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The Muscle Hustle Cheats, Tips & Hints to Build the Best Tag-Team

Slingshot combat in games are slowly becoming more popular these days in the mobile gaming space. There is one sport, that surprisingly works quite well with slingshot mechanics. The Muscle Hustle is a one-of-a-kind wrestling game from where you need to pull back and launch your wrestlers in order to attack opponents. The game uses round icons to represent wrestlers, similar to those round collectibles from the 1980s. The game’s art style is also very old school, with characters wearing 80s fashion among other things. Don’t let the simple controls and colorful visuals fool you, though. The battle system is deceptively complex, with classic wrestling moves incorporated perfectly into the slingshot mechanics. You will need to be accurate and strategic in your every move if you want to keep progressing. It’s a good thing you can rely on our The Muscle Hustle strategy guide to help you win!

1. Know Your Wrestler’s Special Moves

It isn’t the wrestling we all know and love if the wrestlers didn’t have their own signature moves. Make sure you know the special moves of your wrestlers before entering battle. These moves can be the difference between victory and defeat if you can use them at the right time. That means you don’t just unleash your move as soon as it becomes available. You need to wait for the opportunity to deliver the most damage in order to maximize the use of your special move.

2. Understand Your Wrestlers

Each wrestler has his own set of strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these is crucial to building the perfect team. There are several things that you need to consider. It’s not just about throwing together your rarest wrestlers and expect wins. How your wrestlers will interact with each other, and with enemies, will determine how good your team really is.

One such example is when you have wrestlers who are good at tag teams. You will need to find teammates who they will be able to work with. Otherwise, you will be wasting their potential. Also, there are certain situations where one type of wrestler is better compared to others. Lightweights may seem weak because they cannot push enemies around. If you are up against multiple enemies, however, you will see that not pushing enemies will result in dealing even more damage because you get to bounce around between them.

3. Utilize Tag Team Moves

A lot of wrestlers have tag team moves available. Try to execute these moves as often as you can because they deal extra damage to your opponents. Every bit of damage goes a long way, especially if you are going up against wrestlers that have the type advantage over you. Tag team moves can sometimes be difficult to pull off. Keep trying as the benefits will definitely be worth the effort.

4. Equip With Caution

Equipment in this game is hard to come by, but a bigger problem is that you cannot remove the gear once your wrestler has equipped it. That is why you need to make sure you are equipping the right item on your best wrestlers. Don’t bother getting gear for your other wrestlers. Just focus on giving your starting three the best gear possible.

5. Don’t Neglect Your Training

The game gives you the option to train your wrestlers in order to improve their levels. This means sacrificing other wrestlers in order to boost the ones you normally use. Training can be very costly so make sure you only train the ones you use the most, as well as those you can promote. When choosing sacrifices for training, make sure you only use coaches. Just keep replaying old levels to get the coaches you need for training. Don’t bother with using regular wrestlers as sacrifice because they don’t give enough experience for the cost to be worth it. Just sell off your extra wrestlers for some cash.

Playing The Muscle Hustle is a lot of fun, especially if you always win! If you follow the strategy guide above, you will surely emerge victorious!