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Tap My Katamari Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Restore the Universe

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe’s Tap My Katamari is an “endless cosmic clicker” for iOS devices. The game allows you to roll your Katamari ball from a tiny speck to a massive, unstoppable giant. The backstory here is that you are the “Prince” and you’ve been asked to restore the universe and its stars. In order to do this, you’ve been given the magical ball called the Katamari, and as you roll the ball, everything it touches sticks to it. What you need to do here, given that backstory, is to grow the Katamari into a star, as it grows by touching tiny thumb tacks, then larger things like cows and cars, then huge things like giant squids and spaceships.

This is quite an interesting endless title from one of the biggest names in gaming, but if you’re just starting out with the game, you might be wondering how to make the tiny Katamari become a giant-sized star. Read on as we’re here to offer you some pretty cool Tap My Katamari tips and tricks.

1. Be Patient

You might expect at first for your small Katamari to become huge right away just because you’ve got all those objects to make it grow bigger. But as the old adage goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Things may be slow and dragging at first and you may be tempted to give up on that whole Katamari business. But if you tough it out, you’ll be rewarded for your patience and the tiny ball will become much bigger before you know it.

2. How To Organize Your Upgrades

When talking about the different upgrades available in this game, the first thing you should focus on is your tap power. You don’t want to spend most of the game tapping frantically and frenetically; yes, you will have to tap quite quickly, but it’s important to make those taps feel worth it. Upgrade the Prince until you’re able to complete levels much faster, and after that, move on to the PPS area. That’s essentially what shows you how much progress you can make automatically, without human intervention. Don’t look much into the names of the objects and their values; just purchase what gives you the most power in the early goings. Also unlock new objects as quickly as you could, because once again, what you’ll want here is more power in less time.

3. Set Things Up So The Game Progresses While You’re Out

Eventually, you might feel like you’re putting in too much work to growing your Katamari and earning more cash. If that’s the case, set things up so that it can roll automatically, sign out of the game, and let it do the dirty work for you. Return to the game after some time and you may be pleasantly surprised to see how much you’ve earned.

4. About The Time Attack Stages

This game lets you take your time for the most part, but once you make it to Time Attack, that’s where you’ll need to race against time and act quickly. Make sure that the blue bar is always shorter than the red one, with blue referring to the distance that has to be covered and red being your available time. And if you’re close to falling behind, quit while still early and replay earlier levels so you can make the needed upgrades.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our set of tips for this new Bandai Namco title. Head over to this link, if you are interested in checking out tips and tricks for other Bandai Namco mobile games, that we’ve shared on Level Winner in the past.