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The Branch Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints to Get a High Score

The Branch is an addictive new game by Ketchapp that, like most of its titles, is available for Android and iOS devices. It’s another super-casual title with a simple premise, and that’s helping lead character Mike stay on the branch for as long as he can. All you have to do is tap your device’s screen to rotate the world, and you can unlock new characters as you get higher scores. That’s pretty much all Ketchapp has to say about the game , but we’ll fill you in with the rest and provide you some useful tips and tricks for The Branch, to keep your character hanging on and earning more coins.

1. Collect Gold Coins To Unlock New Characters

Gold coins are The Branch’s premium currency, so you should prioritize collecting them so you can earn enough to buy new characters. These characters cost 50 coins each, though you’ll unlock them at random – apparently, you cannot choose characters in here, and in addition, they all play the same way.

2. Watch Ad Videos To Get More Coins

In random stages, you’ll get a video icon that you can click on so you can watch an advertisement video. Watching this video will earn you ten coins per view, but since this icon arrives at random, we suggest deliberately killing your character off so you can get more chances for the video icon to come up.

3. Utilize The Purple Coins’ Benefits

Purple coins cannot really be considered in-game currency – their purpose is to change the direction of rotation while your character’s hanging on the branch. This benefits you as you wouldn’t have to tap as much as you would, as the branch rotates to the left and not to the right. The Branch’s mechanics challenge players more when they’re rotating to the right, so rotating to the left will indeed be of an advantage to you.

4. Don’t Be Too Greedy For Coins

If you see some coins on the left side, or on the right if you are currently rotating to the left, you can go for them if you’re quick enough, but at your own risk. If your timing is off or if you aren’t fast enough, that’s going to end your game. So pay attention to the coins that are in front of you, or anywhere near you, and not the ones that are far off.

5. Get Rid Of Ads For Less Distraction

Let’s face it – advertisements are how developers earn money. If you enjoy playing a game, it’s usually encouraged that you play with your Wi-Fi or cellular connection on, as that would allow the developer to monetize their title. However, these ads can also be a distraction, so we don’t see anything wrong either with playing The Branch with your Internet off or your device on airplane mode. That should help you increase your score, though another downside would be the inability to watch ad videos to earn more coins.