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Survival Arena (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

Game Insight’s new mobile title called Survival Arena is all about surviving as long as possible. In this game, you will be putting up defenses that will help you throughout the game. The key component here is the placement of your units and your own judgement. Don’t get annoyed or discouraged whenever they get past your defenses. There will be a lot of chances to turn it around. Surviving everything won’t be a walk in the park. Our list of Survival Arena tips, cheats and tricks will show you exactly what you need to do to survive.

1. Create Labyrinths

Throughout the game your extractor will be swarmed with enemies. The idea here is to arrange your defenses in a way that it will take them forever to reach it. The longer it takes them to run through it, the more damage they get. Get your creativity running wild with this one. Just get them to run through the whole thing and the more complicated it is the better.

2. Prepare A Plan

Before placing everything, make a plan first, or figure out what you have in mind. It is always better to envision first how everything will be put into play. Keep track of the effects of different defenses in your arsenal. Let’s say you have an ice cannon. It will go nicely with heavy damaging ones since it will be slowing down the opponent. The heavy damaging ones will be able to fire at will. Another example would be having a snowball ammo. Snowball ammo is capable of freezing enemies in place. With the snowball ammo in your disposal you could use it and then use the mortar to obliterate them. Be creative in your setup and don’t be afraid to test different combinations. It will be worth it.

3. Use The Heroes Wisely

The game will be providing you heroes to use. They will be an additional source of damage. Use them to destroy enemy forces or destroy towers in duels. Controlling them is insanely easy. After selecting them you can move them by tapping. They will move and attack enemies. If they die, you don’t have to panic. They will be back after a short respawn time.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

If things aren’t going smoothly, try out different approaches to the game. Sometimes a change of pace is always good. Have fun with the game and enjoy it. You might discover a tactic that is overwhelmingly good. Never be afraid to test out your theories. Look at the game from a different perspective if you are having troubles. This way you will be able to create even better strategies. Sometimes the same strategy won’t apply to every game. So get a good feel of the game and find good plays. This is also another good part of the game. It doesn’t get boring. It is always challenging you to do better and make even more amazing setups. Have fun pawning the game.

Surviving the is hard especially if you have no idea what to do but if you follow Survival Arena tips and tricks, everything will be alright. Do you any other hints for the game? Feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below!