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Team Up For New Adventure In MU Origin’s Next Big Update

MU Origin is back with another huge, new content update to shake things up for Spring. The latest patch is going big on multiplayer features, along with new events for folks who prefer to go it alone, and new systems to help your character grow even more powerful. Here’s what you can expect to see.

Developer Webzen introduces the Corps system, allowing you to enjoy multiplayer on an even bigger scale. Now, four guilds can join together to form Corps to complete special quests and join in Corps Wars. If you’re a Guild Master over level 6, you can form your own Corps after completing the Door quest and reaching 10 Rebirth Level 50. Corps Quests award guilds with Prosperity Points, and the system features its own ranking system. Corps Wars, on the other hand, pit Corps against each other in a competition for resources.

If you prefer to play solo, but still want to try the new Corps events yourself, MU Origin’s new Territory Collect event is for you. Players at 10 Rebirth Level 60 can join these resource collecting events that are set in Corps mode. In this exciting new event, you’ll collect resources like Aether Dust, Soul Dust, Zen, potions, and more, and you’ll be able to participate 30 times a week.

All of these new features require the strongest character possible, which is why MU Origin is also introducing the Hallow & Divinity system, which gives you more ways to improve and customize your characters. You can use Hallows to improve your HP, attack, defense, and elasticity—an all new stat that can decrease the chance of an enemy activating its own special stats. Once you upgrade your Hallows to 100%, you can further improve them using Divinities.

With all of this new content at hand, there’s no time to lose. MU Origin is free to play on both iOS and Android.