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Super Stickman Golf 3 Tips, Cheats & Hints to Master the Game

When a golf game spawns multiple sequels, you know it’s good. Super Stickman Golf 3 offers hours of golfing fun despite its deceptively simple graphics. Available on Android and iOS, Noodlecake Studios’ new mobile game lets you control a stick man while playing golf. The goal of the game is simple. You just need to complete each course with as little strokes as possible. There are 20 different courses to conquer as well as dozens of customization options to choose from. Compete against some of the best players from all over the world. Check out our Super Stickman Golf 3 tips and tricks to ensure your victory!

1. Know The Basics

If you are not yet familiar with how golf is played, here are the basics. Each course has a specific number of strokes assigned to it. That means you will need to complete the course with the same number of strokes or less. Of course, the less strokes you have, the better your score. For example, if a course is par 4, you will need to complete it in four moves or less. If you go over four strokes, then you fail the course.

2. Practice Your Swing

Well, you don’t really swing but it is a good idea to practice a lot on easy courses before seriously competing with other players. The game’s mechanics takes a bit of getting used to so take your time to master the controls first. You only have a limited number of courses to choose from at the beginning of the game but that’s fine since you’re still learning. Once you are better at playing the game, you will be able to unlock more courses. Feel free to play the courses over and over until you are confident in your ability to complete them.

3. Different Terrains Can Affect Gameplay

The different terrains in each course affects your game the same way they do in real life. The different terrain includes Green, Rough, Bunker, and Out of Bounds. Of course, you would want to stay in the Green terrain as much as possible. The Rough and Bunker terrain makes it difficult for you to make the ball fly the way you want it since there is a lot of resistance. There is nothing worse, however, than Out of Bounds. It will waste a stroke and you will have to be very good to recover from it.

4. Examine The Course

The courses have different layouts and it is a good idea to analyze the layout first before swinging. The reason for that is you might be able to find a better route for your ball instead of just following the normal path of the course. There is no penalty in using short cuts in the game so it’s best to always look for a shorter route.

5. Customize Your Stickman

You would be surprised by how much customization you can do considering you are controlling a stick figure. The game boasts of over 35 different characters to choose from as well as 65 different hats that can change the way you play. You can also customize the sparkly trail that your ball makes when it’s flying through the air. Have fun with changing up your look while improving the attributes of your character at the same time.

There you have it! It’s time to start swinging and aim for a hole in one with the help of our Super Stickman Golf 3 tips and tricks! In case you know other tips and tricks for the game, that we haven’t included in this guide, let us know in the comment section!