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The Last Vikings Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Conquer More Villages

The Last Vikings has just arrived for iOS and Android devices, and you can now download this Springloaded Ltd title on the App Store or Play Store. This is a role-playing game that doesn’t put you in the typical mythical fantasy world or anime-inspired setting, but rather, you’re playing the role of a Viking leader, as you pillage villages and bring glory to your people once again. You can collect and upgrade over 50 different heroes with their own skills, battle dragons, hydras, and other enemies, and build up an army and collect powerful weapons to help you bring your civilization back to glory. The Viking population is dwindling, and it’s all up to you to save its legacy.

We should warn you beforehand that this game is rich in features and is rather hard to pick up at first, but you need not be daunted too much by the game’s difficulty. That’s because we have a new The Last Vikings strategy guide that could ease you in and answer any questions you may have about the game and its mechanics.

1. Learn How To Navigate The Game

One of the first things you have to pick up is navigation, and we’re talking about the game’s interface, and not necessarily your ship. Scroll left and right to check out the areas you’ve already unlocked, and once you’re done with the tutorial, you can go ahead and do this and visit the Loot Cave. This area is not covered by the tutorial, and you’ll want to go there regularly because it’s possible other human players can (ironically) loot this cave. Basically, this is where you’ll be keeping your resources and making sure it’s safe from enemies.

You don’t necessarily have to scroll left and right to navigate the UI. It’s possible to tap the plus sign in the upper right hand side of your screen (it can be a bit hard to spot), and that’s going to show you the menu and provide access to any area that you’re able to scroll to. And if you’ve got a new upgrade available or enough resources for building a new boat or upgrading your existing one, you’re going to be notified in the upper left hand side.

2. Upgrade Your Land Attacks

Not all battles in this game take place in the sea. Before a land battle begins, tap on the manage button so you can upgrade your troops. There are four different statistics you can upgrade, though you should keep in mind that you won’t always have enough resources to cover all four – in fact, that will only happen rarely! Add to the fact that resources for troop and boat upgrades are shared, and you’ll really have a hard time allocating them properly at times. But it doesn’t always have to be that way – you can focus on the more powerful categories first, before the others. For example, you can upgrade extra troops first before upgrading the others.

3. In Fact, Have A Slight Bias Towards Land Attacks

Not only should you not neglect your land troops, but it may be better to skew your upgrades slightly towards the land attacks. Upgrading your boat appears to be important only when you’re trying to destroy the barrier, so when trying to balance your boat and land upgrades, you may want to allocate about 60 percent for the latter.

4. How To Gather Resources

You can randomly gain resources each time you complete and win a land or water battle. After you destroy a barrier, you can go there and collect the loot and focus on the same mission so you can get all the necessary resources. It would appear that land battles mostly award players with nails, so you may need to be extra-patient when trying to gather resources.

And if you’re out of troops, you can tap on the Weapons and Heroes icon, tap on the middle icon on the right side, and recruit new troops for 50 gold per unit. This costs money, quite obviously, so buy troops only when you really need to.

5. How Can You Go About Your Sea Battles?

When fighting in sea battles, look out for enemies firing shots at you, and make sure to fire at them to destroy them. And while doing this, work your way forward by rowing as quickly as possible, so you can reach the next place you want to attack. The game will allow you to hold down on the rowing button during the rowing mini-game, while at the same time allowing you to tap on the fire icon to take out any enemies that may get in your way. Some players tend to make the mistake of releasing the button when shooting, but you don’t really have to; just hold on to the row button while firing, and remember that once you get to your destination for the first time, you don’t have to play the rowing mini-game anymore to access it.

6. Know The Benefits Of The Rowing Mini-Game

Like in other mini-games, there are benefits to the rowing mini-game that make it worth the effort. This allows your Viking troops to gain experience, based on how far you’re able to travel. This makes it a good idea to start at the first mission and work your way to the last one you had unlocked, so you can farm for experience. Always remember to refill your shots and turn on auto-fire (only when grinding for XP, that is!) so you can let the game do the shooting for you while you focus on the rowing.

7. Succeed In Land Battles

Land battles are slightly harder than the ones on sea, but if you’ve got the right upgrades, you’ll have an easy time hurdling them. One simple trick you can do here is to enter the battle mini-game for your first power-up. Why wait for the power-up that you want when you can just go for what’s available first? It will still help you anyway.

8. Watch Ad Videos

Look for the sign that says “Free Loot!” when you’re in the main menu, and tap on the sign to watch ad videos. Watching advertisements will allow you to gather that free loot, which comes in the form of various types of resources. And in many occasions, it will be those resources you lack the most; there is a clear benefit to watching ad videos, so take advantage of that free loot!