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Tap Sports Football Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Take Your Team to the Next Level

Glu may be best-known these days as the maker of several existing and upcoming celebrity-based games, but it also has a nice series of sports games, including Tap Sports Football. This game, which works on Android and iOS devices, allows you to build your own football team with real NFL players, and challenge your friends once you’ve got your team completed. The controls here are very simple – it takes just one tap (or touch) to pass the ball to a receiver, for instance. Aside from challenging your friends, you can also take place in events and face players from other parts of the world. And there’s a lot of strategy involved here – this isn’t a back-to-basics American football game, but one that has a lot of depth to it at the end of the day.

Winning big in this game may be difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with the NFL and its players, or with the rules of American football. But that’s why we’ve compiled a list of Tap Sports Football cheats, tips and strategies, regardless of how well-versed you are with the sport and the players.

1. Good Quarterbacking Needs Good Timing

Great quarterbacks don’t get to where they are without a basic idea of timing their passes. That also applies in Tap Sports Football, as you shouldn’t wait too long before you hit your receivers with a pass. Adjust to the plays and time your passes correctly and that’s going to give you a better chance of winning the game.

2. Use The Outlet Pass

If your receiver is being covered by a good many defenders from the opposing team, then it may be time to try something different and hit him with an outlet pass. Pressing this button allows your quarterback to perform situational actions based on his stats. Instead of waiting for your receiver to become open, hit that outlet pass button and see what happens.

3. Your Team Needs A Franchise Player

In order to buy a franchise player, you need to have franchise coins, which are the game’s most premium currency and are purchased with gold. They’ll only be on your team for a limited period of time, and you’ll need more coins if you want them on your team longer. As such, it can be difficult to have a franchise guy on your team for a good while unless you pay real money, but completing achievements could, at least, consistently earn you more gold.

4. Complete Achievements

Achievements, as we mentioned above, are a fantastic way to earn yourself more gold, which is the usual premium currency. After completing an achievement, confirm that you’ve done it by collecting your rewards.

5. Audibles Can Be Your Secret Weapon

When calling running plays, audibles allow you to ask your running backs to do something a bit different from what they usually do. Make good use of the audibles as they come in limited supply, but use them if you’re up against a tough defense and you could have a game-changer.