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The Cube – What’s Inside? (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Idle clicker games are designed to keep you busy without requiring too much focus. French game developer Voodoo has mastered the genre, and this shows in their latest release called The Cube – What’s Inside? This unique tapping game for Android and iOS devices will have you tapping away at a gigantic cube. Each tap breaks down the cube bit by bit, until the treasure inside is revealed. The game’s peculiar concept takes a step away from the usual tycoon model that most clickers tend to follow.

Here, your goal is to just keep chipping away at giant blocks in order to get what is inside. You can do so by manually chopping away, or you can utilize tools that will help make your job easier. As you progress in the game, it will become increasingly hard to break the cubes. You will need the help of our The Cube – What’s Inside? strategy guide if you want to keep advancing.

1. Swipe Instead Of Tap

A lot of new players make the mistake of assuming, that called The Cube – What’s Inside? is only a tapping game. Tapping endlessly tends to tire out players quickly, eventually slowing down their progress. The secret to quickly destroying cubes in this game is swiping instead of tapping. When you swipe, you will destroy every block that your finger touches. It is a lot easier than tapping furiously on your screen.

2. Max Out Tool Upgrades

There are several tools that can be unlocked in the game. Aside from helping you destroy cubes without tapping, tools also give you offline income. The amount of money you earn while offline depends on the number of weapons you have unlocked and how much you have upgraded each one. When you unlock a weapon for the first time, it will destroy a specific number of cubes every 10 seconds. The time will be reduced by 1 second each time you upgrade it. When you have upgraded a tool to the point where it destroys cubes every second, additional upgrades will reduce the time by .1 second until you hit the maximum level. Keep upgrading the tools as much as you can in order to maximize your offline earnings.

3. Earn Without Waiting

The amount of money you earn while offline depends on how much time has passed. With that in mind, you can easily earn a whole lot of money by tricking the game into thinking that a lot of time has passed. To do so, all you have to do is head into the date and time settings of your device. Set it to a few hours ahead then log back into the game. When you return, you will have a lot of money waiting for you. Use that money to upgrade all the tools you have, then just log back out to change the time again. Don’t forget to hit the level up button to make the blocks begin auto-clearing once more. You won’t lose any of the money you earned even if you change the time to the correct settings, so feel free to use this trick as much as you want.

4. How To Deal With Ads

The Cube – What’s Inside? has pop up ads on top of the video offers that give you 2x bonuses. If you don’t mind losing the bonus offers, you can get rid of the pop-up ads for free by simply playing the game while your device is in airplane mode. The alternative is to spend real money to unlock the ad-free version of the game. You will still receive ad offers but you will no longer be plagued by random pop ups. The ad-free version only costs a couple of bucks, so you might want to consider it.

It is time to smash some cubes in The Cube – What’s Inside? Just follow our list of cheats, tips and tricks above and you will be collecting treasures and get a high score with ease!