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Flippy Hills Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete More Levels and Unlock New Characters

Flippy Hills is a wacky arcade game for iOS and Android that allows you to control a chicken, and flip it through a series of obstacles. It comes in two different game modes – Campaign and Arcade. The Campaign mode gives you dozens of levels that vary in difficulty while the Arcade mode gives you an endless runner experience. The mechanics are simple. You just need to tap on the screen to make your character flip forward. The catch is that you will need to know how long to hold your tap in order to control the height and distance of the flip. It can get pretty hairy once the traps and obstacles line up so make sure you read our Flippy Hills strategy guide for some help!

1. Patience Is Key

Don’t get fooled when the game tells you there are easy levels. Controlling the flipping chicken correctly is already frustrating as it is. Imagine having to control it while there are sawblades waiting to slice it into pieces. That is why you will have to be patient and avoid rushing through the levels. You are bound to make mistakes in this game but you will make even more mistakes if you are in a hurry. Take your time and focus on making proper flips instead of trying to finish quickly.

2. Master Your Taps

Tapping is the only way to control your character. Make sure you practice a lot because mastering this single move is the only way for you to get far in the game. It’s not as easy as you think. You will have to be precise when it comes to how long you have to tap. One second too soon or too late will easily result in a bad fall which will end your run and mutilate your chicken.

3. Know Your Goal

In this game, you will have to know what to prioritize. There will be coins scattered throughout the map but that doesn’t automatically mean you should go after them. If your goal is to complete stages, then just ignore the coins and focus on staying alive until your reach the end of the stage. Trying to collect coins while aiming for stage completion will just make you distracted. On the other hand, if you want to get more coins, feel free to grab them until you get killed. You will still be able to keep the coins even if you fail your run.

4. Unlock All Characters

Once you have collected a bunch of coins, you can use them to unlock additional characters. Coins may also be used to continue your run but it would only be advisable if you are trying to complete a difficult stage. Otherwise, it would be better to just start over than waste coins on continuing. Keep in mind that the characters you unlock are purely for aesthetic purposes. They won’t impact the gameplay in anyway aside from giving you better eye candy.

Flip your way to high scores in Flippy Hills! Make sure you follow the strategy guide above in order to gather enough coins and collect all characters! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, don’t hesitate to let us know below in the comments!

Camryn Schlinker

Sunday 3rd of February 2019

Hi I’m CamrynS960 I’m stuck on level 7 and level 8