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Super Samurai Rampage Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

A long time ago, before everything became pay-to-win, side-scrolling arcade games ruled the world. Super Samurai Rampage pays tribute to that era by giving players a retro-themed slasher game for Android and iOS devices. Only your skills matter in this game. You will spend hours of endless battles as you control a blood-thirsty samurai out for revenge. This game does not have in-app purchases that will help you win. That means you will have to survive the unending onslaught of enemies all on your own. Don’t worry because, if all else fails, you can still rely on our Super Samurai Rampage tips and tricks to help you hit those high scores!

1. Speed Is Your Only Ally

Prepare to face hundreds of enemies if you want to succeed in this game. Attackers will come from both sides so you will have to be quick in order to deal with all of them. The controls are easy enough to understand. You just need to swipe towards the direction where you want your character to slash. Swiping multiple times will also allow your character to continuously slash in the direction you want. Make sure you react quickly and swipe furiously as the enemies will easily overwhelm you if you pause for even a fraction of a second.

2. Clear From End To End

When you are starting out, enemies will be easy to kill. Most of them will die with just one slash. Unfortunately, these enemies will start getting stronger as you progress. Later on, it will take multiple slashes in order to kill them. When this happens, the best technique is to slash continuously in one direction until you clear it, then go back and slash towards the other direction. This way, you will be able to give yourself space and avoid getting overwhelmed by opponents.

3. Get To Know Your Enemies

There are several different kinds of enemies that you will encounter in this game. Some of them are melee and others are ranged. At first, they will be easy to predict and counter. Later on, your enemies will start getting a bit crafty. Make sure you observe your opponents as you face them so you won’t get taken by surprise in the middle of battle. Remember, it only takes one hit for your character to go down. You can’t afford any mistakes so keep your eyes peeled.

4. Fill Up Your Multiplier Gauge

When you kill multiple opponents, your multiplied gauge fills up. Once it is full, a multiplier bonus will get activated. This will triple the score you earn from killing opponents. What’s even better is that the gauge will continue to get filled as you kill more. The multiplier will keep increasing for as long as you can keep filling the gauge. This is the best way to earn top scores so make sure you always aim for it.

5. Charge Up And Fly

Tapping and holding will allow your character to dash towards the direction you choose. You can choose to dash left, right, or upwards. Keep this in mind as it is the only way for you to attack flying enemies. It is also a good way to slash through multiple enemies at once. Be careful when you use it, though, as you may end up in the middle of multiple opponents. Use your judgement when to charge and dash in order to maximize the utility of this skill.

Take your katana and charge on to the battlefield in Super Samurai Rampage! Just follow the tips and tricks we gave you and you will surely emerge victorious!