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That’s Lit Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

If you are a fan of Dude Perfect, then you should definitely check out That’s Lit. Named after their favorite phrase, this game is an endless runner for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will be controlling one of the guys from the YouTube series. You need to guide him as he flies off into space on a jetpack, and help him collect coins and oxygen packs along the way. Get as far as you can without hitting any of the obstacles! If you need help getting far in the game, don’t worry. You can always rely on our That’s Lit tips and tricks for some high score moves!

1. Prioritize Air Over Money

While your score is reliant on the number of coins you get during your run, you will not be able to collect a lot if you can’t breathe! Remember, your character is in outer space. He needs constant supply of oxygen if he is to have any chance of survival. Instead of focusing on coins, make sure you prioritize picking up oxygen tanks. Coins will inevitably get picked up as you fly anyway. The longer you stay alive, the more coins you will be able to pick up.

2. Watch Out For Obstacles

There is a lot of junk floating around in outer space. You will realize this as you go on longer runs. The obstacles will change from normal aerial mines to satellites and other objects. Don’t get distracted by the different obstacles. Just keep in mind that anything that isn’t a coin or an oxygen pack is an obstacle. Avoid them at all costs regardless of what they look like. Stay focused and be ready to dodge as soon as you see a strange object in the horizon.

3. Watch Ads To Get More Coins

The game offers a couple of perks for watching video advertisements. One of the perks is gaining more coins in exchange for watching these short videos. Since you only pick up one coin at a time, watching videos can be a good way to pad your income. Another perk you get is the ability to continue when your run ends. If you have a good run and you hit an obstacle by accident, you can watch a short video in order to continue where you left off.

4. Unlock A New Character

Now that you have some coins in your pocket, you are probably wondering what they are for. You can use the coins you gather to unlock a new character. Unlocking a new character costs 500 coins so feel free to get a new one as soon as you have enough. Keep in mind that these characters have the same attributes and will have no impact on the gameplay.

5. Learn To Let Go

As you progress in your run, things will also go faster. A good way to stay on top of the game is to take your finger off the screen. When you do this, your character will start to fall but everything else will also slow down. Doing this will help buy you time as you try to assess your position and get your bearings back.

Fly high and collect as many coins as you can by following the That’s Lit tips and tricks we shared with you! If you know more hints for the game, be sure to let us know below in the comments!