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Symphogear XD Unlimited Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Crush Your Enemies

Pokelabo, Inc. is a Japanese mobile game developer that has been founded in 2007. If their name does not sound familiar to you, it’s because their apps and games were not made available outside of Japan before. Fairly recently, though, Pokelabo, Inc. has ventured into the global market with the release of Symphogear XD Unlimited and if you enjoy anime-inspired strategy RPGs along with some catchy anime tunes, you should be glad that they did!

Based on a popular anime series of the same name, which ran from 2012 to 2019 along with a manga series from 2011 to 2013, Symphogear XD Unlimited takes to mobile all the colorful heroes, villains, and supporting characters of the franchise. As a turn-based strategy RPG, Symphogear XD Unlimited has the usual elements that make the genre attractive and immersive for new and veteran players, and showcases some new features that give it a unique twist.

With a plethora of characters and enhancements to customize your team, along with more content to expect from upcoming updates, Symphogear XD Unlimited guarantees to provide hours after hours of action and music that can be enjoyed by fans and non-fans of the all-female musical wielders of Symphogear.

Symphogear XD Unlimited revisits the life and adventures of Hibiki Tachibana, whose first encounter with alien invaders called the Noise nearly killed her. Saved by a former Symphogear wielder, and granted special Symphogear powers as a result of the Symphogear relic embedded on her chest, Hibiki continues to lead the battle against the Noise invaders with the help of fellow Symphogear wielders.

symphogear xd unlimited strategies

With an inherent ability to transform into weapons and armor, Symphogears give each host a unique set of powers and abilities that sometimes may even come with certain drawbacks. As characters in the franchise have exhibited a variety of gears and forms throughout the series, so too does their incarnations in Symphogear XD Unlimited.

Total beginners and even experienced RPG players may still find the first few minutes of Symphogear XD Unlimited’s gameplay a little overwhelming as some unique concepts in the game along with the initial information from the tutorial are presented in a quick fashion. Despite the relatively new mechanics, the tutorial is a huge help and there is a help menu available to revisit whenever you missed or have forgotten a particular topic.

Auto mode in battles can be a great help for the initial stages and with the plethora of in-game gifts you receive as you dive into the game’s world, your team will be a lot stronger compared with the early game content. Be sure to stay with us and read our detailed Symphogear XD Unlimited beginner’s guide, as it comes with plenty of useful tips, cheats and strategies to jumpstart your adventure!

1. Focus On The Main Quest

Like Most RPGs that come with a story mode, the Main Quest in Symphogear XD Unlimited provide an immersive storyline to give you more background of the protagonists as well as the world itself. Beyond that, the battles within the Main Quest are the easiest and, as such, should earn you the basic materials and resources you need faster than anywhere else.

symphogear xd unlimited main quest

The Main Quest is divided in Chapters and stages and each one provides items you can farm on top of the initial clear reward that typically includes song stones. Beyond the immediate rewards, completing battles and progressing through the main quest will level up your account so you can unlock all other game modes and content. If you have played card type strategy RPGs before, then you should already know that one of your primary objective is to unlock the rest of the content as much as you can. Given that there are limited daily attempts on most extra game modes you unlock, being able to access them on your first day will jumpstart your overall progression.

Symphogear XD Unlimited employes the action points (AP) method of delimiting active gameplay. These action points are needed for you to be able to take on quests and replenish over time. On your first day playing the game, you will surely generate an overabundance of AP and to efficiently utilize every bit of them means having to engage in battles until what is left is less than the maximum amount.

You will certainly reach a point in the main quest where your team’s level and power may not suffice to beat the stage. In such situations, feel free to replay previously conquered levels and earn more of some materials and resources you need or venture out into other game modes to expend extra AP for more resources. Take note that most first time completions reward you with song stones needed to recruit more cards. As such pushing as fast as you can through the initial levels should be top priority so you can sooner form your ultimate team and begin investing in the right characters.

2. Consider Leader Skills And Symphogear Types For Your Team

Team creation brings a whole lot of fun in Symphogear XD Unlimited especially when you start the game out and receive the plethora of song stones to recruit an abundant roster of new Symphogear Cards to join your ranks. The game employs the gacha approach towards recruiting allies but the chances of securing 5-star characters are relatively great. Like other gacha games, you can always go for a quick reroll early on if you do not get the characters you want but in any case, there are several ways at how to go about building your ultimate team.

how to build a strong team in symphogear xd unlimited

In as much as most players naturally prefer going with the highest rarity cards in their roster to form a party trio, there are other considerations to be put in mind. For starters, there is a rock-paper-scrissors approach to dealing and receiving damage in combat and there are 6 basic elements in Symphogear XD Unlimited to work around with.

In terms of affinity, Power types (P) are strong against Dexterity types (D) but weak against Intelligence types (I). Dexterity types (D) are strong against Heart types (H) but weak against Power types (P). Heart types (H) are strong against Technique types (T) but weak against Dexterity types (D). Technique types (T) are strong against Body types (B) but weak against Heart types (H). Body types (B) are strong against Intelligence types (I) and weak against Technique types (T). To summarize: P > D > H > T > B > I > P. Rage types (R) are unique in the sense that these types are both strong and weak against all other types. Take note as well that critical hit chances are higher when a unit deals damage to enemies who belong to the weaker affinity type.

