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Super Fowlst Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Clear All Levels

Old-school platformers will always have a place in every gamer’s heart. Super Fowlst takes the classic gameplay we all love and adds several twists of its own in order to create a highly addictive game for iOS devices. The game lets you control a brave little chicken, whose sole mission is to save the world from demons, one stage at a time. You can defeat demons by smashing into them or by using super powers like egg bombs or rockets. The game offers hours upon hours of unique gameplay with its procedurally generated dungeons that transform each time you play. The controls are pretty simple, too. You just need to tap left or right to hop in that direction, or you can swipe up to use the item you are holding. Don’t let your guard down, though. There are traps, fireballs, and huge bosses waiting for you. Make sure you check out our compilation of Super Fowlst cheats, tips and tricks before heading out into the world overrun by demons!

1. Keep Looking For Coins

super fowlst cheats

Coins are the game’s regular currency, and you will want to have as much of it as you can. Keep an eye out for the Sneak as it will often appear as you go through each stage. Beat it up as soon as you see it. You can probably hit it up to 15 times before it runs out of coins. There are also secret coin rooms that you can break into by smashing through walls. Finally, make sure you break every wooden box you find because they will often contain more coins and even a few power ups.

2. How To Kill The Angry Birds

One type of demon that often trips up new players is the angry red bird. It fires shots at you, making it a long-ranged threat. If you can manage to avoid its shots, you can ram into it and kill it at once. If you feel like making a few more coins, you can also hunt for the mini boss version of this angry bird. It is often hidden in a room somewhere within each stage. Just smash through the wall of the hidden room and beat it up. It will take about three hits before it goes down, so be careful.

3. Fully Explore Each Stage

super fowlst tips

As we mentioned above, in Super Fowlst each stage is procedurally generated. That means even though some areas may look alike, there will always be randomized parts. Make sure you fully explore each stage even if it looks like you have completed the same one before. You may be able to discover new locations for wooden boxes, coin rooms, traps, and more.

4. Time To Go Shopping

Once you have enough coins, you can head into the shop and start spending. The first things you should spend your coins on are upgrades. You can upgrade your power ups like the egg bomb, the rocket, and the magnet. The most expensive, but also the most useful, upgrade is the one for health. Upgrading your health will add a heart to your meter, allowing you to survive more damage as you go through each stage.

If you have purchased all the upgrades, or feel like splurging, you can unlock new characters. There are over 20 characters available for you to unlock. Some of them cost as little as 1,000 coins, but others can go as high as 15,000. Regardless of the price, however, they all work the same way. None of the characters provide any kind of advantage in the game, that is why it is better for you to focus on upgrades first.

It is time to rid the world of demons in Super Fowlst! Be sure to use our tips, cheats and tricks above and you will be taking down bosses with ease! In case you know additional tips or tricks, please share them with us below in the comment area!


Tuesday 11th of January 2022

Tbh how do you blow a buzz saw of it's rail? I'm not sure how to do that


Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

@Bree, i guess you blow up a TNT box or bomb powerup near it? or while entering the area, you might hit it without losing a life

Hentai baby

Monday 1st of February 2021

I’m at level 240. How many are there?


Monday 20th of December 2021

@Hentai baby, There is unlimited, I am at 40


Friday 18th of December 2020

It's more than 40 ive reached 100 already ... Its not ending lol

Thing 2 (sorry for the bad name)

Thursday 8th of October 2020

Levels (just guessing)


Thursday 8th of October 2020