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Knight Saves Queen Guide: 7 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Rescue the Queen

In the huge sea of puzzle games, Knight Saves Queen brings a breath of fresh air. Dobsoft’s new mobile game features cute art style, lots of interesting levels, and unique gameplay mechanics. You are in the boots of a knight who has just one goal – to save his princess from the forces of evil.

Knight Saves Queen features unique movement mechanics borrowed from one of the oldest logic games of them all, chess. Your knight can only move in jumps, like a knight from chess, while your enemies can move in different ways, also like in chess. You’ll battle against enemy pawns, bishops, rooks, and other chess pieces, and you can’t save the queen without beating them all.

From time to tame, not on every level, your knight will have some help from friendly chess pieces. You will be able to use your own pawns, bishops, and other figures in order to quickly defeat enemies. Since Knight Saves Queen features movement-limited levels, you will have to think a bit about every move before performing a jump with your knight. Some levels can be beaten in just a few steps, while others will require from you a clever path passing through the most of the board before performing a couple of consecutive killing blows ending with you saving the queen.

Knight Saves Queen, as most puzzle games out there, starts slow. The first batch of levels can be finished in just a few dozens of minutes but with each new level, the board will gradually host more and more enemies that will be harder and harder to beat. You’ll face groups of different enemy types, and sometimes friendly chess pieces will only make you think you should play a level with them, while in truth all you have to do is performing clever jump routes with the knight. On other levels, you will have to use reinforcements, but all levels (at least advanced ones) ask from you to think a bit before making the move, to see how you can finish a level by performing as few steps as possible.

Knight Saves Queen is a game capable of making your brain feel dizzy from the huge number of potential combinations of moves, but most levels can be finished in just a few tries. The trick is, like when playing chess, to think ahead, to make future moves in your head before performing them in the game. Since Knight Saves Queen can sometimes feel like impossible to beat (some levels are very tricky, to be honest) we made this guide that should help both newcomers and experienced players to become better at Knight Saves Queen. Stay with us and discover how to save the queen with as few knight jumps as possible. Let us begin.

1. Learn Chess Rules

While this seems way out of place for one logic game, learning the rules of chess can really help you while playing Knight Saves Queen. If you already know chess rules you’re in luck. The game will be much easier to play.

You will know all the possible moves, will know how to plan your route against different enemies and will be able to finish levels with more moves left at the end. So if you want to play the game but don’t know a thing about chess, learn the moves of all chess pieces, this will make Knight Saves Queen easier and more enjoyable.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail A Level

Each level in the game is unique, thus meaning that every level can be finished in a unique way. Remember this while playing the game, since failing a level doesn’t have to be a fail for you. You will learn from your mistakes and the next time you start a level you’ve failed at, the knowledge from the last try will make you more successful.

But, do not make failing levels becoming something you do on each and every level. Since the game features energy mechanic, where you can’t play the game once you drain all of your lives, it is advisable to try finishing a level on the first try.

3. Getting Silver Or Bronze Medal Is Better Than Failing A Level Or Restarting It

Finishing a level without a gold medal is better than failing it. Once you realize you won’t be able to finish a level with a gold medal, do not restart it (restarting a level also drains one life) but try finishing it. The next time you play it, you will know where enemies are, which moves you should perform and which moves won’t make a difference. And, since failing or restarting takes one life from your energy pool, finishing a level without getting gold is better than restarting or failing since it won’t daring your energy. Remember, you can finish a level as many times you want and while not losing a single life, while restarting will remove a life from your limited energy pool.

Finishing a level will make you better at Knight Saves Queen. Instead of starting from a scratch, you will know what to expect, you will know what mistakes you’ve made the last time, and will only have to make a couple of different jumps in order to earn a shinier medal.

4. Think Ahead

Almost every level – sans the first couple of ones that serve as tutorials – you will face in Knight Saves Queen will ask you to defeat at least three enemies in a limited number of moves.

Since you have a limited number of moves in each level, planning ahead is crucial. For instance, when you are faced against bishops and rooks, try to make a route that avoids enemies, while at the same time connects your jumps in a way that let you defeat a couple of enemies in a row, one after another. Killing enemies in a sequence is important since most levels ask you to do that in order to earn a gold medal.

5. Use Friendly Pieces In A Smart Way

Some levels (not all of them) will join friendly chess pieces with your knight. They, in contrast to your knight, can be defeated, making room for you knight to move freely and to defeat enemies that killed friendlies.

So, before making the first move, think what you can do with friendly pieces. That can be really helpful in distracting enemies, but they can also be used for ramming down more than one enemy. Like in chess, even a weak pawn can become a hero and clear the board.

Also, sometimes you don’t even have to use friendlies, the game can place them on the board to trick you to think you should use them. Some levels can only be beaten by not using friendly pieces. Other levels will require from you to use friendlies as decoys, so they line up enemies for you knight to jump on them, while at times friendlies will have to be used for defeating all enemies, with your knight being idle from start to finish.

There isn’t a universal rule that says what to do on different levels. The best way is to play a level a couple of times (and to finish it, not restart it) and see is it possible to earn a gold medal without using friendlies. If you discover there’s no way to beat a level without using your pieces, try moving them and see what happens, if they prove to be able to shave off a couple of moves making you finish a level faster, use them in combination with your knight and earn that gold medal.

6. You Have To Earn Gold Medals If You Want To Advance

Knight Saves Queen levels are divided into regions, and in order to unlock the next region you have to earn gold medals on each and every level. Don’t be afraid since no level is unbeatable. If you don’t know what to do in order to earn gold, just beat a level, with silver or bronze medal, and then return to it later, once you finished levels that are more difficult.

On top of learning new moves on tougher levels, you will sort of restart your experience and will be able to take a level in a different way. So, it doesn’t matter if you cannot earn gold on some levels, just advance to the next one and return to that tricky level once you managed to beat others.

7. Watch Ads And Refill Your Lives

The worst thing that can happen while playing Knight Saves Queen is that you can run out of lives, preventing you from playing the game. Time needed for recharging a life is really long (around half an hour) so waiting for hours just so you can continue where you left is not an option. Fortunately, the game allows you to recharge three lives by watching video ads. Since those ads are just half minute long, it’s way better to watch a short ad and continue where you left than wait for hours for the lives to recharge.

Okay, that was all. We played the game for hours and hours and managed to collect a good deal of tips and advice, and we hope they will help you in finishing Knight Saves Queen. Thanks for reading and happy gaming! And check out our other guides, they are really helpful and will make you better in a bunch of other games.