Beyond affinity types, characters, regardless of grade have unique leadership skills. For the most part, though, these leadership skills affect only party members that belong to the same affinity type of the designated leader, hinting of the viability of creating a team with each Symphogear belonging to the same type, and risks being all vulnerable to the same type of enemy.

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A less riskier approach towards team creation is what we would rather suggest, especially for beginners. This involves picking a top favorite as a leader and alternating types to ensure that there is always someone in your party that is strong against what another is weak against. Suppose your top pick from among your roster of characters is a power type, which is weak against an intelligence type, then the other 2 members in your party should be a body type and a heart type.

As this may be a challenge to pull early on despite numerous gacha pulls, choosing just about anyone for the starting main quest stages is okay. Just keep in mind that you should not invest very heavily in characters whom you are not certain will stay long with your team, like if you feel that someone better will come along.

3. Keep Memoria And Song Tracks In Sync

Beyond the exciting yet challenging task of forming a trio of Symphogears that work well together as a team, you also need to align Memorias and song tracks to each of them. Each character can be equipped with 2 Memorias, provided that there is enough team points to cover its cost, and a song track.

how to enhance tracks in symphogear xd unlimited

Memorias have different passive effects that tremendously impact your character’s performance and likewise follow the same rarity class and enhancement process that characters can go through. While some Memoria buffs are more like leadership skills, which can be too specific, some can be applicable to all characters or be useful against specific types of enemies.

Tracks, on the other hand, can be accessed via the music box at the lower right side of your screen. Tracks, like cards can also be upgraded, but will only require gold to do so. As tracks may take a lot longer to obtain and will leave you fewer choices early on, it can be a factor to consider ahead of the Symphogears themselves if you have yet to decide on your team roster.

4. Be Selective When Enhancing Cards

As we mentioned earlier, and as you will discover within the first hour of your dive into the world of Symphogear XD Unlimited, team creation can be a grueling task for many players especially those who do not want to make errors as far as investment of resources go. Given that there are no rating systems as far as stage completions go, there is no pressure at all to finish a level with just on character remaining.

how to enhance cards in symphogear xd unlimited

With this in mind, an easier prioritization as far as resource investment is concerned, is made easier in Symphogear XD Unlimited. While it may be a challenge to pick a top three from among your growing roster of wielders right off the bat, banking on one and investing in that character early on is a more efficient, and less riskier approach towards getting stronger. Given that each stage you engage in have recommended levels, it will suffice to have at least one of your characters be at that level. Therefore you can freely dedicate your initial stock of enhancement materials on one character and diversify further once you have deemed other units worthy of the investment.

To start off, each character can be levelled up through enhancement as they do not earn experience points in combat. To initiate the process, tap on the card icon at the bottom area of the main screen and choose “Enhancement”. You can tap on the base card you wish to enhance, and then tap on the “Batch Select” button to automatically select enhancement cards. Manually, though, you can sacrifice other types of cards for the process. This will cost gold but each level reached will have an impact on the card’s overall stats. Take note that a card’s max level depends on its star grade, with 3-star characters and cards having a max level of 30 and so on.

Symphogear cards can further be strengthened through awakening. Each crd, regardless of star level, can be awakened 4 times using awakening materials and gold. Each stage of awakening boosts passive skills and may change the card’s appearance once fully awakened. The base materials vary depending on the affinity type of the character, making it a smarter and more efficient approach to bank on characters belonging to different affinity types. You can also awaken Symphogear cards regardless of their level and the decision point rests on which card within a specific affinity type should be the focus of each awakening investment.

One of the more challenging aspects of card enhancement is limit-breaking as the process requires a duplicate copy of the base card as well as huge amounts of gold. This is especially challenging for 5-star characters given the sheer probability of pulling them twice from the gacha. Although it is a basic rewquirement for the base card to be at max level before limit-breaking, there are some rare tools that can be utilized to initiate the process even if the card is not yet at max level. Just the same, the difficulty lies in securing a second copy of that card.

Even more challenging than limit-breaking cards is limit unlocking. This is the penultimate card upgrade process and can raise a card’s grade all the way to 6-stars. This requires a maxed out level as well as a maxed out limit-break level. There are also limit unlocking materials needed on top of gold, which can be obtained through participating in raid bosses. Naturally, 3-star cards can undergo the process with relative ease compared to 5-star cards. But then again, the resource requirements you will need to take a 3-star card all the way to 6 can take a long grind on its own.

5. Complete As Many Other Quests As You Can

Progressing through the main quest line will earn you a lot of the basic resources you need to enhance and upgrade your cards but at some point, you will reach a stage where you will need to enhance your team further before you can beat it. Beyond that, the resources you gather are not as focused on what you need more and at some point, you need to farm more for some materials than others.

symphogear xd unlimited side quests

Symphogear XD Unlimited hosts a wide variety of additional game modes in the form of quests and events and partaking in these should be a necessity following a progression wall from the main quest. If you make it past “MA3-20: Believe In Justice, and Hold It Close.” From the main quest, you will unlock the XD Quests for game exclusive story content. Some cards you acquire come with an extra quest you can pursue to accomplish via the Side Quests and as easy as these are, the rewards you can earn are worth the time and AP invested.

