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The Walking Dead: Season One Tips, Cheats & Guide: 7 Hints Every Player Should Know

Telltale Games is well-known for its mobile games based on popular television series, such as its Game of Thrones title for Android and iOS. The Walking Dead: Season One is also available only for the Android mobile platform and it’s the first in a five-part series that takes you to the zombie-filled universe you probably know from the TV show. You’ll be playing as convicted criminal Lee Everett, who’s trying to make the most out of his “second chance at life” in a world filled with zombies. Your jobs include protecting an orphan named Clementine, and as you go through the game, you’ll meet all sorts of people and visit locations you may find familiar if you’re a fan of the show.

Unfortunately, you won’t get to play as Rick Grimes in this game; this is similar to Telltale’s GoT title, where you play a character from a house that doesn’t exist in the books or in the series. But that shouldn’t stop you from playing the game, and from checking out Level Winner’s list of The Walking Dead: Season One tips, tricks and strategies, which should be of help anytime you’re stuck somewhere.

1. Pause The Game While Talking To People

As Lee Everett, you’ll meet a wide variety of people and as you have a conversation, you’ll need to choose how you wish to answer. Unfortunately, you only have so much time to come up with a response, but that’s fine, as you can pause the game and review your choices first. If you’re not able to respond within the allotted time, that will automatically select the “silence” option.

On the other hand, there will be some instances where there’s no time limit to answer, and the game won’t continue if you do not make a selection yourself. Or you can choose to remain silent, which sometimes is the best thing to do. While some say you can answer any way you wish, as that generally doesn’t have an impact on how a character acts in the future, there’s a reason why you should be mindful of your responses. And here’s why.

2. What You Say Is Still Important At Times

But what if your statements do change things significantly and make an impact on the progress of the story? You’ll often see those choices in table form, or in red, and you’ll be notified accordingly if you’ve got default notifications on. Sometimes, you may have said something important, but won’t be notified.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to tailor your responses in such a way that you’re building the right relationships with the right characters. Choose the side you wish to be on, and stick to your guns all throughout, as you may eventually suffer for your inconsistency.

3. You Can Replay Parts Of An Episode

The Walking Dead: Season One is a game driven by choices, and if you make some missteps and play through the game in one go, then you won’t be able to undo those changes after the fact. But you’ll have the option to restart certain parts of an episode and replay those parts, if you want to have Lee do something differently than what you had him do earlier.

4. Sometimes You Have To Think And Act Quickly

There are many situations in this game where you aren’t under much time pressure, if at all. But if you notice the screen gradually turning red, that’s a sign that if you don’t act quickly, you’ll fail the event. For example, a zombie may be sneaking up on Lee and all ready to bite him, and that should be your signal to do something about the situation before he falls prey to the zombie(s).

5. Push The Plot Forward By Looking And Using Items

There will be times when you have to look at a certain object in order to move forward in the story. That’s something the tutorial stresses and covers in great depth. But you don’t have to look at every item in order to make some progress; many items, though, may serve as clues that may help you solve a puzzle or gather some vital information. Still, it’s better if you explore all options when interacting with items. You’ll have several chances to pick up items or to perform certain actions with the hand icon. Other times, you can use one item in conjunction with the other. Just keep playing around with the eye and hand icons if you ever find yourself stuck.

6. What To Do When Faced With A Panic Event

Don’t panic. Seriously speaking, don’t. Panic Events are events where Lee could be killed, and if that’s the case, you’ll start off with an earlier saved game. Panic Events are marked with the line “Panic Event – Start” and “Panic Event – End,” and you’ll need to perform certain actions in order to save yourself from danger. The best thing to do here is to maintain your composure, and be fast when it comes to tasks such as hitting one or more buttons.

7. Know How To Deal With Tough Decisions

Each episode comes with five Tough Decisions, which are marked accordingly. They are what they are – these are major dilemmas where you need to stop, think, and come up with a rock-solid plan. And oftentimes, you’ll need to sort out those Tough Decisions very quickly. Sometimes, these decisions will not save a character’s life, or change events in the story in a major way. But the decisions you make could have an impact on how characters behave towards you.

Another thing about Tough Decisions is that there are no right or wrong decisions in the truest sense. It all goes back to what we told you earlier about building relationships with other characters. Oftentimes, you’ll have to choose between two people whom you have a good relationship with – what you do for one may not sit well with the other. You really will need to be prepared for some conflicts, just like in the real world.