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The Pirate: Plague of the Dead Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Conquer the Caribbean

It’s the age of exploration and pirates sail the high seas in search of ships to plunder. But the head of the Spanish Inquisition has resorted to black magic and sorcery, causing brutal deaths where he would pass. Some such victims are an alliance of pirates called the Flying Gang that John Rackham has been a part of. Seeking a mysterious island in the shape of a skull, Captain Rackham is on a quest to restore the Flying Gang to its former glory through the forbidden art of voodoo.

Home Net Games, the makers of titles like the War Planes series, the Commander series, and Zombie Defense, have released a sequel to their pirate game The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. With a darker story and an historic band of pirates revived once more to reign over the seven seas, this is The Pirate: Plague of the Dead.

the pirate plague of the dead guide

Much like its predecessor, Plague of the Dead is a sandbox game akin to the style of Mount and Blade: Warband for the PC and other similar games. Exploration is the main feature of the game where the player sails through the vast Caribbean sea. There is ship warfare, upgrading, treasure hunting, and more in this exciting blend of strategy and action.

But to many newbies, the gameplay as a whole might be a bit intimidating where mastering the controls of your ship and navigation are the first hurdles. If you’re one such newbie trying to vie for the bounty that the seas have to offer, read our The Pirate: Plague of the Dead beginner’s guide below!

the pirate plague of the dead intro
Arr, enough with the chatter. Weigh anchor an’ set sail!


the pirate plague of the dead ship passing
This is where ye’ll learn howta sail yer ship in a way that won’t embarrass yer own mother.

Learning how to control your ship can save you from various things like running aground, getting sunk by the enemy, or colliding with rocks, to name a few. It’s this first bit that can be very daunting for new players, especially since controlling your ship can get difficult during combat. Mastering the ship’s controls will also help you get ahead and tackle your tasks more efficiently.

Setting Sail

the pirate plague of the dead sailing
Full sails ahead! Adventure awaits ye landlubbers!

How did ships move back in the day?

Did they operate on steam engines? Highly-sophisticated propulsion systems? Absolutely not! They made use of the wonderful winds of the world and these winds carried the ship forward by its sail.

To unfurl the sails of your ship, simply move the slider on the rightmost side of the screen all the way up. Keep in mind that this is your sole means of moving forward. The slider itself could also be an indicator of how fast you want your ship to go. The higher the slider is, the faster you’ll sail forth. This will be especially important in combat (which we will discuss much later). Naturally, if you want to slow down or stop, just bring the slider low or all the way down. Easy, isn’t it?

So now you know how to sail forward. What’ll you do if you wanna change direction?


the pirate plague of the dead ship's wheel
The ship’s wheel be her way o’ navigatin’ through the cruel waves an’ enemy fleets.

Ah, the famous ship’s wheel! It’s got spokes each with a protruding handle for easy control. But is it really that easy to control?

Simply turning your ship left or right could change the course of your ship but as the way physics works, even in this game, sometimes there’s more to turning than meets the eye. You may have to consider the speed at which your ship is sailing, first and foremost.

Think of it like driving a car — driving your car at full speed and then turning will net you some pretty wide turns. Tighter turns may require lower speeds, and that’s why we often brake while turning. This same principle applies when you’re trying to steer your ship. Furl up the sails and make the turn if you’re trying to turn better. This could help you navigate better through rocks, a battle against enemy ships, and finding anything floating in the water.

As you turn, you may notice a red cone that suppresses your ship’s speed. This is a headwind.

Avoiding Headwinds

the pirate plague of the dead headwind
If ye try to go against the winds, ye’ll be blown down proper.

Ever experience trying to walk against a strong wind during a windy day?

Have you biked against one in baggy clothing? You may have noticed how hard it was since the wind makes your ride a little less stable. This is a headwind and it can affect almost anything that moves — even airplanes!

If you’re no stranger to air travel, you may hear talks among the airline crew about the plane going against a headwind. This means that there was a wind so strong that the plane itself couldn’t seem to travel fast enough through it. It didn’t mean that the flight itself was in danger, the plane just needed to exert more effort in going in the direction the captain wanted it to.

Now imagine those strong winds on a ship with a sail in the high seas. Sails are supposed to carry the ship forward with the strength of the wind, but if the wind is blowing in the opposite direction, it could stagnate the ship’s movement. If real physics were to be applied here, powerful winds could even capsize the ship, but we’re thankful that that doesn’t happen here in The Pirate. As we mentioned earlier, a headwind is marked on your ship’s base as a red cone that becomes brighter the more you steer in its direction.

