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Superheroes Car Racing Guide: 9 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Tiny Lab Productions has released another interesting mobile game called Superheroes Car Racing. As the name suggests, this time instead of driving around in regular – and not so regular – vehicles, you control various, made up just to be clear, superheroes and their powerful vehicles across dozens of levels and two worlds.

The game offers the first world for free, but in order to unlock the second one, you’ll have to shell out a bit of cash or pay for the second wave of stages with in-game earned coins. The game features pretty visuals, enticing driving, crazy levels and lots of insane stunts. Although Superheroes Car Racing is a pretty straightforward game it can be tricky at times. Soaring though levels can get your car destroyed, you can miss some hidden areas containing lots of coins, and on some levels there will be different paths to choose, every path having its own bonuses. With this guide, we tried to help all players who want to try Superheroes Car Racing, or who already tried play the game but just want to get better at it. Stay with us and find out how to become a Superheroes Car Racing master!

1. You Can Traverse Water And Fire

The game features lots of stages with sections soaked with water (and some other unidentified liquids) as well as lots of jumps through rings set on fire. The bad news is that traversing water will slow you down, but the good news is that water and fire can’t damage your vehicle.

Some areas filled with water can be skipped, you can choose a different part, but in most cases, you’ll have to drive through water. Don’t worry about it, the only thing water can do to you is slow your vehicle down. Fire is even less perilous; it can do nothing to your vehicle, except making it look even cooler while jumping through fire rings.

2. Search For Hidden Areas

Superheroes Car Racing levels aren’t filled with hidden areas but they can be found on some levels. You’ll find hidden areas tough to reach, especially in latter levels. They usually require from you to either slow down in order to reach them (if they are placed below the main path) or to accelerate to the max in order to perform long jumps in order to access them (if they are placed above the main path).

Are they worth the trouble? Usually, yes. They contain lots of coins in most cases, meaning that by driving through hidden areas you can get around 50 coins more than by skipping them. Not all levels feature hidden areas but if you find one, try accessing it.

3. Watch Ads – Double The Coin Prizes

As is the case with most other Tiny Labs games, Superheroes Car Racing offers watching ads in exchange for doubling coin prizes. Use this advantage whenever you can because unlocking the second game world requires to either pay real life money or 5000 in-game coins. And since, with a bit of persistence, you can collect 5000 coins, we strongly advise all players to watch ads and collect tons of coins.

4. Collect Daily Prizes

Another way of getting additional coins is opening the game each day and collecting daily prizes. By combining daily prizes with watching ads you can collect 5000 coins needed to unlock the second world in just a couple of days.

5. It’s Better To Save Up Coins To Buy The Second Game World Than Spending Them On New Cars

Superheroes Car Racing features tons of different cars to obtain but, as is the case with other Tiny Labs games, the vehicles differ only in design. Getting a new car won’t make you faster or more stable. Further, lots of unlockable vehicles are taken from older Tiny Labs titles meaning that there aren’t lots of new superheroes vehicles.

Because of those two things we advise you to not buy new vehicles and instead invest all those hard-earned coins in unlocking the second playable world. It will give you a dozen new levels to play, prolonging the cool driving experience of Superheroes Car Racing.

6. You Won’t Face A Single Enemy In The Game

Instead of making you battle various foes, Superheroes Car Racing will throw different obstacles in your way. You won’t face any enemy in the game, but will be often tackled with large rocks or some other obstacle types. In order to traverse them just hit the gas pedal and don’t pull your finger from it.

7. Holding Down Gas Button Will Steer You Safely Through Most Levels

Don’t you worry; the best way to beat levels in Superheroes Car Racing is to simply hit the gas button at the beginning and hold it down until the end of a level. This strategy is pretty blunt but highly effective.

Some levels will feature large gaps that could punish a reckless speed of your car, but once you fall into that abyss you’ll know when to decelerate the next time you play the same level.

8. Turn Off Data Connection – Turn Off Ads

The game offers to turn down ads for a bit of real world money, but you can enjoy an ad-free experience with a simple hack. Just turn down mobile data connection as well as Wi-Fi, exit the game, restart it and Voilà! The ads will magically disappear and you’ll be able to play the game without annoying ads appearing at the bottom of the screen. Do note that by turning down data you won’t be able to watch ads and double your coin prizes.

9. Don’t Worry About Getting A Three-Star Rating

Earning a three-star rating is easy as pie. Just make sure you finish a level and that’s it! no matter how slow you are, reaching the finish line will grant you a three-star rating. Instead of trying to be as fast as possible, it is better to take it slow and search for coins.

Thanks for reading our Superheroes Car Racing guide. We tried collecting lots of helpful tips that could make you better at the game. We hope that we succeeded in that goal. Don’t forget to check out our other guides. Again, thanks for reading and happy gaming!