Now as far as farming for specific material needs are concerned, the SP Quests is the right avenue to focus on the resources you need. Take note that challenges that appear within this game mode mostly cycle within the week and, in essence, have limited availability. You can always check the window to determine which quests are up and you can also see SP Quests under the help menu for schedule details.

Hexa Quests are a lot more difficult to take on and is best served for when you hjave enough upgraded characters. These quests require specific team compositions but can reward you Symphogear and Memoria cards. There are also time-limited special Event Quests that earn you special currency. The special currency can be used to exchange for various cards and resources during the event. Instead of AP, EP is consumed per battle you engage in under these events so be sure to make the most out of these and exchange the currency you earned for what you need.

Raids take a little longer to unlock but given the highly valuable limit unlocking resources you can gain from it, it is certainly worth the effort. Raids cannot be defeated all on your own, which means you have send for aid from friends and followers. Likewise, grab opportunities to help your friends whenever you receive a request as you will never run out of needs for the resources you can get from it.

As a staple game mode in practically any variant of multiplayer RPG, arena mode is the sole PvP content in Symphogear XD Unlimited. Take on other players’ teams and climb the ranks for seasonal rewards as well as arena points. You will also earn friend points with every arena match you engage in.

Advent Battles is a unique game mode where you compete with other players by dealing as much damage as you can against Chaos Beasts. This game mode holds a unique party setup and for starters, will demand a lot more than you use in most game modes. In any case, be sure to try as many possible combinations as you can but more importantly , expend attempts here as well as other game modes on a regular basis.

6. Complete Missions For Extra Rewards

On top of the immediate rewards you obtain from each battle you participate in, Symphogear XD Unlimited provides a plethora of extra rewards via its missions feature. Missions can be accessed through the icon at the bottom of the main screen and lists of objectives are available across 4 different tabs.

how to earn more rewards in symphogear xd unlimited

To start off, there are free missions that represent milestones in the game. As you make progress through quests and challenges, more one-time rewards can be earned here. It is possible that a higher tier of objective will replace one that you have recently reached so always check back here to see targets that are easily accomplishable.

There are numerous events available in the game, especially for new players and objectives relating to your progress can earn great rewards through the “Special” tab of the missions. More often than not, the rewards under this category will be difficult to earn anywhere else so once you can view missions and know your way around the game, be sure to push for the completion of these time-limited targets.

Last are the more common objectives found in numerous games within the genre. Daily and weekly objectives serve as part of your routine if you are an avid player of Symphogear XD Unlimited. Each objective you complete earns you instant rewards and meeting all targets can net you some highly valuable song stones to summon more cards.

Under the missions window, be sure to look through other tabs at the right side of the page as you should remember to accomplish event-based targets as well as objectives relative to the unlocking of additional music tracks.

7. Add As Many Friends As You Can

At this point in time, you may still be thinking about your starting team given that there ought to be numerous possible combinations to work with if you have already spent your song stones and tickets at the gacha summoning. Another issue to deal with is whether you would go for focusing one character first before moving on to your next best character or simultaneously enhance members of your main team. In any case, even if you manage to encounter a scenario when all 3 of your heroes do not have an advantage over the enemies of a particular stage, you can still keep an ace under you sleeve via the friends you make.

how to add friends in symphogear xd unlimited

Before each battle starts, you will have an idea about the affinity types of enemies within the level. You will also choose from among a list of friends or other players as to which one to take with you in battle. Whenever you lose a unit in battle, your friend’s unit will step in, and if you chose one that has an affinity advantage over the enemies in that stage, then the battle will turn in your favor.

You can choose to follow another player and using their unit in battles will earn them friend points. Likewise, if someone chooses to follow you and win a battle with your main unit as a guest ally, then you can earn friend points as well if they succeed in battle. Friend points are a valuable resource as these can be used for friend summons.

8. Explore The Manual Combat Mode

Auto mode will always be a welcomed treat for beginners and veterans of the genre alike as it makes dashing through the early content a lot more convenient especially with speed up. Later on, as you reach latter levels or uncover game modes that offer greater challenge, it is important to strategize skill and track usage through manual combat.

symphogear xd unlimited manual combat mode

As it goes, auto battle randomizes skill usage and will never consider efficiency nor timing. Especially, if one of your units has an advantage over the mobs on the other side of the fence, auto mode will not take that into consideration. In truth, auto mode can get you through stages where you meet the recommended levels stated on the pre-battle screen but with manual controls and a bit of practice, you can perform a lot better than that even as a total newbie.

There are certainly a lot more secrets held within Symphogear XD Unlimited and while we discussed the surface of each one we came across, we are certain that the rest are best delved into on your own. In as much as we would like to go into further detail with each one, we may revisit this game again later with another guide. For now this is all we have for our Symphogear XD Unlimited beginner’s guide. If you need additional information or guidance on any aspect of the game, let us know in the comments!