As you might’ve already guessed, the headwind keeps your ship from moving forward, so that trip from Roughneck Ridge to Tortuga and back will take a while longer. What you can do to mitigate this is not to avoid the headwind entirely, but “skirt” it just enough that your ship sails along the wind smoothly. The same idea should apply if you’re in a fight.

Sometimes, the enemy ship might be at a headwind and you want to ram them. The solution here would be to go to the side that the headwind is at and use it to your advantage. After a few turns here and there, you should be out of the headwind and in pursuit of the enemy ship. Better yet, the enemy ship hasn’t moved and its broadside is wide open for your ship to ram it.

Headwinds aside, your ship also comes with a traditional radar system.

The Crow’s Nest

the pirate plague of the dead crow's nest
Thar be treasure an’ danger in the horizon.

Did you know that the crow’s nest actually got its name from old Viking ships where members of a sailing crew would keep crows?

The crows would be sent out to fly to nearby land if there was any. If there was land to be found, they’d return to the crew with something in their mouths. This place had the strongest ship movements that could render even the most traveled sailors greatly seasick. This meant that it was sometimes used as a form of punishment. But without the use of crows or the need for punishment, the crow’s nest was actually a very functional part of a ship.

the pirate plague of the dead flags

Sailors atop the crow’s nest, stationed on the very top of main mast, are in charge of spotting anything around the ship. They can use their naked eyes or telescopes. They then relay their info to their captains of what they see. In your case, you can do it yourself.

By tapping the upper left area of the screen, you will access the telescope and you may immediately focus on an enemy ship within the vicinity. This should give you an idea on which flag to fly. Flying the flag of the enemy fleet (so long as you aren’t branded a pirate) will confuse them and have them not attack you first. If you do attack them, though, they will fire back so beware.

In case this happens, it’s time to command your crew to the battle stations.

Manning the Cannons

the pirate plague of the dead cannons
Yarr-harr! Blast em proper an’ send the enemy ta Davy Jones’ Locker!

What pirate game would there be if it didn’t have naval battles?

Pirate ships were known to possess a couple of cannons here and there. Depending on their class and size, these ships could sometimes possess more cannons than the other. The first pirate ship you get in the game, the Wicked Deeds, comes with a decent amount of firepower and this is where you will learn how to make use of it.

Most ships come with cannons on both their broadsides. But some ships, like the Wicked Deeds, comes with a cannon that fires from the bow (front) and another cannon that fires from the stern (rear). While the extra cannons can be quite useful in any battle, the main focus of every other ship out there would be the main cannons.

Tapping the cannon icon on the lower left will command your crew to their battle stations. On the leftmost side, your ship’s cannons will be on display — sides where the cannons are and your ship in the middle. To order your desired cannon group to fire, tap the area where there are numbers (or an X if you have no ammo), and the ship should have a telegraph of your chosen cannon group.

Keep in mind that the icon in the middle of the telegraph isn’t a targeting reticle, but the type of ammo that is loaded into the cannon. Anything within the telegraph will be damaged when the cannons fire.

Once your target is within the telegraph, tap on your ship’s icon on the left to give the enemy hell (as pictured above). The more cannons your ship has, the wider the telegraph. Also notice that the telegraph fades at a certain length, that would be the maximum range of the cannons, so fire your cannonballs only when you know you’ll hit the enemy for sure.

Sometimes, some captains could help ships perform better in battle. Having a different captain on each ship you have is important.

Changing Your Captains

the pirate plague of the dead rackham
A ship be nothin’ without her captain an’ her loyal crew… but mostly her captain.

Every ship needs a captain to function properly. No, really.

The captain is in charge of a lot of things. To simply put it, the captain makes sure that the ship is treated as their second home — everything has to be in order, kept clean and efficient, and everyone has to work as a team to keep it that way. The responsibility of a captain is no joke, and they may even get their crew to develop some kind of culture among themselves. In The Pirate, these all may be played with since a captain can change the way their crew behaves through their skills.

Let’s take John Rackham, for example. He has a knack for rescuing survivors and taking loot from the sea. This passive skill of his gives him a chance of finding more of these than the usual pirate would. Keeping him on any ship would be fine since his abilities are for general purpose.

