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These Crazy Walls Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

These Crazy Walls is a game for iOS and Android mobile platforms from game developer Josiah Jenkins, which may be a familiar name to fans of super-casual titles. Arguably, he’s best known for Spinny Circle. As far as the game’s description is concerned, it asks you “how long can you last,” and challenges you to “go far as far as you can” and possibly go for a hundred points. But what do you do exactly in this game? In a nutshell, your objective is to go from wall to wall for as long as you could, with the walls moving as you go along. And there are obstacles too – if you aren’t careful, you may end up falling into a pit or into a bed of spikes.

This is a game that could get really difficult fast, and that’s where the challenge lies in endless/casual titles for the most part. So join us and discover our collection of These Crazy Walls tips and tricks if you’d like some ways to add to your previous high score.

1. How To Get A High Score Early On

If this is your first time to play the game, you might want to try this out to get off to a solid start and get a feel for the game. Both of the walls will, for quite a while, be solid, and you won’t be at any risk of falling or ending your run. Tap on your screen quickly until you reach the first pit, and you’ll get yourself about five to seven points easy. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not a lot of points, but good for starters and a good way to ease yourself into the game.

2. Focus On Where Your Square Is On

When choosing which side to focus on more, it should always be wherever your square is on. And once you see an obstacle, tap quickly on you screen. Watching the other side increases the chances of your running into an obstacle or getting caught by one – easy as that.

3. Watch Ad Videos To Continue Where You Left Off

Once you crash, that normally kills you and ends your game, but you’ll have the option to hit the “Free Life” button. Tap on that and you’ll be directed to an ad video; once the video is done, you will resume your game where you last left off, with the same score at the time you crashed. You will, however, be limited to one ad video restart per round, so if you die again, you’ll have no choice but to start from square one.

4. The Walls Move At The Same Speed

One good thing about this game is that the walls always move at the same speed, no matter how far you’ve gone. This could allow you to settle into a nice rhythm, though don’t overdo it by playing for too long. Mental and physical fatigue could take its toll on your game, so don’t be afraid to take a quick breather so you can return refreshed whenever you’re ready to play again.

Have you came across any other tips or tricks for These Crazy Walls? In case you know some hints, that we haven’t listed in this article, then don’t hesitate to contact us!