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Sacred Legends Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Save Ancaria

Sacred Legends is an immersive new game from Fishlabs for Android and iOS devices that slots into that all-too-popular, yet all-too-intricate mobile gaming category – the action role-playing game, or ARPG. Like in many others with a fantasy theme, you’ll have a chance to fight monsters, collect loot, forge magical items, and become a powerful hero, doing so as you seek to save the kingdom of Ancaria. The game’s description includes a backstory that stresses what it’s all about – your goal is to save Ancaria from “demonic oppressors,” but you won’t be doing it alone. Unlike other ARPGs that come with the option to play solo and complete campaigns without anybody’s help, the game’s description stresses that you’ll be playing alongside real players, forming “hard-hitting” parties with people from all over the world as you benefit from each other’s progress and experience.

Compared to the average ARPG, Sacred Legends is considerably simpler – for instance, you have only three classes to choose from when creating your hero, so there’s not much to think about in that regard. But everyone needs a head start of sorts when they just start playing, and even the experts and intermediate players need some guidance from time to time. We’ve got all of that for you, fortunately, in this exclusive Sacred Legends strategy guide. Most of these tips are written for first-time players, but you might find something worth checking out if this is far from being your first time to play the game.

1. Make The Most Out Of Your Skill Points

In this game, skill points regenerate by themselves, which is a rather unique twist Fishlabs has added to it. There will, of course, be a cap to your skill points, that being nine points when you’re just starting out. But when you reach your cap, you should go right ahead and spend those points as quickly as possible, so that way, you can make the most out of the regeneration mechanic. Take note that points regenerate at six minutes per point when you’re starting out. In other words, you may want to check back on the game after about an hour from the time you spent the last one.

2. What To Do When Enhancing Equipment

When enhancing your equipment to make it substantially better – a mechanic that’s present on most RPGs – you can theoretically use any kind of equipment you want. But in order to get the best results, you should only be using equipment of the exact same type. That’s because you will be getting double experience if you use a unit that’s of the same type as the base piece. You may, in fact, want to completely avoid making different types of equipment into your sacrifices, as all those units will come in handy at one point or another in the game.

3. Don’t Just Replay Older Levels To Grind, Blitz Them

Even if it takes just an hour at first, waiting for your skill points to regenerate can be quite tedious. And it can be similarly frustrating for you to play some of the game’s levels, as you may have to try several times before you finally get it right. But if you clear levels with three stars under normal circumstances, you will have the option to “blitz” them in the future. That would mean completing the level in its entirety, with a solid enough chance of getting the available rewards. Keep on blitzing and keep on grinding, and you’ll have just what you need to upgrade any kind of equipment, and be able to find different types of new gear.

There’s no limit to the number of times you can blitz a level, and the gear you find when blitzing is usually solid enough, especially when you find duplicates of those pieces of gear in future blitzes.

4. How To Get High Rarity Equipment

In battle, you always want to be wielding the best and rarest equipment. In this case, that would be super-rare and epic equipment, and there are a few ways for you to earn this. For starters, you’ll have three chests, which can be opened for free with one big catch – you’ll have to wait for a certain period of time before you can access them. But since nobody likes waiting, you can either spend diamonds or use keys to speed up the wait time. You’ll also get, from time to time, the option to watch ad videos for you to open a chest ASAP without waiting. For each chest you open, the counter will go down, and once you open one of the chests ten times, you’ll get a guaranteed super-rare piece of equipment the next time you open a chest.

Definitely, you wouldn’t want to spend your diamonds on skipping the wait time for opening chests – diamonds are the premium currency, and it’s best to hang on to them for as long as possible. You can watch ads or use keys, or you can just wait it out and grin and bear it.

5. Complete Daily Quests For More Diamonds

Unfortunately, the game’s makers have made it rather challenging for players to get more diamonds in the game. This premium form of currency is indeed quite a hard one to come about, and the best way to get more diamonds is to complete daily quests. Now it’s not necessary to complete all your dailies – just complete a specific amount per day, and you’ll get the maximum reward of 15 diamonds. In addition, you can complete some of the regular quests and get diamonds as a reward.

6. Use Your Diamonds To Buy Equipment

The best thing you can spend your diamonds on is equipment. Pay with your diamonds when at the in-game shop, and check back every two hours or so; Sacred Legends’ equipment offerings change quite frequently. Sometimes, you might luck out and find an epic rarity item, but you’ll have to be prepared for this by saving up your diamonds for that proverbial rainy day.

These would be our tips and tricks for Sacred Legends. Stay tuned, as we will update this guide whenever we discover more hints for the game!