Now, if you had someone like Blackbeard and wanted him to be on a ship designed for combat, you may want to move him there since the game defaults other captains to whatever ship John Rackham is on, or your flagship (Wicked Deeds will be your first real flagship after sailing the Seagull to get her). To move your desired captain, follow these directions:

the pirate plague of the dead captains 1
  • At any time your ship is stopped (preferably not in battle), select the three-striped menu icon on the left to open up the menu.
the pirate plague of the dead captains 2
  • Next, you should see a couple of submenu options, pick Captains.
the pirate plague of the dead captains 3
  • Below will be your current roster of Captains including some that you are yet to encounter. The Captains you currently have will have the Show button next to their name. Tap Show on your desired Captain.
the pirate plague of the dead captains 4
  • Here, you will see the current stats of the ship that they’re on. If you tap on their tiny portrait on the upper-left, you will be given the option to choose which ship you want them to be on.
the pirate plague of the dead captains 5
the pirate plague of the dead captains 6
  • Select the ship you want to reassign them to.

With that done, your other ships should be able to operate autonomously. Which brings us to our next point.

Ordering Ships

the pirate plague of the dead commands
Man the cannons, arr! Weigh anchor! Full sails ahead! Swab the poop deck ye salty dogs!

While it would seem that having a fleet would be easy and you’d think that your ships would come with an automatic AI of some sort, this idea is actually far from the truth.

Your ships will need to be commanded by you. Ordering them to follow you, attack enemy ships, or stay in place, is important when you’re out at sea. You can do this by tapping the ships icon on the right side of the screen (it’s a circular, golden button above the instant repair offer and beneath the flag-changing menu). Once you have this menu opened, your ships are now open to a slew of your commands.

The commands are all self-explanatory, but you can also order all ships to change every single cannonball armed in their cannons to a specific type. This is provided that they have those types of cannonballs, however. We will discuss changing ammo types later.

Other than that, commanding your ships anytime can change the outcome of a fight as well as how your travel will go. After all, if you mistakenly sail too far from an allied ship, you will lose contact with them. To find them, you will have to sail back to them where you lost them… and the Caribbean is a huge place.

Among the things you can do with your allied ships is to trade cargo with them. If you want them to have a specific type of ammo, this is what you will need to do.

Trading Cargo with Allied Ships

the pirate plague of the dead exchange cargo
Sharin’ is carin’ mateys. Honor among thieves — err — pirates, after all!

Every ship has a cargo hold and that cargo hold has a weight limit.

You may want to keep your flagship stocked up on most of the ammo whilst the other ships in your fleet carry the cargo you will need for when you return to port. We aren’t saying that your flagship should hold all the ammo, however. Your other ships should be sufficiently armed as well.

To trade cargo with your allied ships, simply furl your sails using the slider on the right to come to a full stop. Your ship has to be within the immediate vicinity of the allied ship. When you’re close enough, there should be an icon of two boxes with arrows coming out of both of them in the lower-middle portion of the screen — this is the trade icon.

Tapping this will open the trade interface. It’s here where you can transfer various cargo and ammunition between ships. Cargo can be bought and sold between various ports. Some ports will pay highly for a specific kind of cargo (e.g. sugar, rum, cotton), but some cargo should stay on each ship. Apart from ammunition, each of your ships should have planks and sailcloths in case of emergency repairs.

We strongly suggest you either trade while you’re in peaceful waters. After all, it’s dangerous to trade mid-battle. For extra safety, consider pausing the time.

Speeding Up or Pausing Time

the pirate plague of the dead time stop
Aye, this be a Jojo Reference! ZA WARUDO!!!

While you sail the seas, you might notice very quickly that your ship travels at a very slow pace.

In real time, sure, it’s quite slow. But you can speed up the time in-game so your ship travels much quicker. To do this, you can simply press the “Play” button (▶️) on the bottom-middle portion of the screen. The arrows will increase the more you tap it until it becomes a single arrow again. This is quite useful if you’re sailing short distances or if you’re just searching for loot or survivors.

On the other hand, to truly pause the game, you can hit the “Pause” button (⏸) right next to the “Play” button. This freezes time completely and allows you to assess any situation you’re currently in. At best, this can be used for you to escape a losing fight via Fast Travel. Otherwise you can also use this to quickly change flags while you’re sailing so you don’t make any mistakes. Pausing the game can be used as a very important skill and thus pausing often before making big decisions can help save you from ship damage or crew loss.

