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Robin Hood Legends Cheats, Tips & Hints to Defeat the Evil Sheriff

Matching puzzles are a thing of the past! Merging is the new thing! Robin Hood Legends is the latest merging puzzle game from Big Fish Games, that’s now available for Android mobile devices. In this immersive puzzle game you will help Robin Hood as she tries to save the people in town. You will need to gather resources, so that the villagers can rebuild their homes. To do so, you have to merge shrubs into trees, trees into homes, and so on. There is limited space for you to work in, so you will need to be strategic in you merging the different materials. Conquer all the puzzle levels in order to defeat the evil sheriff and save the town! There are various boosts that can help you along the way. You can also participate in seasonal events where you can get more gold to give to the poor! Don’t forget to read our Robin Hood Legends tips and tricks to help you succeed in your noble quest!

1. Think Ahead

As we mentioned above, there is limited space for you to work in. At first, you can just merge wherever you want since the tasks will be simple. However, you will need to start considering the position of each item later on when you are making more advanced combinations. Keep in mind that you will need three of the same item in order to merge them into something new. They also have to be placed side by side in a row for the merge to work.

When planning your moves, always think about how you can use the space on the board more efficiently. Try to keep things as organized as possible. If you can, move tiles closer together in such a way that it will be easier to create merges later on. Keep tiles near the corners or sides, so that you will have plenty of space in the middle to make adjustments.

You will also encounter various obstacles on the board. Take these obstacles into consideration when planning your moves. Obstacles can only be removed using boosts. It will be a rare occurrence for you to be able to remove all the obstacles from the board, so don’t assume that you will be able to get rid of them later on. Instead, plan your moves in a way that you could continue merging despite the obstacles.

2. Play For Items That You Need

Any stage in the game can be replayed as much as you want. When doing this, however, make sure you replay stages that reward you with items that you actually need. Your main goal is to help as many villagers as possible, so focus on what you need in order to save them. There are several tasks that you will need to complete, and knowing how to prioritize these tasks will help you beat the game.

When it comes to playing for items, keep in mind that the items you need can sometimes be obtained from different levels. If you have multiple levels that offer the item you are looking for, just pick the level that is easier to complete. In most cases, that would be the lower level. Once you acquire the item, it will no longer be available even in other levels, so there isn’t really any point in picking a difficult level to replay.

3. Use Your Remaining Moves Wisely

In Robin Hood Legends every level comes with a limited number of moves. If you run out of moves before you can accomplish your goals, then it is game over. You will need to restart the level and try again. Make sure you pay attention to the number of moves remaining. Prioritize meeting the level’s requirements as soon as possible. Avoid experimenting with the merges unless you are sure that you will be able to complete the stage. Otherwise, you will risk using up too many moves and end up not having enough to meet your goals.

4. Boosts Don’t Stack

As you play the game, you will occasionally receive free boosts. Make sure you use these as soon as possible. If another boost of the same type comes along, it will just overwrite the previous boost. The boosts do not stack, so you will end up losing the ones that you do not use right away. They also do not carry over to the next stage, and will just disappear if you don’t use them by the end of the level. Of course, make sure you also find the most strategic use for each boost, and not just use them for the sake of not letting them go to waste.

There will be times when using a boost is the worse option. An example of this is when you only have a few moves left and the boost you have won’t really bring you any closer to your goals. In this case, it will be better to just let the boost go to waste than risk losing the game.

Another situation where you could consider holding off on using a boost is when you see a better use for it down the line. For example, if you have a Diamond but you only have a single red house and a bunch of shrubs, it might be better to merge the shrubs first until you have three red houses. This way, you can get the most out of the Diamond’s boost. Remember, you should only delay using boosts when you have a clear idea of a better use for it after just a few moves.

5. Link Your Facebook Account

Robin Hood Legends gives you the option to link your Facebook account. When you do, you will instantly be rewarded with in-game goodies. On top of that, you will also be able to regularly request for free hearts from your Facebook friends. More hearts mean you have more chances to replay stages that you are having difficulties with. Without the gifts from your friends, you will be stuck waiting for the hearts to regenerate, which takes quite a while. Make sure you link your Facebook account right away and convince all your friends to play regularly!

It’s time to help save the town and defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood Legends! Just follow the tips and tricks above to succeed in your quest!