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Mobile Strike Guide, Tips & Hints to Get Unlimited Gold and VIP Points

We’ve already given you some information on Mobile Strike, and offered some tips and tricks for general use that could help you get farther in the game. Before we move on with a new set of tips, let’s bring you up to speed and give you a bit of a refresher on this Epic Wars game to jog your memory. Mobile Strike is an action-based MMORPG that doesn’t take place in a fantasy realm, but rather in a modern-day military setting. That means building a base, training troops, attacking and defending yourself against other human players, or joining forces with them in an alliance. And, if you didn’t notice it the first time around, this game is also one of those celebrity-endorsed titles, as it features none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger as the “action hero” fronting the game.

As we said, we did share to you some tips that could help you become an action hero in the in-game world, much like Arnie is in the big screen. But this time around, our new Mobile Strike guide will be focusing on how you can earn more gold and VIP points – we didn’t cover those areas much at first, so what better time than now to do so?

1. Join An Alliance For Free Gold

We’ve talked you through the advantages of being part of an alliance, but did you know that you’ll get 500 gold, all free of charge, as a gift for joining your first alliance in the game? That should give you more of an incentive to live by the “no man is an island” philosophy and join forces with your fellow players. You can also get gold bonuses and other gifts from co-members once you’ve joined, to say little of how you can help each other out in battle.

2. Open The Supply Crates

We also touched on Supply Crates, which are freebies that appear regularly and come with some sweet rewards inside. Those rewards can sometimes contain gold, and they may also come with VIP point boosters. These boosters give you some additional VIP points, and if you accumulate so many points, you’ll level up your VIP status, thus giving you a chance at more and better bonuses in the game.

3. Login Daily For More VIP Points

It’s important that you spend even a few minutes of your time per day playing the game. Though you’ll only rarely get VIP point boosters from the Supply Crates, you can still get them in other ways, such as logging in daily. If you’re able to do this for a while, the game will give you a streak bonus. The longer the streak, the more VIP points you can earn daily.

4. Be Prudent With Time Extenders

Last, but not the least, it’s a good move not to spend your time extenders unless you really need them. This is one of two VIP items (the other being points boosters), and it works by extending your VIP status a little longer without having to level up; normally, your VIP status will extend for just one day after leveling up in VIP. Hold on to your time extenders if the login bonuses seem to daunting to go for!