We mentioned Fast Travel in the previous article, so let us talk about it.

Fast Travel

the pirate plague of the dead fast travel
If ye wish ta forget the night before, down yer bottle o’ rum an the dawn shines upon ye.

In most open-world sandbox games, Fast Travel is an important feature that helps players get around better.

This function has been well-popularized in titles like the Fallout series, the Elder Scrolls series, and many open-world RPGs available today. Granted that this is usually done if a game has a massive world map, The Pirate has its own form of Fast Travel. Sailing from the coast of Florida all the way to Dark Cape will take hours, if not real-life days, even if you’re on maximum time forward. This is why Fast Traveling is the way to go.

Suppose you get a quest from Ebenezer Hamilton to go from one port to another and sell the goods you bought from Pecuny Harbor. If the destination is nearby, then perhaps setting sail on that adventure would be fine since you’re bound to encounter loot and survivors along the way (or battles). But if your destination is crazy far away, we strongly suggest using the Fast Travel function.

Congratulations! You know how to control your ship(s). Let’s now move onto tips on how to play the game and get good at it.


the pirate plague of the dead survivor news
This be the part where ye learn a thing o two ’bout pirate livin’ an if the pirate’s life be for you!

Do you sail to explore? To fight? To fulfill quests? Well, look no further! This is where you can get started. Consider these a few precautions here and there before you set off on your next sojourn.

Restock Everything When in Town

the pirate plague of the dead shop
Fill it all to the brim, like ye fill yer mug with rum!

You won’t know what’ll happen while you’re out there sailing the Caribbean. So every time you find yourself in a port town, it’s best to pay the merchants a visit. Here, prioritize the following items:

  • Ammunition – Without these, you won’t be able to defend yourself or your fleet.
  • Planks – These are used to repair your ship if it incurred any damage to its hull.
  • Sailcloths – If your sails have been damaged by chain balls, these should be kept in your cargo hold in case of an emergency. A damaged sail will really slow a ship down.
  • Crew – You will lose members of your crew if the enemy ship fired Grapeshot at your ship. Other than that, they may also die while attempting to board the enemy ship.

While you’re out there sailing, did you know that there is something that you can do to produce more stuff for your ship?

Utilize Warehouses for Item Production

the pirate plague of the dead buildings
Thar be all kinds o friends, matey.

Along your travels, you are bound to find all kinds of raw material.

The material that you may possibly find are as follows:

  • Iron
  • Cotton
  • Sugar
  • Logs

Depending on where you sailed (or what you raided), you can find an abundance of any one of these. If you have successfully captured a town or multiple towns, you can deposit these items in the Warehouse under Buildings after you’ve docked your ship. Depositing these in the Warehouse will convert them into useful items after a few in-game days pass and depending on the levels of your production buildings. These are what will happen to the raw material when deposited in the Warehouse:

  • Iron ➡️ Armory ➡️ Cannonballs (Different Kinds)
  • Cotton ➡️ Sailmaker ➡️ Sailcloth
  • Sugar ➡️ Distillery ➡️ Rum
  • Logs ➡️ Lumbermill ➡️ Planks
the pirate plague of the dead warehouse

You can check the statistics of each and every building and see how quickly they generate these items. The production amount can be greatly sped up the more towns you have bearing these facilities. Imagine having lots of cannonballs being produced at a time. You will never run out of ammo!

But upgrading these buildings requires money. One of the easiest ways to make money is by buying and selling goods from port to port. You just have to hear the news from the local tavern.

Buy and Sell Cargo, Get Info from Taverns

the pirate plague of the dead tavern
Yarr-harr! A round o rum for all me hearties! An this be where we get all the gossip about prices, too.

How many times have you had an interesting conversation with friends over a bunch of drinks? (Considering that you, the reader, are of legal drinking age where you live, of course.)

You’d tell each other stories, discuss the evolutionary tree of cats, maybe, and every now and then, a rumor may enter the conversation about someone you might all know. It’s usually a round or two that gets the crowd talking and being a pirate crew, you’d want to listen closely for rumors spread by the townsfolk.

By spending a small amount of gold, you can buy all the patrons in the tavern a round of beer and they may or may not have news for you. If nothing came up, your Quartermaster would tell you how you all had a nice beer break. If anything does come up, however, you will be told something that could pique your interest.

