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The King of Fighters Allstar Teams Guide: How to Build the Best Team of Fighters

The King of Fighters Allstar continues to be a well-love action RPG not just among fans of the franchise but also among players who enjoy collecting and competing. While The King of Fighters Allstar has plenty to offer as far as every common standard of determining a game’s overall quality is concerned, the focal aspect of what makes it fun and exciting to play continuously lies in its massive roster along with the various team combinations you can form with the fighters.

Although characters in The King of Fighters Allstar fall within a rarity system that makes some fighters more powerful than others, it is still a lot of fun to play with the underdogs. If you have just started playing the game and still working around the basic mechanics and features, be sure to check out The King of Fighters Allstar beginner’s guide as it contains plenty of helpful tips and tricks to give you a good head start in the game. If you are wondering about the best fighters in the game and want to nab the top favorites off at the start of the game or even identify the ones you would want to pull from the summon, then be sure to take a look at The King of Fighters Allstar tier list.

In this article, we will be covering teams given that lumping together even the best of fighters may not necessarily earn the best results. While it is all the more fun to experiment with teams, actually choosing team members that synergize well will earn you more victories in either PvE or PvP battles. Beyond that, there are also teams that boost experience points and gold earned so you may want to consider some fighters as alts for that very purpose.

For the most part, forming a team in The King of Fighters Allstar largely depends on the leader skill of your top pick, and how it impacts your two other members in battle. Additionally, as Team Relations forms a vital role in giving value to your team’s synergy, going for the best perks you can get out of every possible combination of fighters that lead to the activation of one team relations buff should always be considered. Each fighter typically has at least two more attributes that can be a determinant to team relation buffs on top of nationality and gender. Make sure to explore your favorite fighters’ attributes by checking their profile through the fighters menu on the main screen or the “i” icon on the pre-battle screen.

1. Assault Team [Orochi Iori, Kyo Kusanagi ’95, & Ryo Sakazaki ‘96]

the king of fighters allstar assault team

As our number one pick and a common favorite among players, Orochi Iori is one of, if not the best attacker in the game for now. While more powerful fighters will definitely be joining the already massive roster of characters in the game later on, you can never go wrong in investing resources on Orochi Iori.

On top of his special and finisher moves, Orochi Iori’s value centers around his leader skill, which raises the team’s attack power by 60% with a bit of a penalty of a 10% reduction in defense. As 10% of an intrinsically low defense is mostly inconsequential, banking on other attack type characters that sport a low defense stat makes the best use of Orochi Iori’s leader skill.

Of course, on top of paring Orochi Iori with fellow Japanese Fighters as well as male fighters, we can also consider pairing him with boss characters or other Orochi clan members. An all-male fighters team will have a 1% HP increase while a full team of Japanese fighters offer an HP boost of 5%. Aligning Orochi with other characters from the King of Fighters ’97 series will only net a 3% increase in HP for the whole team. With that, the best choice is to go for a full team of fighters hailing from Japan. Special attributes like being a boss fighter will also net the entire team a 5% increase in HP while an Orochi clan team has a power recovery boost of 1% for every enemy killed in battle.

There are currently a lot of attack type Japanese fighters in The King of Fighters Allstar but we choose to go with Kyo Kusanagi ’95 and Ryo Sakazaki ’96. Both of these fighters are also currently top tier as far as dealing heavy damage is concerned and both are among favorites as well. Orochi Iori’s 127 Shiki: Aoibana is, again, a top combo starter as it boosts his attack by 14.4% and his critical rate by 10.4% for 5 seconds. Almost as good as that is Kyo Kusanagi ‘95’s 75 Shiki: Orochinagi, which almost works the same way as it increases his attack by 11.6% for 7 seconds. Ryo Sakazaki has Kohoh, which works exactly the same way as 75 Shiki: Orochinagi.

