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Take The Cake Cheats: 4 Useful Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Take The Cake, developed by XI-ART, is an immersive mobile game for Android and iOS devices. The story of the game is based on a girl named Julia and her kitten named Kitty. In the game Julia takes on a journey to the Magic Forest, a land full of sweets and adventures where she has to pass all the tests to get her little Kitty back. If you’re guessing this is a Match 3 title, you’re absolutely right – it’s one of the newer ones out there, and one that comes with 70 levels, with new ones being added every week via over-the-air updates. You can create special pieces by making larger matches, and find more magical items as you go deeper through the forest.

By now, you may likely be familiar with Match 3 puzzle games and how they work, but if you’re not, we have come up with some useful Take The Cake cheats and tips to get you started on the right path.

1. Be Careful When Quitting A Level

Take The Cake is one of those Match 3 games that will penalize you if you exit a level in the middle, or even go to the main menu. That’s going to cost you one life. However, if you shut down the entire game, meaning close Take The Cake and not merely exit a level, you won’t lose any lives. This is a useful tip if you’re looking to hang on to your lives for as long as possible. But even if you lose all five lives in one play session, there’s a way to get them all back quickly.

2. Regain Lost Lives Faster With The Time Lapse Cheat

You’ll start out the game with five lives, and you’ll lose one life for each level you fail. Typically, you’ll have to wait 30 minutes per life lost to get them back, but if you’re not the type to ask friends for lives, and don’t want to wait either, you can make use of the time lapse cheat. This involves advancing the time ahead, based on the number of lives you need to get back, returning to the game, then switching the time back to normal. Once you switch back to normal time, you won’t lose the lives you gained through the time lapse.

3. Use Multiple Special Pieces In One Combination

There are special cakes you can create by matching more than three of the same piece, but if you mix two pieces together in one combo, say, the cake bomb and the line clearing cake, you can clear the board rapidly, thus using less moves and potentially finishing the level with three stars. That’s because the aforementioned combo will clear three lines adjacent to each other.

4. Make Special Combos To Wipe Out The Entire Board

Now, if you mix either the cake bomb or line clearing cake with a hard candy piece, you’ll turn all pieces of the hard candy’s color into either one of the two special pieces, depending on the one you used. And if you mix two hard candies together, you can totally wipe out the entire board at the same time!