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Sweet Tales: Valentine Match Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 6 Ways to Complete More Three-Star Levels

We haven’t covered too many Match 3 titles lately, though we’ve got one for you if you’re into something more conventional, not to mention something rather timely, given that Valentine’s Day falls this week. Sweet Tales: Valentine Match is a new game from Renatus Media that’s now available for Android and iOS devices, and it allows you to go on a “romantic journey” across hundreds of Match 3 levels, one that features the punnily-named Cara and Mel – the love team at the center of the game. It’s all about matching candies and chocolates, stringing combos together, and kicking those bad candies and angry pastries off the board. It’s straightforward Match 3 gaming for those who don’t like too many twists in their Match 3 titles, and it’s arrived right on time for Valentine’s Day.

Although this is more of a classic Match 3 game (unlike the previously-covered WWE: Champions), that doesn’t mean that this game is easy-peasy all the way. The difficulty can escalate as you progress, and you might be curious as to how you can assure yourself of more three-star levels, regardless of difficulty. Read on, as our Sweet Tales: Valentine Match tips and tricks are designed to assist beginners to the game (or the Match 3 genre), or more experienced players having trouble acing those harder levels.

1. As Always, Try To Create Special Pieces

Every Match 3 game worth its salt has that feature wherein you can match more than three pieces to create a special piece. Doing this in Sweet Tales: Valentine Match will allow you to form super candy pieces, and you can get different ones depending on how many pieces you match, and the formation of your match. You will get line candy if you match “only” four candies, while a “T” match of five candies will get you cross candies. If you match five candies in a straight row, that’s going to get you the ultimate rainbow candy, which matches all candies on the board of a specific type.

2. Don’t Worry About Time, Worry About Your Moves

Sure, there are some Match 3 games where the levels come with time limits, on top of move limits. Those games are still the exception, rather than the rule, and there’s no need to be concerned about time when playing Sweet Tales: Valentine Match. Like a traditional Match 3 title, this game doesn’t come with any time limits, and you should take advantage of this, planning your moves carefully and making sure you don’t rush any of them. The game will also give you a heads-up if you’re sticking to the old, tried-and-tested tactics you used in the easier levels, and you should take that as a sign to change things up and tweak your approach.

3. Play The Jackpot Level

The jackpot level is a mini-game of sorts that gets unlocked after you complete level 9. This will require you to bet some premium currency, and while that might not sound like an appealing prospect, you will earn better rewards if you bet higher. But there is a major caveat to this mini-game – your reward will be based on how many stars you earn at the end of the level, with your reward coming in the form of coins. Your maximum bet is 100 coins, so if you get a perfect three stars, you will win 700 coins – it is important that you take the jackpot mini-game seriously. But be careful, as there’s a second gotcha – higher bets also mean a harder mini-game! That might make it a sound decision to bet low during your first tries at the jackpot level.

4. Keep Each Level’s Objectives In Mind

Collecting a given amount of a specific type of candy is the most common objective you will be given in the levels. But there are other objectives that will ask you to do other things, which makes it essential that you pay close attention to the objectives, and complete the levels with those in mind. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry about time limits, so you can map out those moves. Always consider whether a move would result in you moving closer to accomplishing the objective, may it be collecting candy, beating the witch, or whatever it may be.

5. Turn On Your Notifications For Free Spins

It may seem like a little thing, but you should go to your phone’s settings and make sure notifications are on. The game can notify you if you have a free spin available to you, and once you take that spin, you can earn additional coins, boosters, and other freebies, depending on where the wheel would stop. You have nothing to lose by spinning the wheel, so have those notifications on!

6. Connect The Game To Facebook

Of course, you can play Sweet Tales: Valentine Match by yourself; Match 3 games aren’t real-time strategy games or base management titles, and they don’t often time with player-vs-player mechanics. But this game still has a social element like most Match 3 titles do. You can connect your game to Facebook, add more friends, and ask them to give you lives if you’ve run out of them. Nobody likes waiting, and it’s risky these days to do the time lapse in mobile games. So get social, add some friends, and avoid the wait by asking them for lives!

This is our collection of tips, tricks and hints for Sweet Tales: Valentine Match. If you happen to know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a message!