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Tap Smiths Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Tap Smiths is a new Android and iOS mobile title that slots into the clicker genre. In this game, you will have to race the clock to craft swords, armor, and other wacky items as you work on upgrading your humble little blacksmith shop. Specifically, the developer calls the game a tapper RPG, and you can collect dozens of characters (over 40), including Agent Smith, Bat Smith, and Dark Lord of the Smith, as well as some rare characters that have their own special abilities. There are also more than 720 items for you to create and enhance. This game is all about challenging both your reflexes and memory, as the description adds, and mastering more and more new blueprints.

You will want to check out this game if you’re a fan of fast-paced games, clickers, games with a collecting mechanic, and even traditional RPGs. But even if there usually isn’t much to playing clicker games, there are many things you’ll have to figure out in this title, things we hope to help you get to the bottom of in this list of Tap Smiths tips and tricks.

1. The Bare Essentials Of The Game – Blueprints

The main mechanic in the game is the blueprint mechanic, and you’ll encounter more of these blueprints as you continue working in the blacksmith shop. If your smelter has at least one upgrade, that will allow you to unlock those blueprints by using your irons – you will collect an iron from each round that you play. That’s the blueprinting mechanic in a nutshell, but that’s far from the only important thing that makes Tap Smiths such an interesting new title.

2. Upgrade Your Common Items For More Gold

Of course, you can earn lots of gold from your uncommon and rare items, but you will invariably be ending up with common items, which can turn up regardless of the temperature you set for your furnace. No matter how hot or not-so-hot it is, common items will turn up the most frequently. But that’s not entirely a bad thing, as it’s often more reliable to upgrade your common items if you’re trying to add to your gold.

3. Upgrade Your Common Items For More Gold

After you complete each of the rounds, you will present your items to the shopkeeper, who will then judge what you had created and pay you coins based on how good those items are. You can actually earn more coins from the shopkeeper by tapping on him before you push forward and head to the next crafting session. Most of the time, you’ll be able to tap on the shopkeeper about five times, which isn’t much, but free coins are always a good thing, no matter how few they may be.

4. Upgrade All Smithing Items At The Same Time, Except Your Hammer

When upgrading your items, you want to upgrade your hammer, anvil, and most other smithing items simultaneously, or at close to the same time. You should also make sure you’re upgrading them to the same levels before you move on to the next upgrade level. That is the most cost-effective way for you to upgrade your stuff, and the one that allows you to get the maximum effect from your upgrades. But there is one exception to the rule, which we shall be discussing in the next paragraph.

Your hammer is usually the only exception to the “upgrade all simultaneously” rule, as each upgrade significantly adds to its power. With more power in your hits, you’ll take less time to craft an item, so that means you should have your hammer upgraded to a higher level than your other smithing items. You can also consider fuel as an exception, as having more fuel allows you to buy more time in each round.

5. Watch Ad Videos Once A Round Is Complete

Once you’ve completed a round, you can then watch an ad video, as Tap Smiths will give you the option to view one in order to continue. Watching the videos will give you gold or iron for free, and the gold/iron bonuses would usually be more than the bonuses you get for completing the round. Conversely, you should avoid buying a restart with your gems; you will get chests as your bonus for using your gems to restart, but it will essentially be the same as paying gems in the in-app store for that very same chest.