focuses on this and gives you level after level of insane water slides. This water park simulator game, which is available on iOS, lets you control your character as you try to stay afloat, navigating the twists and turns of the different attractions. Perform gravity-defying stunts as you whizz through some of the wildest rides imaginable. You can even create your own ride and make your friends literally jump through hoops. Make sure you check out our Uphill Rush strategy guide to help you conquer all of the levels!

1. Master The Controls

The game’s controls are pretty easy to learn. You just need to tap the right arrow to make your character go faster, and tap the left arrow if you want to go slower. The purpose of the arrows change slightly when you are airborne. Since you can’t really control your speed when you are in the air, tapping left or right will only tilt your character slightly. This is useful in making sure you land correctly. Practice these controls in the easier levels as you won’t have time to figure them out in the more dangerous rides.

2. Know When To Adjust Speeds

The good thing about this game is that your character moves on its own. You don’t have to worry about going forward. The bad news is that your character will keep going even if it means certain death. This is why you need to use your judgement when to speed up or slow down, to keep your character from falling off the slide. For one, you will need to go faster when your character is going uphill because if he falls short of the peak, he will fall off the slide. On the other hand, if your character is going downhill, then try your best to slow down because you might end up flying off the ride.

3. Perform Tricks

There will be times when your character will be launched into the air. During those times, you can perform tricks by using the left and right arrows to make your character spin. If you are successful in your attempt, you will be rewarded with a speed boost. Just make sure you have enough altitude when you try to perform these tricks or you will risk landing on your head. That’s not a good thing because you will end up dead. If the jump is too low, don’t bother risking a trick.

4. Unlock Additional Features

There are two types of currencies in the game. The first one is diamonds. These are used to purchase power ups and continuing when you fail in a level. The second currency is coins. Coins let you unlock characters and vehicles. You should focus on unlocking vehicles since characters are purely cosmetic. The vehicles have different attributes and some of them are more useful in certain levels. In fact, each level has its own set of recommended and not recommended vehicles. Of course, you should try to stick to the recommended ones as much as you can.

Get crazy and slide your way around some of the loopiest waterslides imaginable in Uphill Rush! Just follow the strategy guide above to make sure you survive! Also, if you’ve come across additional hints for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment area!