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Super Duper Punch Tips, Cheats & Hints to Defeat the Ego and Win the Crown

Super Duper Punch is a new iOS arcade-style game from Amir Alavi. According to the developer of the game, this is a throwback to games like Boxing for Atari 2600 and Punch-Out, and even reminiscent of Super Smash Bros. You can play in arcade mode against computer AI opponents, or you can play against a friend on the same device in the game’s two-player mode. So what’s the deal with this game, and what’s the story behind it all? According to Alavi, you play the game as Queen Clara, a boxing champion for “so many years” who has since been deceived by her own ego. Your goal is to fight her ten opponents, all of which take up parts of her evil ego, and defeat them all, before defeating her ego and reclaiming her crown.

Given that description, we do get the comparisons to the above-mentioned old-time and modern classics, and this is quite a promising title for iPhone and iPad gamers, though there’s no version for Android as of yet. But if you’re an iOS device owner, we do advise you check out our list of Super Duper Punch tips and tricks, which may help you reach the ultimate goal of beating Queen Clara’s ego.

1. The Basics – Learn Them Before Anything Else

Before even thinking of defeating Queen Clara’s ego, you should start with the basics of the game. You’ve got one-touch controls here; tap in order to punch, and hold in order to block. And if you somehow get stunned by an opponent’s punch, quickly tap alternatingly, as that’s going to shake off your wooziness and allow you to get back into the thick of things. Don’t worry about tapping too quickly, as the game has a limit to how fast you tap to shake off the dizziness. But take note that you need to find the perfect balance and tap at the right pace.

2. Stay In The Middle

As long as your opponent isn’t dizzy just yet, you want to keep yourself in the middle of the level. If you’re in the middle, your opponent cannot knock you off, but if you stay on top or the bottom of the level, there’s a chance of that happening. But feel free to direct your opponent toward the top or the bottom once they’ve lost a lot of health, and that way, you can knock them off faster and easier.

3. Different Characters Play The Same

The game allows you to buy new characters for a dollar each, or unlock them as you keep on playing the game. The only differences, as this is a casual arcade game, is the characters’ appearance and fighting style. Otherwise, they have the same gameplay, same attributes, and same basic strategies you need to follow if you want to defeat all your opponents.

4. The Boost Boxes Could Help You Or Harm You

Occasionally, you’ll see boost boxes in the game, but they may either help your character or harm them. That makes them quite a risky proposition, so if you’re good enough to stand up to any given enemy, you can try maneuvering them toward the boost box, hoping that they’d bump into a bad one that would make them dizzy or go in reverse. If you’re lucky, this could make it much easier for you to knock your opponent off, may it be from the top or the bottom.

5. Slow Down The Frame Rate

The “Conserve Battery” option in Super Duper Punch is designed to let you play the game if your iPhone or iPad is running low on battery juice. But its main purpose is to slow down the frame rate, which could help you beat more enemies faster. With easier controls and a slower frame rate, you just might want to use this option even if your battery life isn’t anywhere close to the 20 percent mark.