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Tap Summoner Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Why wait for your enemies to attack you when you can send your minions to obliterate them instead? Tap Summoner is a unique tower defense and offense game for iOS and Android wherein you will not only need to defend your territory, but defeat the enemies as well. Instead of the usual tower defense game wherein you just set up towers and wait for enemy waves to attack, you also need to strategically spawn your own minions and have them attack. Battles can get frantic with so many things going on. You will need to depend on our Tap Summoner tips and tricks to help guide you to victory!

1. Practice Makes Perfect

The game mechanics can take a bit of getting used to especially if you are new to tower defense games. It is a good idea to practice in the easy levels first in order to get a good grasp of how the battle system works. Rushing blindly into the more difficult levels might overwhelm you, and you will just end up frustrated with losing repeatedly. You need to patiently learn the basics first if you want to ensure continuous victory in later stages of the game.

2. Mastering The Masters

There are several different masters available in the game. The masters serve as your towers and you will need to defend them if you want to succeed. You have your main master, your defense masters, and your offense masters. The defense masters are in charge of protecting your main master while the offense masters are the ones who summon minions for attacking enemy camps. Make sure you always have all these masters on the map in order to complete the stage.

3. Consuming Your Mana

Mana is the primary resource in battles. You need mana in order to summon minions and use spells. While the masters do not cost any mana to send into battle, they will not be enough to win the game. Make sure you use your mana wisely as it takes a few seconds for it to regenerate. If you waste too much, you will find yourself getting overrun by enemies while desperately waiting for your mana to renew. Learn the right balance of mana consumption to ensure you have a steady flow of units and spells to win the battle.

4. Upgrade Your Units

The units in this game are represented by cards. When you are outside of the battlefield, you will gain access to the upgrading menu where you can improve the cards’ attributes as well as purchase additional gear for them. Make sure your cards are in top shape by regularly upgrading them whenever possible. You don’t need to upgrade all of your units, just focus on the ones that you regularly use. This is important because the enemies will just keep getting stronger as you play the game.

5. Know When To Quit

The game provides you the ability to retreat from battle. If you think a stage is too difficult for you to complete, you don’t have to wait for the battle to play out. You can just retreat and save yourself the time it takes for the enemies to wipe out your units. There is no long-term consequence for retreating from battles so take advantage of it when you find yourself struggling.

Offense and defense can be difficult to manage in the heat of battle. Make sure you follow our Tap Summoner tips and tricks to make things a bit easier. Also, in case you know additional tips, tricks or hints for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment area!