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Tavern Guardians Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Complete More Levels

Tavern Guardians is a new iOS-only hack-and-slash action title by Wombo Combo Games, that comes with Match 3 mechanics. And in this day and age of game developers trying to offer more than the same old-same old Match 3 mechanics, this is a hybrid game, combining action and puzzle genres in a way that you can “experience high-pace action battles,” thus hopefully setting this game apart from other puzzle/RPG hybrids. In this game, there will be “plenty of monsters” advancing through the tiles and trying to attack the tavern; it’s your job to match tiles and get rid of them. You’ll also have a choice of four heroes to use – Wombo Combo likes to keep it simple – and options to combine your heroes’ skills in such a way that you control the enemies’ position and have an easier time beating them. According to the developer, there are 20 hero skills, more than 60 unique items, and close to 50 monsters – you may not have too many heroes to work with, but there is some depth in here!

That shouldn’t daunt you if you’ve just downloaded the game for the first time and are trying to make your way around and learn the ropes. Still, you’ll want to be ready before you play, and we’ve got you covered in that regard, with these Tavern Guardian tips and tricks. These tips are mainly written for beginners, but you just might be able to use a tip or two if you’ve been playing for some time.

1. Get Rid Of The Enemies That Can Heal Themselves

Early on, you’ll already be dealing with some particularly pesky monsters that mumble healing spells – you won’t really be able to hear or understand them, but those spells work not only by healing themselves, but healing all enemies on the board. That would require you to chip away at them, so focus your attacks on those bad guys and take out anyone who’s got a healing ability on them. Once you’re done, you can then work your way through the rest of the enemies.

2. There Are No Time Limits

Although this may, at first glance, be one of those games that come with a time limit to go with move limits, this game doesn’t come with the former. That should allow you to take as much time as possible to think your moves over, and make sure you’re making the best possible matches that would take care of the enemies. Of course, you shouldn’t be making moves arbitrarily in this game – use the time you’ve got, which is as much time as you need, to make a move that’s sure to have an effect on the enemies.

3. Rebuild Those Defenses And Restore Your Health At First

Each round will start with a few turns where you won’t have any enemies to deal with. These are like bonus turns of sorts, but you shouldn’t treat them like bonus turns in the truest sense – you should take that opportunity to reset and recover from the last round. Devote this time to rebuilding your defenses, including your shield walls. Also make sure you’re paying close attention to your health – match the meat tiles and get some health back. With more health, you’ll be able to last longer, so make the right matches by boosting your defenses and health while the enemies haven’t attacked yet!

4. Don’t Hesitate To Use Your Abilities

You only have four heroes in the game, and that’s probably one of the good things for new players – you won’t have to memorize a truckload of special abilities and stats. But each of the four heroes are distinct from one another, and have their own abilities, as well as their own recast timer. That’s like your cool down time, but as long as you’re matching blue mana potions, you’re in good shape – that way, you’re ensuring yourself that you always have enough mana points to use those abilities. So go ahead and use them – don’t be shy, as those abilities can make a difference against the bad guys!

5. Use The Right Ability

Last, but not the least, we’ve got one more ability-related tip here – depending on your hero, you’ll have some area of effect abilities , as well as others that mainly focus on one enemy, and that enemy alone. Know which one to use – AOE or focused ability – as some abilities may work better on some monsters/situations than they do on others.

And this wraps up our list of tips and tricks for Tavern Guardians. If you happen to know additional hints for the game, let us know in the comment section!