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Switch & Drop Cheats: 6 Useful Tips to Complete All Levels

Switch & Drop promises a new twist on the age-old block dropping puzzle game, provided that you own an iOS device like an iPhone or an iPad. By swiping your device’s display, you can change the order of the blocks before they land on top of the others, and by matching four blocks or more of the same color, you create yourself a special block. As you may have inferred, the game combines Tetris-style mechanics with Match 3 mechanics. However, in this game, you should match four of a kind or more, as stated. In case this or the game itself overwhelms you, you need not worry. We’ve collected some useful Switch & Drop cheats, tips and tricks that could help you in bettering your game.

1. Unlock Bomb Tiles

It’s great to match four tiles or blocks of the same color, but you would ideally want to match five blocks, as that’s going to give you a bomb tile. This special block explodes everything surrounding it in a 5 x 5 radius, on top of whatever you’re able to match on a line.

2. Use Special Blocks

Unlock bombs, is really great, but generally speaking, we advise saving those special blocks for difficult levels; they can really take you out of a rut if you find yourself stuck at one spot.

3. Don’t Do As The Game Says – Here’s How To Swipe

Unfortunately, Switch & Drop is one of those games that tends to give canned advice that isn’t always helpful. And that applies to the way the game teaches you how to move colored pieces. Instead, we advise you to place your finger on the display and slide it to the left or to the right depending on where you want the colors to go.

4. Use The Time Lapse Cheat

The time lapse cheat works in Switch & Drop, but before that, here’s a backgrounder on how you can use it. Normally you’ll have five lives to use in this game, and you’ll lose one of them for each level you fail. Once you’re out of lives, you’ll normally have to wait a while before they replenish, but you don’t always have to do that. By moving the time on your device forward, you can regain one to five lives, depending on how far forward you adjust the time.

5. Play The Game Without Ads

We don’t normally encourage players to play mobile games without any sort of Internet connection. Yes, those incessant ads could be a huge distraction, but keep in mind that mobile developers need to earn money too. Still, we can’t deny that in games like Switch & Drop, it’s easier for most players to play the game ad-free. You can do this by turning off Wi-Fi/cellular data or switching your phone or tablet to airplane mode; doing this allows you to play the game without the distraction of advertisements.

6. Replay Previously Completed Levels

Didn’t get three stars the first time around? You’re free to replay levels you have already completed with one or two stars. Remember that a three-star game will earn you more in-game cash, so don’t hesitate replaying those old levels if you’re short on in-game money.