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Smurfs Epic Run Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Save Your Friends

Ubisoft released a new game based on a popular, iconic franchise, and it’s now available on Android and iOS – it’s called Smurfs Epic Run. This is a next generation runner game that puts you in control of any one of several Smurfs, as you embark on an epic adventure to free your fellow Smurfs from Gargamel. Gargamel, who is the series’ antagonist, has casted a fog spell to capture all the Smurfs, and it will be up to you, being the only one left, to “run, jump, glide, rush, dash, (and) parkour” your way through over 100 levels to free your friends and defeat Gargamel and his charges. You’re free to customize your chosen Smurf in many a way (it’s more than just aesthetics here), as well as compete with other real-life players in the Weekly Tournament.

This is a brand-new game that offers more depth than your average runner-type game. But you don’t have to be daunted by any of that; in fact, we believe we could help you achieve more than the average newbie, or get out of a rut if you’ve been playing for some time but got stuck somewhere. So with that all said, we advise you to check out our exclusive list of Smurfs Epic Run tips, tricks and strategies.

1. Complete The Game’s Challenges

By tapping on Papa Smurf, whose icon you’ll find on the upper right corner of your screen, you’ll be able to take a look at available challenges. These challenges are completely optional – you don’t have to take them on – but you can choose to do so and complete whatever is required. We recommend going for this option, as you could earn some exciting rewards for taking them on and completing them. You’ll have two challenges without any deadlines whatsoever, while the third comes with a time limit; complete what is asked within the given time or you’ll end up failing the challenge as it changes to another one!

2. Go For The Present At The End Of The Level

Before the end of each level, you’ll see a present up in the sky; you’ll want to go for that. Even if it seems high up and difficult to reach, you can still get the present by jumping on the spring pads. The presents are actually scratch cards, and after you scratch the cards by swiping on your screen, you’ll be able to redeem your (random) reward.

3. Equip The Poet Smurf

Poet Smurf is the first Smurf with an ability you will unlock in the game. This ability is to glide in the air, allowing him to land more gently after flying. You’ll want to use Poet Smurf if you’ve got some more challenging platforming to do, or if you’re going for an item located way up there. Aside from Poet Smurfs, there are other Smurfs who have a glide ability and they can also serve that purpose, but for the meantime, Poet Smurf should be good for starters.

4. Why You Should Not Play It Safe If Given The Choice

From time to time, you might see a sign that points in two directions – one will be the normal route, and the other will be the dangerous one, as marked by the word “DANGER!” If you’re given this choice, then go for the dangerous route, because that’s going to reward you with more coins or give you more chances to rescue Smurfs. In other words – higher risk means higher reward.

5. Trade Sarsaparilla For Coins And Keys

Once you’ve completed Level 8, the Smurfs’ Farm will be all yours to access. You should have rescued several Smurfs by then, and at that point, they shall all be working to create sarsaparilla. More rescued Smurfs means more income through sarsaparilla; it’s important that you rescue as many Smurfs as possible, as you can trade that sarsaparilla they make for coins and treasure keys.

6. Rescue Smurfs, But Don’t Lose Them Either

While it is important to rescue as many Smurfs as possible for a number of reasons, including what we told you on the above tip, it’s also important to make sure you do not lose them either. Rescuing a Smurf means taking them to a safe place, while losing them would normally happen if they get caught on a platform, or any time they disappear from your screen. Take note that if they’re not visible on your screen, even for a mere second, they’ll be gone forever, falling to Gargamel’s evil fog; in order to avoid this, make your jumps look and feel as natural as possible, with a nice, steady rhythm. This may take a little practice, but generally, you don’t want those jumps to look and feel awkward and herky-jerky.

7. Grinding Levels With A Twist

There’s a benefit to grinding previously-completed levels in Smurfs Epic Run. For example, you might be about to replay a level you’ve already completed and may chance upon a key that’s hovering above it. Once you select that level, you will be required to chase the key and prevent it from flying away into oblivion. That key’s going to be yours to keep if you’re able to catch it, but as a word of warning, it’s going to be very, very hard to chase it. These grinding attempts do have a twist to them, as the levels are much darker and more dangerous, as your only source of light will be coins. It’s very easy to trip on a pothole, so keep your guard up and take good care when you’re grinding for keys!

8. Go For The Yellow Sparkly Things

For lack of a better term, that’s what we’ll call them, but you may get what we mean here – the yellow glow that appears on the map on the level select screen. Tapping on that sparkly light will earn you a good amount of free coins, making you efforts completely worth it and giving you more currency in the game.

This is our complete strategy guide for Smurfs Epic Run. We may update this guide, whenever we come across some other hints, that we haven’t included in this article, so we advise you to check back from time to time!

Mimi nour eddene riman

Wednesday 9th of February 2022

How to change mode from development mode to registered test?

Kristine Edlie Castillo Alarcon

Thursday 29th of September 2016

any tips with flying and running backward levels?!?thanks!

louisa murray

Friday 30th of December 2016

has anyone got the secret achievement?