Let’s suppose the topic of a price being lowered was discussed. In a certain port, the price of certain goods will be much cheaper than other ports in the coming days. What you can do there is go to the mentioned port, buy as much of the goods mentioned and sell them at another port for a price higher than what you bought it for. Doing this repeatedly in every other portside town should net you a pretty penny (of course, granted that the rumors do come up).

If being a merchant isn’t quite your style, there is a more classic way of doing these things.

Do Quests for Gold and Loot

the pirate plague of the dead quest
Loot an plunder! Take everythin’ that ain’t nailed ta the ground!

Quests are what keep any open-world game interesting. They give the world that living feel with people that exist just like you.

Every now and then, your Quartermaster might tell you that an NPC has a quest for you. While Fast Travel is a more viable option in most cases, sailing short distances could be rewarding on the way to your objective. You may encounter debris floating in the water, shipwrecks on small islands, and even rival ships.

Don’t consider the last bit a curse, however, there is plenty to be had in battle… if you win, of course. Using your ship’s bow to ram other ships even if you don’t have one (more on this later) is always a viable tactic, especially because the bow is the strongest part of the ship. Chances are, if you’re successful, the enemy ship will sink. Having defeated any ship will allow you to take any cargo or any ammunition they might have.

As per any quest in any game, you simply do this one thing, and you get rewarded (usually with gold). Of course, there are specific objectives to follow here and there, so you have to follow these to the letter. Some quests can be more difficult than others, so watch out!

Beware the ones where you do have to fight, though, or if you fought at all. You’ll be labeled as a pirate! While that is a cool title, it won’t do you any favors. Here’s what you have to do.

Visit Smuggler Ports Often After Battles

the pirate plague of the dead smugglers
Thar be eyes a-watchin’ yer every move, but thar be folks who can help ye fool the public.

Having come from a battle is one of the most common things that may happen to you in this game.

You’ll return to town to have your ship’s hull repaired and its sails stitched back together, restock on ammunition, and maybe even hire more crew. The one thing that towns can’t do is clear your ship of its pirate status. Gaining the status of pirate means all other ships that see your ship coming will immediately open fire or attack you. You can clear this status in Smuggler Ports.

The first Smuggler Port you’ll unlock is Roughneck Ridge courtesy of Edward Teach or Blackbeard. These are shady port towns that are usually hidden on the map and will only be discovered if you happen to sail to them. They may pop up as you go questing, or if you simply sail from island to island. Unlike regular port towns, you cannot take over these and claim them for yourself as they remain completely independent.

To clear your ship’s pirate status, you have to simply go to Manage Ship, and then choose to rename your ship. You can change its name to something of your own choice or have a random one generated. After doing so and paying a small fee, your pirate status should be cleared and you’ll be able to fly other flags again without the risk of getting shot.

Now that the laws of the land (or sea, in this case) have been laid out before you, let’s talk about the part where stuff gets blown to smithereens.


the pirate plague of the dead combat
Avast! Enemy ships and forts abound! Take aim an’ destroy the scallywags!

Seriously! Paraphrasing what we said earlier in the part about manning the cannons, what’s a pirate game without combat? This is the best part — firing cannons, boarding ships to fight the enemy crew, sinking enemy ships and then looting them right after, the works! In this part of the guide, you’ll learn how to become a truly feared pirate of the seas.

Always Command Your Ships to Attack

the pirate plague of the dead fleet battle
If any ships be flyin’ a flag that be different, fill it with holes!

As much as you’d like to think that your ships will automatically follow you around or attack enemy ships during battle, they won’t. This is where ordering them to attack is important.

To order your ships to attack enemy ships, simply tap the ships menu on the right side of the screen. There, you will be presented with a slew of orders. Having your ships in this aggressive stance will make them follow your ship around but also engage enemy ships when they’re immediately spotted. Pause the time before giving out this order so you don’t end up slipping on the controls while you do it.

This command is very important when you’re trying to take over towns. If your flagship is equipped with ammo that is used to damage forts (more on that very soon), you can have the other ships in your fleet distract the enemy. This will also spare your ship of lots of damage since most enemy ships like ganging up on ships that are alone.

We’ve mentioned ammunition that can damage enemy forts, right? There are a few ammo types in this game but they each deserve a closer look.

Change Ammo Type Before Engaging the Enemy

the pirate plague of the dead ammo change
Fire Grapeshot! … Oi, those be bombs ye scurvy dog!

With the above caption as an example, each type of ammo works best during certain situations.

