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Tap Tap Trillionaire Guide: 4 Tricks to Earn More Gems

We’ve already given you a Tap Tap Trillionaire guide, covering some general money-making tips for this new iOS game from Pixio. So what’s this game about, once again? It’s a clicker game that allows you to earn as much in-game money as possible, but it differentiates itself from other similar games by coming with an in-game stock market. By clicking and clicking, hiring more employees, and playing the stock market, you can earn more money, but there’s also a premium currency that you can earn here. Gems are Tap Tap Trillionaire’s premium currency, and you can use them to buy bonuses that can help you earn more money. Unfortunately, the catch here is that gems are normally purchased with real-life money.

The good thing is that you can also get gems for free in this game, and that’s what we’re going to focus on in this new Tap Tap Trillionaire strategy guide, which is all about how to get gems for free. And, just as a little warning before we begin, we suggest spending your gems very wisely, and only when you really need to.

1. Complete Your Achievements

Tap Tap Trillionaire has an Achievement menu, which you can visit to check the latest quests, or objectives you can complete. The icon for achievements is a golden trophy in the upper left corner; click on this to check the available achievements. Finishing them will cause a red bubble with an exclamation mark to appear beside the trophy icon, and tapping on that bubble will allow you to redeem your free gems.

2. You’ve Got Mail

You will additionally see a couple pieces of mail, also on the upper left corner of your iPhone or iPad. On some occasions, opening that mail will allow you to watch an advertisement video, which can then earn you 25 gems per video. We suggest that you watch that video and make sure you play often with your Wi-Fi or cellular data turned on, as this could be a quick way to earn more gems without paying a single cent.

3. Go To The Furniture Store

In addition to those two ways of getting free gems, you can also go to the furniture store, and move down to the Fortune Spot. Tap on that spot, and you’ll be able to buy the Futuristic Robot for 700 gems. That’s the big catch here, so you may have to watch several ad videos and complete your share of achievements before you try this out. In any case, you can buy the robot once you’ve got enough gems, place it in your office, and watch it pay for itself. You’ll earn 10 gems every three hours, which means you will eventually make those 700 gems back, then earn profit on gems thereafter.

4. Just Keep On Tapping

Now, that we’ve given you those three methods, let’s close out with the fourth – just tap and tap, click and click, play the game normally. On occasion, you would be able to earn gems from books, and you’ll be required to tap in order to get a free gem. Yes, one free gem for that action, but it’s better than nothing.