With this team composition, the idea is to bank as many skills on ready and once an attack connects, start off with the skill that boosts attack values and following up with a slew of combinations. Defensively, this team will be squishier than the average team which means that you have to be very precise as far as blocking and dodging goes. This team works well for aggressive types but it does not necessarily mean that you will leave your guard down. Having all these fighters in your roster is actually the hard part as all of them are rather hard to obtain. In any case, be sure to invest in this team if you have them as they are useful in both PvE and PvP battles.

2. Halloween Team [Halloween Party Angel, Halloween Party Kula, & Halloween Party Mature]

the king of fighters allstar halloween team

Exclusive to The King of Fighters Allstar are some fighters in the series sporting a special costume for the Halloween event. While each one has an excellent leader skill that provides a decent set of buffs to all Halloween Fighters, we consider Halloween Party Angel as our top pick for the leader spot.

Halloween Party Angel’s leader skill boost all Halloween Fighters’ attack values by 20%, critical rate by 9%, and critical damage by 50%. While Angel herself is a balanced type fighter and may not receive the full impact of her leader skill buffs, we are banking on the offensive prowess of our picks for her teammates. Both Halloween Party Kula and Halloween Party Mature are attack types that will greatly benefit from Halloween Party Angel’s leader skill buff. With this team, you will also receive a 5% HP buff that applies if all team members are Halloween Fighters.

Despite being a balanced type fighter, Halloween Party Angel actually does decent enough damage herself. Her Underblow Lariat Combo does damage equal to 580% of her attack and beyond that, also deals an additional 26% poison damage to the enemy for 7 seconds. More threatening is Halloween Party Mature’s Despair skill as it not only inflicts 522% of attack damage to an enemy but can stun as well for 7 seconds. If poison and stun effects are not as impressive to debilitate your enemies, Halloween Party Kula’s Diamond Breath deals 600% of attack as damage and also freezes an enemy for 1.7 seconds.

3. Well-Rounded Team [Kyo Kusanagi ’95, Orochi Leona, & Halloween Party Shermie]

the king of fighters allstar well-rounded team

While a lot of teams you can create may be focused primarily on dealing damage, it is sometimes necessary to keep a very balanced team composed different types of fighters where you can switch in and out the fighter you need as the call for it arises. As such, having such a team can dish out decent damage and at the same time be able to hold the fort for tougher enemies can be a good team to have especially for beginners and experienced players.

There are many possible combinations to land a well-rounded team among the roster of fighters in King of Fighters All Stars. Despite the fact, we would still consider getting an attack buff for leader skill and Kyo Kusanagi ’95 is our top choice for that role. Kyo Kusanagi ‘95’s leader skill increases the attack of blue element fighters by 50%. While this buff may be more delimiting than others, there are actually many decent fighters in the game that are blue element and are likewise great to have on a blue team.

Kyo Kusanagi ’95 is an attack type fighter so what we want for his teammates are a balanced type and a defense type. For the balanced type fighter, the best choice is no other than Orochi Leona although she sweres a little more towards being a damage dealer. While Kyo Kusanagi will be the main damage-dealer in the team, Orochi Leona, with her Crash EX skill, can very much contribute to eliminating mobs and taking a huge bite off of the boss enemy’s HP. For the defense type fighter, we choose Halloween Party Shermie. Shermie Shoot deals damage equal to 820% of attack on an enemy and while being a defense type means it won’t cause as much damage compared to her teammates’ skills, the 1.4% HP recovery it grants to the whole team is great to have especially when both of the other fighters’ HP are low.

4. Burn Damage Team [Kyo Kusanagi ’98, Orochi Leona, & King ‘94]

the king of fighters allstar burn damage team

As we mentioned earlier, the best way to come up with a good team to play around with starts with choosing the leader as you would want to work around that fighter’s leader skill buff. Kyo Kusanagi ’98 specializes in dealing extra damage through burn effect. His leader skill deals an additional 125% burn damage from attacks of balance type fighters. As such, the only candidates we have for his teammates are balance types, preferably decent damage-dealers.

