survive! mola mola! cheats

Survive! Mola Mola! Cheats: 5 Useful Tips & Tricks to Ensure Your Survival

Survive! Mola Mola! is the English version of the popular Japanese mobile game, and this title from developer Select Button is available for both Android and iOS devices. Your objective in the game is to raise a Mola Mola, meaning to feed it, train it and keep the fish alive. And that’s where things get complicated, as it is very easy to unintentionally kill your Mola Mola. So how do you survive in this game? We’d suggest you check out our Survive! Mola Mola! cheats, tips and tricks – your ultimate survival guide in this interesting and entertaining game.

1. In This Game It Doesn’t Hurt To Die

You read that right – it’s not the end of the world if your Mola Mola dies in the game. If it does, then you could get bonus MP (Mola Points) for each unique death that befalls your pet fish. And once your Mola Mola dies, that means you’ll have a better chance of completing a particular adventure or level. So don’t shed any tears if your Mola Mola dies, because chances are it’ll be all for the better.

2. The Turtle Can Be Your Best Friend

If you need more food, then you’ll want to leave the game on and hope against hope you come in contact with a large turtle. This turtle won’t make too many appearances, but if it does, tap “hit” before it disappears from your screen. This would activate the game’s Fever Mode, where every unlocked type of food will spawn rapidly. Keep on tapping and keep on feeding your fish, and make the most out of Fever Mode while it’s still on.

3. Level Up Your Skills

You can upgrade your Mola’s New Adventures, New Food, and Food Count as far as skill categories go. For New Adventures, this would give you a better chance of going on new and more challenging adventures, pretty much – more difficult adventures will pack more kilograms on your Mola once you complete them. New Food unlocks new sea creatures for your Mola Mola to chow down on. Lastly, Food Count increases the number of sea creatures that can simultaneously appear on your screen.

4. Snap A Photo And Get A Free Adventure

This one’s very simple. The game will allow you to take photos by tapping on the camera button located on the top right corner. This would give you one free adventure, and when it comes to this game, the more adventures, the better.

5. Add More Mola Points To Your Total

Right now, the game allows you three different ways to earn more MP. First, you’ll get MP when your Mola evolves. Secondly, MP will be your reward once you return alive from an adventure. Lastly, you also get MP when you die a unique death, as we told you above. Be patient when evolving your Mola, because it could take a while at first, while you don’t have many of the prime foods unlocked.

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