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RAD Boarding Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips & Tricks to Improve Your High Score

Noodlecake Studio’s latest mobile game, RAD Boarding, is described as an “apocalyptic snowboarding game packed with ‘90s flair.” We can’t deny that this is a very fun title that has you pulling off snowboarding tricks and fighting off bad guys while showing your stuff on the snowboard. It does have the feel of an endless runner game, but once again, there are enough twists in it to make it quite unique among other endless runner titles. So now that we’ve given you a quick primer on the game, here are a couple of RAD Boarding cheats, tips and tricks to help you get a higher score.

1. Enter RAD Mode Quickly

Once your RAD meter fills up through various snowboarding trick moves, you can enter RAD mode. This will allow you to automatically earn coins, get more experience for tricks, and push back lava, and with those benefits in mind, you should try to remain in RAD mode for as long as you could. How do you do this? All you have to do is to keep doing tricks while in the mode, so that you can stay RAD for longer.

2. Slow Down For Frogs And Grab Them

RAD Boarding does come with its share of challenges and obstacles, but frogs, gross as they may seem for some, are actually beneficial. Watch out for an indicator that’s going to tell you if a frog is nearby and how close your character is from them. In-game time will also slow down to help you see where the frogs are located. Grab the frogs and pop them in order to get yourself some rewards, including new outfits for your character.

3. Take On Missions And Complete Them

Each level will include a number of missions that we strongly advise you take and complete. These usually involve your character reaching a given distance, and if you’re able to accomplish your mission, you can earn yourself some coins. As we’ll tell you again later, coins are used for upgrades, so it really does make a lot of sense to take on missions so you can have as much gold as possible. Aside from upgrades, you can also unlock more difficult levels by paying a certain amount of coins.

4. Focus On Upgrades

In RAD Boarding, it would be best if you don’t just focus on one type of upgrade alone. All of them can help your character, so don’t be picky – just keep on upgrading everything, as it wouldn’t cost you too many coins to do that anyway. Still, there are some upgrades that are more important than others, such as upgrading your RAD mode duration and your ability to slow down lava.

5. Don’t Stick To Just One Trick

Just like in the real world of snowboarding, you’re not going to be rewarded if you stick to just one or two different kinds of tricks. Instead, switch things up and try to pull off multiple tricks per jump. That’s going to reward you with a variety bonus in the form of additional experience.