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Teen Titans Go! Figure Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Collect All Figures

Teen Titans Go! Figure is the highly anticipated follow up to Cartoon Network’s Teeny Titans. Both games are based on the Teeny Titans cartoon series, but you can expect to see more familiar faces other than the five members of the team. This brand new superhero collection game for Android and iOS devices features over 90 collectible figures that include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and more. Each figure can also be customized to fit your fancy. It does not stop at collecting either. Once you have a good number of figures, you can choose the top three to join your squad. You can even mix and match character abilities in order to create the ultimate team. You can then fight real-time battles with them to show your opponents who’s boss. Read on and check out our Teen Titans Go! Figure beginner’s guide for collecting all the figures!

1. Spend Your Coins On Figures

The most straightforward way to get figures in this game is to buy them in the store. You will need to spend coins to do this. Don’t be afraid to spend your coins since you will be earning a lot of it from winning battles. If you are low on coins, you can just replay some easy battles in order to farm for more. Keep buying those figures in order to fill out your collection. You might even get lucky and find your favorites on sale.

2. Try Your Luck

One of the things you can get from the store are mystery boxes. It is a good idea to take advantage of these early in the game while you don’t have a lot of figures just yet. That is because there will be a low chance of getting duplicate figures when your collection is empty. You won’t always get what you want, but you may be pleasantly surprised in one of your draws.

3. Explore The City

Teen Titans Go! Figure features a pretty well-animated city that you can roam around in. You don’t need to rush to your destination right away. Take time to tap around the different parts of the city. Some of them contain goodies like free coins. There are manholes that serve as warps that will take you to different areas. Most importantly, you can find free figures hiding in different parts of the city. Try checking out the bin on the east side of the city to see if you can find something good. Investigate every inch until you are sure you have found all the secrets in town.

4. Customize Your Characters

If you feel like changing up the looks of your figures, you can do so by heading into the Rainbow Repaint Shop. You will need to spend special currency here, but you will be able to make some detailed customizations for your favorite characters. Feel free to go crazy since the repaints do not really have any impact on the game. You can have a dark and brooding Starfire alongside a bright and shiny pink Batman. Go ahead, paint away!

5. Aim For The Team Bonus

While it may be fun to watch characters from different stories fight alongside each other, it is best if you look for ones that have team bonuses. These are usually characters who come from the same story. For example, having three members of Teen Titan on your team will give you a +5 bonus in health. Check out the other figures that you have and aim for the best possible team bonus.

6. Pay Attention To The Bars

The battle system in Teen Titans Go! Figure is not really that dynamic. You and your opponent each have a bar. These bars are marked at certain points that represent different attacks. The bars will slowly fill up over time. Once the bar hit one of the markers, you will be able to use that particular attack. Of course, you have the option to wait longer in order to use a better attack.

Just make sure your opponent does not literally beat you to the punch. Some of your attacks may require that you don’t get attacked while they are charging up. You will end up wasting the time you spent waiting if you let your opponent attack first.

7. When To Switch Characters

There are several scenarios where you would need to switch characters. The primary reason would be to keep your current character from dying. If you are taking too much damage, try to switch to the next character to avoid getting knocked out. You can also switch to a character that has healing abilities to help your team recover. The good thing about swapping characters in battle is that you get to keep the bar that has been charged. That means you can quickly unleash the best move of your next character without having to start over with the charging. Try sending out a chunky character to fill up your bar then send in your hardest hitter to attack.

8. Go For Complementary Moves

Some characters in the game are not necessarily great fighters but can be useful when teamed up with the right people. For example, Cyborg is able to charge his bar quickly at the expense of his health. That may sound like a terrible trade, but if you use it strategically, you can win a lot of battles. Use him to quickly charge up the bar before your opponent can activate any useful skills. Once your own bar is full, swap him out with your best character and wreak havoc. You can then send in your healer to revitalize Cyborg and restart the whole process until you win.

9. Keep An Eye On The Mystery Boxes

During battle, hitting your opponents hard will sometimes make them drop random items. These are usually coins but you can also get mystery boxes that contain power ups. It is important that you pick up these mystery boxes as soon as you can because they will help you win the battle. Power ups can include instant energy refills, freeze bombs, status ailment cures, and so on. It does not matter what you will get because they will always be useful. If you are lucky, you may even win a losing battle with the help of a perfectly timed mystery box.

Collecting figures has never been this much fun, especially if you follow our Teen Titans Go! Figure tips and tricks!