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Swipecraft Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Skyrocket Your Earnings

Swipecraft is a unique idle clicker game created by Frost Hollow Studio for Android devices. In this game, you will be working with Gary the digger as he heads into dark dungeons to mine different resources such as stone, iron, copper, and so on. The deeper you dig into the dungeons, the more types of resources you will be able to unlock. Once you have collected a lot of resources, you can sell them off for income. You can then use your earnings to buy new gear for Gary or hire additional workers. You can also craft upgrades using the resources you have gathered. These upgrades will help you gather even more resources. Watch out for creepy spiders that hang from the top of the tunnels. You can knock them down to get bonuses and diamonds! If you find yourself struggling to progress in this incremental idle game, you can always read our Swipecraft cheats, tips and tricks for some help!

1. Turn Rage Mode On

Swiping can be tiring compared to tapping, but you have no choice but to follow the rules of the game. Since you are going to tap anyway, make sure you tap with the goal of reaching the 200% mark. When you reach 200% three times in a row, Gary will enter Rage mode. That means he will mine furiously on his own for the next two minutes. Those two minutes of free income is definitely better than generating mediocre income from half-hearted swiping. Once the two minutes are up, prepare yourself for another round of frenzied swiping!

2. Hire Additional Workers

Passive income is the lifeblood of any idle clicker game. In Swipecraft, additional workers are your passive income earners. They mine slowly when you are online, but they earn a lot of money when you are offline. There are over ten different workers for you to hire, including a dwarf, a granny, and even a tree. However, your resources are limited in the beginning, so you should also limit your investment in your workers. Just raise the dwarf’s level to 10 and unlock the granny. After that, you should divert your resources elsewhere until you have enough extra income to spend on other workers.

3. Prioritize Crafting

The game gives you two options for managing your resources. You can either sell them off, or use them as crafting materials. Make sure you craft as much as you can before you decide to sell any of your resources. The bonuses you gain from crafted items are worth a lot more than the money you will get from selling. In fact, you can potentially earn even more money if you craft the right items.

4. Wait Before You Sell

Aside from using the resources first on crafting, there is another reason for you to hold off on selling. Make sure you wait for your chest to fill up before getting to a new mine. You will eventually have the chance to switch, and when you do, you should always choose the option that will give you more money for the resources that you have. This is the best way for you to sell resources in the game. Don’t forget to accept the ad offers to increase your earnings even more!

5. Whack Those Spiders

One of the problems of working in dark places is that you encounter creepy crawlies once in a while. This is a welcome occurrence in this game, though. Tapping on a spider will give you a random bonus or some diamonds. Keep your eyes peeled for these eight-legged creatures as they can help you a lot in mining. Tapping on spiders will normally trigger an advertisement. It only takes a few seconds to watch, so make sure you take advantage of it. The only time you should not tap on a spider is when you are about to complete a dungeon. Spider bonuses do not carry over to the next dungeon, so there is no point in acquiring a bonus that you can’t use.

Smash those rocks and gather loads of resources in Swipecraft! Use the tips and tricks listed above and you will be earning unlimited income in no time!