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The Pit (Ketchapp) Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score and Unlock More Characters

Nobody makes those endless runners like Ketchapp does – mostly in terms of being prolific, but you can’t deny that the company’s endless runners can be quite addictive and engaging, while still being extremely simple. The Pit is the latest such game from the company, available for Android and iOS mobile platforms, as usual. In the game, you shall be guiding a character as you run, jump, and slide through the pit, and also watching out for the traps that could threaten to end your run. As usual, you can collect coins in the game, and use the coins to buy new characters, and compete with other players for the highest score; alternately, you can simply keep on playing and keep trying to top your own high score.

That’s typically the goal of your average Ketchapp game – since these are endless titles, the main challenge here is beating your high score or someone else’s. And there’s also the matter of earning more coins for more characters. So with that in mind, let’s take you to some The Pit tips and tricks that will help you in doing all of those things.

1. All Jumps Are The Same Height

The game’s controls are very easy to figure out – simply swipe to slide, and tap/let go of the screen to jump. However, you should keep in mind that all jumps are of the same height; this isn’t a game where long-pressing and releasing allows you to jump higher or longer, or where short taps mean short jumps. That’s a good thing, as that leaves basic timing the only thing you have to worry about. You want to slide to avoid the overhead traps and jump to avoid the ground traps, easy as that.

2. How To Get 250 Gold Coins For Free

By tapping on the video button after a round, you’ll be able to redeem 250 free gold coins for watching an ad video. Gold coins are the game’s primary (and only) currency, and watching these ads is a great way to add to your total in a hurry. The thing is, ad videos aren’t always available; that means you’ll have to take advantage each time you’re asked whether you want to watch a video or not.

3. Otherwise, Gold Coins Appear Naturally

Apart from the videos, you can also earn gold coins while naturally playing the game. They’ll appear on land and in the air, and some will be bigger than others, but all these coins are worth the same value. Just gather them as you naturally progress, and never put yourself at unnecessary risk while chasing the coins.

4. When Things Get Serious…

Progressing further down the game’s levels would mean more difficult traps to overcome. The obstacles may appear to come one after the other in such close proximity to each other; for example, you may notice three spike strips with barely any separation from each other. We suggest jumping early so you can land between the spikes, then making a second, quicker jump.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our tips and tricks for Ketchapp’s latest mobile game, The Pit. If you love Ketchapp’s mobile titles, then we advise you to take a look at our list of tips and hints for other Ketchapp games, including Swing, The Walls, Twist and many more, that we’ve shared on Level Winner in the past.