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Tap Knight Guide: 6 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Master the Game

Evil Dark Mages have descended upon The Kingdom, and are slowly taking over! It will be up to you to save the day in Tap Knight! This exciting new RPG clicker game from PIXOWL combines endless tapping with idle mechanics in order to bring you hours of monster-slaying fun! Just frantically tap on the screen to take down hordes of monsters and bosses. If you find yourself short on damage, fear not! Go to the Sword Shop to unlock dozens of weapons that can make you stronger and improve your abilities. There are also 20 unique artifacts for you to collect, each one affects gameplay in a different way. Overcome hundreds of levels in an endless onslaught of enemies that just keep getting stronger! Your fingers can only do so much! Get help by reading our Tap Knight tips, cheats and tricks on how to get stronger weapons!

1. Use Multiple Fingers

Since this a tapping game, it only makes sense that the more taps you make per second, the more damage you deal to your enemies. Using just one finger to tap will greatly limit your damage output. In order to maximize your damage, lay your device down on a flat surface and use at least three fingers to tap frantically. Just tap as though you are typing random things on a keyboard. Since there is no specific spot for you to tap on in order to attack, all the successive taps your fingers make will register as attacks. It will look like you are attacking really fast, so enemies will go down quickly.

2. Keep A Finger On The Horse

A horse carriage occasionally comes and goes, bringing you treasures as it does so. You will need to tap on it in order to speed it up. Tap on it whenever you see it to maximize the flow of treasure. But then again, who has the time to look for a horse carriage when you are in the middle of an epic battle? Of course, there is an alternative option that will allow you to speed up the horse even if you don’t pay attention to its coming and going. Just keep a finger tapping in the area where the horse carriage usually appears. This way, your finger will automatically tap on it as soon as it shows up.

Once you have collected enough treasures, make sure you sell them off. You need a minimum of 200 treasures to be able to sell them, and you can only hold a maximum of 1,000. Do not wait for the maximum since there is no difference in price when you sell them. It might even be detrimental because you would be missing out on potential treasures if you forget to sell the ones you have, and the slots get filled up. Just sell treasures as often as you can, and use the money to buy upgrades.

3. Watch Ads For Spins

Tap Knight has a prize wheel that you can spin when you watch a video advertisement. You can spin multiple times for as long as you keep watching ads to do so. The wheel rewards you with various boosts that can give you an advantage while playing. One of the boosts that you should aim for is the increase in amount of gold you receive for killing monsters. More money means more upgrades. If you did not get this boost after spinning, do not hesitate to spin again. It only takes a few seconds to watch an ad, so it is always worth it to keep trying.

4. Use Your Power Ups Wisely

There are several power ups that you can use in the game. These have different effects, but they are all useful in helping you defeat your enemies. Unfortunately, it takes time for them to recharge once you have used them. That is why you should hold off on using power ups unless you are facing a strong boss that you cannot defeat. The only time that you can freely use a power up on a regular enemy is when you are about to log off for the day. Since you will be gone for several hours anyway, you won’t miss the power ups that are on cooldown. Using power ups outside of those two situations can get you stuck later on.

5. Use Special Coins On Artifacts

Special coins are acquired from defeating major bosses. These can be used to purchase weapon artifacts as well as artifact improvements. Since weapons can also be purchased using premium currency, and there is no other way to upgrade artifacts, it is better if you spend all special coins on the latter. Don’t get too intimidated by having to spend premium currency on weapons because the game is pretty generous when it comes to giving them out for free.

As we mentioned before, there are several artifacts that can be unlocked in Tap Knight. Normally, you would unlock them in the order that they are listed. However, if you don’t like a particular artifact’s effects, you can skip unlocking it and just save your special coins for the next one. Just keep in mind that this is a gamble because you will be going through the game without the benefits of one of the artifacts. It may take you longer to progress in the game if you decide to skip an artifact or two. Carefully read the effects of the artifacts to ensure your gamble will be worth it.

6. Focus On Getting Better Gear

If you tap on the scroll icon on the top right corner of the screen, you will see the menu for collecting stars. This is also where you can buy new weapons and armors for your character. Use only Diamonds when investing in equipment, since you need to save your special coins for artifacts. A good way to invest is to wait until you have 100 Diamonds before buying the first gear, which triples the amount of gold you earn. After that, just continue upgrading your gear using Diamonds until it becomes too expensive. You should be strong enough to keep going by then.

It’s slaying time! Take down the Dark Mages and save the day with the help of our Tap Knight strategy guide! If you happen to know additional tricks for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section!