Below is a list of the ammo available in the game:

  • Cannonballs – For general purpose
  • Double Cannonballs – Twice the damage than regular cannonballs, can be used as an opening to a fight
  • Chain Balls – To slow the enemy ship down, preferably mounted on the bow (front) cannons
  • Grapeshot – For killing enemy crew, most effective if the enemy ship’s hull has been damaged
  • Bombs – Used in destroying forts in port towns

We can’t stress enough that pausing the game is very important before loading up on ammo. The catch with having different kinds of ammo is that these have to be loaded every time you change them. Your crew will work hard to replace the ammo that was already loaded with new ones, so you have to first assess the situation before you choose the appropriate ammo for your enemy.

For instance, if one of your quests requires you to sink an enemy ship, be prepared with lots of Double Cannonballs. This should make the fight swift and easy.

If you wanna deal even more considerable amounts of damage, try ramming the enemy ships.

Ram Enemy Ships

the pirate plague of the dead imminent collision
Now this be the kiss of death!

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the bow is the strongest part of the ship. Use this to your advantage.

When chasing down enemy ships, try sailing straight into them to cause huge amounts of damage. The best way to sink a ship by ramming it is by waiting for it to turn and hitting one of its broadsides. Just be sure to avoid headwinds while you do this or you’ll lose momentum.

the pirate plague of the dead ram

If you happen to find out that your ship comes with a ram, you’ll deal even more damage by ramming into the enemy. You can do this by visiting any of the port towns you’ve conquered and Upgrading your ship under Manage Ship. If you scroll down and see that there is a ram under Battle Upgrades, purchasing this should turn your ship into a force to be reckoned with.

Sometimes, ramming an enemy ship opens you to the opportunity of boarding. This is when things get messy.

Board Enemy Ships Wisely

the pirate plague of the dead boarding
Arr! Spare ’em no quarter! … What be you sayin’ thar be more than us on the enemy ship?!

When two ships near each other, pirates can climb aboard the other ship and clash with their enemies. Much like in history, these battles are often gruesome and violent since all the gory stuff happens here. This usually happens if a pirate crew wants to take a ship for themselves.

This is a manuever quite important if you’re trying to do the same and some quests will require you to do this. The key here is having large numbers of crew as well as captains who might be able to aid in capturing ships (like Blackbeard). Early on, you’ll have your crew get equipped with falconets and pistols which will help when you board enemy ships. These will have to be fired manually, however. But not all boardings are wise.

If you notice that the enemy ship has more crew than you, then it’s time to leave. Having your crew perish will cause you to lose the game. To avoid this, you can choose not to board the enemy ship or if you feel like there are still more crew left on the ship, use Grapeshot to whittle their numbers. The ship has to have its hull damaged first, however.

If you’ve come to the event that your battle is a losing one, it’s time to leave. But we don’t mean to just simply sail away.

Use Fast Travel to Escape a Losing Battle

the pirate plague of the dead defeat
This be a preventable situation, arr.

Two of your ships have sunk and the only ones left aboard your ship are your captain and a powder monkey! How do you get out of this one? Pause the game and then Fast Travel, of course!

We don’t recommend doing this given the example situation, however. You will need to buy new ships if that were to happen, and new ships are expensive. What you can do is first, lose the battle. After you do, the game will reload and put you at the start of the battle again. This is where you pause the game and escape using Fast Travel. Immediately go back to a port town and buy all the supplies and repairs you need, given you have the funds for it.

“Hold on a sec,” you say. “If this is a pirate game, where’s the treasure hunting?” We’re glad you asked!


the pirate plague of the dead treasure hunt
Aye, all that glitters be gold, especially if ye be a pirate! Har-har!

Sailing? Check. Swashbuckling and cannon fire? Check. Treasure hunting? Double check! Treasure hunting is a simple minigame, but sometimes players could get lost in doing it. Here’s how you can easily get through some treasure hunts.

Find a Treasure Map

the pirate plague of the dead treasure island
Thar be gold on that island!

This is the most important step. If you happen to find a treasure map from loot, you’re bound to have a treasure island marked on your map the next time you open it.

Treasure maps don’t come a dime a dozen. It takes luck for one to come to you and usually these islands have lots of gold waiting for you.

Now that you have one and you’ve fast-traveled to the island, hoist anchor and get searching!

Study the Map Before Moving

the pirate plague of the dead treasure start
Arr, thar be rocks an’ trees an’ the alphabet… Oi these be directions!

