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Take Cover Tips, Cheats & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Take Cover is another take on a popular strategy genre, where you build your base, gain levels, perform missions, and attack other people’s bases. The game, which was developed by Gamajun Games and published by Playdigious, features a single player campaign, a multiplayer mode unlocked at level 5, a plethora of buildings to construct and more than a few types of soldiers to train. The game is fun, giving players many things to do, making them upgrade their base in order to get access to better units, new missions, more resources and a bigger choice of potential opponents in multiplayer mode.

Although you’ll spend lots of time micromanaging your base trying to upgrade buildings faster, healing wounded soldiers, building covers to be used during battles, and collecting resources, after a while it all slow down a bit, giving the player a game that can become a regular part of your app collection. After early stages, the game can be played for an hour each day, the time spent will be enough to make your base slowly stronger, and to give you enough resources for construction and hiring new soldiers. You’ll seldom reach a point when upgrading the building will require piles of coins and scrap; that can be solved by playing a few multiplayer battles, since they give you lots of resources, and most opponents aren’t really crafty in designing their defenses. The start of the game can be painful since the game has lots of hidden obstacles, making Take Cover a hard game for newbies. Don’t feel discouraged since we gathered the best tips available and made a guide that’ll transform you into a Take Cover master, while not spending a single dime on buying diamonds.

1. Watch Ads In Order To Speed Up Construction Of Items And Recover Time For Soldiers

Take Cover Tips, Cheats & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Video ads became something mundane for most free-to-play titles, and Take Cover is no exception; although the game won’t throw ads in your face, some features can be unlocked by watching them. Two important features that all new players must use are accelerated item construction and recovery time for wounded soldiers. By watching just two video ads your covers will be made in no time, and your soldiers will be healed in an instance.

Just watch two short (around 15 seconds) ads and you’ll get a temporary production boost. This is especially important while playing early single player stages, since you’ll be able to start new missions much faster, thus quicker earning money, improving your base more rapidly.

2. It’s Better To Select Timed Upgrade Over Instant One, And Later Finish Upgrading The Building With Diamonds

Take Cover Tips, Cheats & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

When upgrading buildings you can choose to pay just coins and scrap, this will start a classic, timed upgrade. If you add some diamonds (premium currency), you can choose an instant upgrade, but that’s expensive and after a while, you’ll have to buy diamonds for real world money. The best solution is choosing a more subtle tactic.

First select a regular upgrade, and then select another building you want to improve. Since you can’t construct improvements on two buildings at once, the game will ask you if you’d want to finish the construction being done on the first building for some coins, and you’ll see that the amount of diamonds asked will be much, much lower than what it would take if you chose instant upgrade. This way you’ll save lots of diamonds and your buildings will receive upgrades almost instantly. It’s a win-win situation.

3. Focus On Upgrading Scrapyard, Barracks, And Light Cover Lab

Take Cover Tips, Cheats & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Focusing on improving those three buildings will give you more resources and better loot quests (Scrapyard), tougher soldiers, dealing more damage (Barracks) and rougher covers (Light Cover Lab). Covers are one of the main battle aids in Take Cover, you’ll use them often so make sure they are upgraded to the max. Regular soldiers are death for generators providing power for enemy gun placements, so it’s wise to make them more powerful. Scrapyard automatically creates resources over time, a bigger amount with every new Scrapyard level, and having lots of coins during the early-game will lead to a faster base expansion.

4. Battle Tips

Take Cover Tips, Cheats & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Soldiers are the basic class in Take Cover. They have relatively low health, a solid damage output but their main power lies in throwing grenades. Grenades destroy generators mostly with one hit, and every enemy gun placement needs power in order to run. The destroyed generator will blow all connected guns; using a special ability instead of letting your soldiers deal weak damage to enemy defenses is a winning strategy, especially since all missions are time-limited, and less time taken for a mission will give you more stars and better rewards.

Oh, and don’t use just one soldier for the whole mission, since Grenade ability takes lots of time to be recharged. It’s better to send one fighter on the battlefield, let him throw a grenade and destroy the generator and immediately after, spawn a second fighter that’ll destroy the next line of defense. This tactic will reap you lots of three-star rating, and lots of resources.

Be sure to always place soldiers behind covers (the game is called Take Cover after all) since there are extremely vulnerable while standing uncovered. They’ll be killed in a matter of seconds. Use covers often since they are cheap to manufacture. After each successful mission, make sure to build additional covers and put any injured soldiers in the hospital for recovery; this way as soon as you finish tasks around your base you’ll be able to immediately start a new mission!

Be aggressive while in combat, machine gunners, the second available class, are perfect for tank duties, they’ll soak up the damage, while soldiers are used for taking down generators. When moving to next line of defense, first send a machine gunner, and after send a new soldier with an active Grenade skill. When you destroy the second defensive line, send the soldier who fought on the first line, since his Grenade ability will be recharged by then. Just take the ground quickly and you’ll see lots of stars, as well as resources from beaten missions.

5. Trading Diamonds For Resources Can Be An Efficient Early-Game Strategy

Take Cover Tips, Cheats & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

At low levels, the amount of resources needed for upgrading buildings is relatively low, giving you an opportunity for quickly expanding your base by trading available diamonds for coins and scrap. Using this strategy can shave off a huge amount of time needed for expanding your base, enabling you to reach level 5, needed for multiplayer, way quicker.

6. Some Multiplayer Tips

Take Cover Tips, Cheats & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

When multiplayer mode gets unlocked, other players will be able to invade your base and vice versa. It’s best to set up your defenses in a formation based on one whole row of gun emplacements backed up by a whole row of generators, like on the image below.

A formation like this one is hard to breach since every turret is powered by two generators, forcing the enemy to soak up lots of damage, losing soldiers, before managing to terminate even one turret. Encountering it will put lots of players away from your base.

Upgrading defensive installations should be your first goal after unlocking multiplayer. They require lots of resources but will pay off by keeping your base safer.

Multiplayer battles can be a nice source of income, since, at later stages, single player missions become tougher and tougher. On the other hand, most multiplayer battles provide a weak challenge, and rewards they bring are generous. Most players don’t care much about their defenses making them easy prey for a good tactician. And remember, multiplayer battles are won by using the same rules applied to solo missions. Keep using grenades, take cover, and be aggressive.

When looking for a player to invade, if spotted heavy defenses, there is an option of choosing another opponent. It only costs 60 gold, a low price to pay for avoiding a potential catastrophe.

Using strategies presented in this guide, Take Cover will be a breeze to play. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!