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The Alchemist Code Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Hints You Need to Know

A lot of veteran players have been dreaming of a mobile game with true depth. The Alchemist Code is the answer to those dreams. Available for iOS and Android devices, this game is a full-fledged strategy RPG with stunning visuals and an amazing soundtrack. The game boasts of deep character customization options, with over 50 different characters to collect and evolve. You also have a wide variety of job classes to choose from, each with its own set of abilities and outfits. The game’s story revolves around the forbidden art of alchemy. The power it offered has divided the world into different factions, causing chaos and destruction. To restore order, alchemy has been sealed away. Now, that seal is in danger of breaking, unleashing the dark power once more. It is up to you to put an end to the darkness once and for all. Make sure you read our The Alchemist Code strategy guide in order to succeed in your noble quest.

1. Assemble A Balanced Team

There are dozens of characters available for you to recruit. You can do so by using gems, the game’s premium currency. The good news is that The Alchemist Code is pretty generous when it comes to giving away free gems. You can wait until you have enough gems for summons, or you can buy gems using real money from the in-game store. When you create your team, make sure you choose a combination of ranged and melee units. Balance is key to winning in this game. If you have too many of the same type of unit, you will become vulnerable to certain types of attacks. Creating a balanced team will at least make sure you are prepared for any type of situation.

2. Upgrade Your Skills

There are several things for you to level up in the game. First, you can level up your skills using the game’s regular currency called Zeni. Second, you have Limit Breaks that can be upgraded using shards. Another type of level is called the Party Level. This is the maximum level any member of your party can have. If your party level is 15, then you can only level up your party members to level 15. Whenever your Party Level goes up, make sure you go into your Unit screen to level up the members of your team.

3. Complete The Missions

There are several missions for you to complete in The Alchemist Code. Completing a mission will reward you with different useful goodies. Make sure you always aim towards completing a mission in order to maximize your progress in the game. You don’t have to worry too much about getting missions done since they usually involve doing things that you do on a daily basis such as upgrading your units or reaching certain points in the story.

4. Understand The Combat Mechanics

This is one of those few games where you will regret not paying attention to the tutorial. Since it is a turn-based tactics game, you can expect quite a few rules when it comes to combat. Make sure you take time to understand everything there is to learn about the mechanics of battle in this game. This includes learning about attack range, movement range, attack direction, and a lot more. Learning everything you need to know about combat will help you come up with the best strategies for winning battles.

5. Claim The Freebies

As we mentioned above, the game is pretty generous. You can get various freebies just by playing the game. All you have to do is claim all the gifts before they expire. Just head into the gift section to claim them. You can choose to check your gifts one by one, but the game also has a convenient feature that allows you to claim all of them at once. Make sure you check in at least once a day as well in order to get your login bonus!

6. Fight Your Own Battles

The Alchemist Code has an auto-battle feature, but it would be best for you to fight manually. Unlike most other games that tend to give easy stages early on, the game actually hikes up the difficulty level right away. The auto-battle system isn’t built to win using strategy and will just take the brute force approach. That means if your characters are not significantly stronger than the opponents, they will most likely lose in automated battles.

7. Craft Better Equipment

If you go into the fuse materials section, you will find the list of items that you can create. The materials needed to create them will be shown as well. You can get materials from completing missions. Once you have all the materials needed, just go back to the fusing screen and tap on the Fuse button. Always check the different equipment available for you to craft, so you can always have the best possible equipment in the game.

8. Keep Your Units Together

Once you have assembled your team, you will most likely have just one support unit. Support units are responsible for giving buffs and healing. Their job becomes a hundred times easier if you keep your units together. Heals and buffs will be able to hit multiple units in a single turn, making it easier to keep everyone alive. Some units also get bonus range when they are near their teammates. Get the most out of every battle by making your units stick together.

9. Watch Your Position

One of the most important things to remember during combat is the position of your characters. This does not just refer to their location on the map. The direction they are facing can also affect them during battle. If they are attacked from the side, or from behind, they will receive more damage. Try to mitigate the damage you receive by making your characters face in the direction of the enemy units. The same is true for your opponents, of course. Deal the most damage by always positioning your unit beside behind the enemy units.

It is time to protect the world from the forbidden arts in The Alchemist Code! Make sure you follow our list of tips and tricks in order to emerge victorious!


Tuesday 9th of February 2021

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