Considering the roster of fighters currently available in the game, Orochi Leona has the top DPS among all balance type fighters so she should definitely be first pick. King ’94 also packs decent damage and likewise is among our picks on our tier list. What we most especially love about her is her Gliding Combo, which not only deals damage equal to 747% of attack as damage but comes with a stun effect that lasts for 1.4 seconds. 1.4 seconds actually is not that long but it leaves your enemy to long streak of combos.

If you noticed, choosing Orochi Leona and King ’94 will not trigger any relationship effect for this team. However, this set up leaves you with the highest offensive value for a full balance type team. If you want to go for a more defensive approach and take advantage of the relation effect buff, you can go for an all-male squad and ditch both Orochi Leona and King ’94 for Kyo Kusanagi ’97 and Rugal Bernstein ’94.

5. Gold & XP Farming Team [King ’94, Mai Shiranui ’95, & K’ 99]

the king of fighters allstar gold and xp farming team

While you continue to earn gold and experience points from most battles you partake in as you play King of Fighters All Star, it will hardly be ever enough considering the wide array of fighters you would want to enhance in your roster. While specific Power Up Dungeon game modes help a lot in farming for extra gold and experience points, you may not always have extra stamina to expend given that it has a limit within a certain period of time.

There are actually no team effect buffs that grant additional experience points and gold rewards in the game other than main link benefits you can get out of choosing the right strikers. For this reason, the best way to earn more experience points and gold is to have King ’94 in your team and have either King’95 or King ’96 as her striker. Doing so will net you an additional 6% gold and experience points at the end of each battle. Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to use King ’94 as your leader and can always just switch to her towards the end of the stage. With this in mind, our fourth team, with King ’94 as a third member, will suffice to obtain the same effect.

As you may want to farm more gold and experience points auto-playing one stage after the next without needing to pay as much attention, you can use this team with King ’94 as leader. In any case, any team will work so long as King ’94 gets to clear the stage.

6. Quick Skills Team [Joe Higashi ’97, Orochi Leona, & Kyo Kusanagi ‘98]

the king of fighters allstar quick skills team

In King of Fighters All Star, it is not always about which teams deals the most damage with their set of skills as each one has its respective cool down times delimiting how many times each can be used within a certain period of time. Considering skill cool down times, however, there are some fighters who specialize in reducing the numbers down which leaves you with more times to use all your fighter’s skills in a shorter period of time. If you want strength as highlighted by your team’s ability to spam their special skills on enemies, then this team is for you.

This team is built around Joe Higashi ’97, which is rather unusual but easier considering he has a silver rarity. Joe Higashi 97’s leader skill reduces skill cool down of balance type fighters’ skills by 1.5 seconds. With this, the only choice for teammates are only balance type fighters but fortunately, there are a lot of great ones in the game.

Truthfully enough, Joe Higashi ’94 will be at a little disadvantage against higher rarity fighters and while the cool down period of his skills are good enough, none of them actually have any special effects. As an excellent trade-off, however, having the skill cool down period reduction on both Orochi Leona and Kyo Kusanagi ’98 makes can give your team the advantage it needs to turn the tide of any battle. having both members will also activate the Japan team buff, which will grant the entire team an additional 5% HP in battle.

There are definitely numerous other fun and effective ways to build your own original team in The King of Fighters Allstar but considering the current roster of fighters available in the game as well as our personal favorites, these 6 are our top picks. With active updates and additional fighters expected to arrive in the game from time to time, the sample teams we shared here will soon have better rosters that fit into the supposed theme they specialize in. Again, a lot of the fun in the games comes from exploring team synergy from the roster of fighters you have unlocked so far. Be sure to spend some time exploring the ones that you have as there may always be undiscovered gold beneath all those rubble.

We hope you liked the team rosters we presented and we understand that some of your favorite fighters may not have made it into any of the ones we used. Do you have your own unique favorite team in the game? Don’t hesitate to share with us your team ideas and why you like them through the comment section below!