The map will initially look like a bunch of drawings and letters of directions. But this is where the fun begins.

Look closely at each object on the map. These will give you hints on where to move. When you steer your captain around using the compass or by dragging the screen left and right, you will see where they’ll keep walking. Notice that the captain will continuously walk until something blocks their path.

Sometimes, some objects will require a second guess. Are these big rocks or small rocks? A short mast or a tall mast? You may have to study this before you make your move.

This can get frustrating, but you should remember what we will tell you next.

Don’t Give Up

the pirate plague of the dead treasure hunt end
Yarr-harr! The treasure!

You might find yourself coming back to the start over and over again because you make mistakes.

Don’t give up! That one turn you made or that other turn you thought wasn’t a mistake might’ve not been a mistake after all. Just keep trying and be patient with yourself. You’ll find the treasure eventually and you know what they say about treasure well-hidden — they’re most likely worth a fortune!

We’ve covered a lot of things already, but now let’s tackle the not-so-piratey stuff.


the pirate plague of the dead offer
Headphones? Advertisements? What the devil ye be on?

Let’s not forget that as immersive as this game gets, it’s still a game and there are a few mechanics that should remind us of that. So put your eyepatch and parrot down for a moment and give these a quick read!

Play at Full Volume or with Headphones

the pirate plague of the dead settings
Speak up, ye lily-livered sea monkey!

The Pirate series is quite an atmospheric set of games. That said, there is a lot to take in once you put your headphones on or play at full volume. It’s important because you’ll be able to hear your crew say some of these:

  • “(X) on the horizon!” – Your crew spotted something important in the distance that can be viewed via telescope.
  • “We’re in irons!” – If you haven’t seen the big red cone of the headwind, hearing this should alert you that your ship has slowed down.
  • “We’re going to run aground, Captain!” – Your ship is at the shallow part of the water and is scraping against the ground.

These are only a few of the many voices you’ll hear in-game. Keep an ear out whenever you play!

As it is with most mobile games, this one has ads, too. But hear us out! They’re a good thing.

Watch Ads for Bonus Rewards

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Are ye tryina sell me somethin’?!

Ads — they’re everywhere but we can’t help it!

While they’re often rejected by players like us, they usually come with a lot of benefits. These benefits may come in the form of premium currency, extra funding, and more. In the case of The Pirate, you may get simple boosts in gold or ship repairs.

As much as possible, if an offer arises that you can watch an ad to get a bonus, don’t miss out on it! You’ll never know when you’ll need the extra swag.

To wrap up this kraken-sized guide for The Pirate: Plague of the Dead, just remember the tips below when you set off on your next adventure:

  • Learn how to sail your ship properly. It may take a while to completely learn her ins and outs, but practice makes perfect.
  • Restock your supplies every time you return to a port town. Try to use up as much gold you have.
  • Your Warehouses will help you gain supplies quickly. Depositing raw material such as iron, sugar, cotton, and logs before you head off on an adventure will turn them into useful items later on.
  • Try visiting taverns often and buy beers for the locals. You’ll be given ideas on item prices which you can take advantage of for money.
  • Quests are one of the best ways to earn money.
  • After getting into a scuffle, visit smuggler’s ports to rename your ships and clear them of their pirate statuses.
  • Command your ships in a fight — the AI won’t retaliate automatically.
  • Before a battle, ready the appropriate ammo for the situation.
  • When push comes to shove in a fight, try ramming the enemy.
  • Board the enemy ships if you know you’re going to win.
  • If you’re losing a fight, escape using Fast Travel.
  • Play at full volume if you want to hear your crew speak to you.
  • Ads are a good thing! Give them a watch sometime.
the pirate plague of the dead searching the wreck

And that’s all you need to know if you’re starting out in The Pirate: Plague of the Dead! We’ve left out a few things for you to discover yourself. If there are some things we might have missed or if there are some things you’d like to add to this guide, please let us know in the comments section down below. Fair winds to ye!

Kellie Myers

Friday 30th of June 2023

Is there anything once you have finished everything and purchase all the extra stuff after the calico jack be cool after you do more chapters of the other captions since one of the ships in the pirates of the plaque of the dead is HMS victory the last captain in the game has to go against either Nelson or enemy and can choose who you are going to join and this one is more challenging and opening the other adventure of the next say battle of Trafalgar or st vencent